Guide to Uncovering the Scam Under the Name of Gazprom Invest – How Fraudsters Operate

Year of establishment 2007
Affiliate Program 
Regulation and Jurisdiction Russia 
Company features Gazprom Invest, a subsidiary of Gazprom, specializes in oil and gas sector projects. It does not engage in financial market activities or offer shares. Any claims of investment opportunities or gas trading under its name are fraudulent and not linked to the actual company.
Contact information Country: RussiaCity: Saint Petersburg, 196210Address: Startovaya Street, Building 6Phone: +7 812 455-17-00
”Gazprom Invest” is real companyScammers frequently misuse the name “Gazprom Invest”
Company is registered in Russia You can’t earn money investing in “Gazprom Invest”
The company’s website includes warnings about fake sitesScammers use new schemes to defraud people under the guise of ‘Gazprom Invest’

Expert’s opinion 

The official ‘Gazprom Invest’ site is Any site using this name for investments is fraudulent. ‘Gazprom Invest’ doesn’t deal in investments but manages Gazprom’s projects. There’s no point in creating an account with them unless you’re ordering a pipeline. They don’t offer brokerage or investment platform services. Past legal issues in 2013 also suggest complications with their pipeline projects. Any investment offers in Gazprom’s name, other than from its official sites or subsidiaries, are scams, often using similar platforms to defraud users. It’s best to avoid them completely.

Reviews about scammers from Gazprom Invest 

The rise in frauds impersonating Gazprom Invest and other Gazprom subsidiaries has led the real brand to issue warnings on its websites, such as These warnings clarify that Gazprom Invest does not involve personal capital in its operations, doesn’t send commercial offers, nor acts as a broker or intermediary. Gazprom Invest has identified over 1500 fraudulent sites.

Gazprom Invest

Online reviews reveal scams exploiting the Gazprom Invest name. For instance, a user complained about calls from people claiming to be Gazprom Invest managers, coaxing investments. When the reviewer asked for company details to verify legitimacy, the scammers dismissively responded to every document-related query, asking, ‘Is that important?’

On, users also report fraudulent calls from individuals claiming to be from Gazprom Invest, persuasively discussing the benefits of collaborating with them. Those who invested money made a grave error, as the scammers ceased all communication immediately after receiving funds.


Another victim shared their experience of being duped by scammers posing as ‘Gazprom Investments,’ who lured them into the Quantum Trade scam. This person kept investing money but couldn’t withdraw any. 

If you think you invested with Gazprom Invest but were scammed, report it to Rating Forex. We offer free legal assistance and can recover your capital from the fraudster, even if they’ve disappeared.

Cooperation  terms. How to invest in Gazprom Invest?

Earning with ‘Gazprom Invest’ is not direct; individuals can only participate in Gazprom’s housing gasification projects. However, Gazprom’s assets traded on the Moscow Exchange and other exchanges offer three ways to profit: 

  1. Stocks: Suitable for speculation and long-term investments with dividend payouts, offering a simple way to earn stable profits.
  2. Bonds: Gazprom currently has four bonds with subpar quotes. 
  3. Futures: At least ten Gazprom futures are available on the Moscow Exchange for speculative trading, suitable for those who can assess the risks.

Gazprom’s securities are ‘blue chips’, meaning they are among the most liquid and stable on the local market and are expected to appreciate in value despite temporary dips.

Registration data about Gazprom Invest

Gazprom Invest was registered in Russia in 2013, as confirmed by documents from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

How scammers deceive people from the Gazprom Invest name

The brand is legitimate, with its registered business activities aligning with its actual operations in construction, repair, and reconstruction. There’s no mention of investment activities in its documentation, so any projects claiming to work as brokers or investment platforms under the name ‘Gazprom Invest’ are fraudulent.

How scammers deceive people from the Gazprom Invest name

The number of fraudsters posing as ‘Gazprom Invest’ has crossed all reasonable limits, employing a wide array of schemes to swindle money.

Gas investments 

The website spins tales, claiming ‘Gazprom’ has given all Russians the chance to earn from gas trading, offering three investment plans:

  1. ‘Power of Siberia’ – up to ₽57,000 profit per month.
  2. ‘Nord Stream’ – 25% guaranteed monthly payouts.
  3. ‘Turkish Stream’ – 44% guaranteed monthly payouts.

Be careful: these fraudsters exert high pressure, claiming limited availability with only 4 spots left for investors on their dubious site, reportedly visited by 245-260 people.


The scam here involves, firstly, gathering contact details from many people, and secondly, selling fake investments. 

Forex Rating warns that there is no documentation confirming the legality of’s operations; it’s a major scam targeting mass exploitation.

Fake mobile apps  

Scammers develop mobile apps that falsely claim to offer investment opportunities, but in reality, they collect personal data and then use it to steal from users.

Forex Rating advises not to install any app if you’re unsure of its origin, as it may be used for financial scams. Remember, ‘Gazprom Invest’ is about construction, not investments, and the brand doesn’t deal with securities.


The misuse of ‘Gazprom Invest’ misleads citizens unfamiliar with the company’s actual focus. Scammers exploit this, pretending the brand specializes in investments to defraud people in its name. Direct investment in Gazprom Invest isn’t feasible, and it’s pointless to try. It’s more sensible to consider the assets of its parent brand, ‘Gazprom’, which offers various interesting financial assets. However, even the real ‘Gazprom’ won’t offer trading support or passive income with high returns.

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