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    Apexone broker – reviews of the project, conditions for earning and withdrawing money

    The company launchedApexone official website in 2022. It says that clients will earn money passively with the help of AI. They offer trading in cryptocurrency, as well as their own token. The head of the company is a certain Scott Hall. A video was recorded with him. However, this is a fictional character, and the video shows an actor from Brazil. In addition to making money on crypto, it is offered to make a profit from invited participants, which gives the office a financial pyramid.

    To find out more aboutApexone how to make money, you must register on the site. After this, a tariff plan is selected. There are three of them on the site: SAIF, SYF, LTCT. They differ in the terms of cooperation, the size of the deposit and the percentage of earnings.

    The site has support for nine languages. The project is designed for users from different countries, including Russia. The minimum deposit is $30, and the maximum is $250. On the affiliate program, the client will have additional earnings of 1%. The minimum investment period is 35 days.

    If you look at the affiliate program, it is seven-level. As the structure develops, earnings will increase. Upon reaching the last stage, the accruals will look like this: 7-6-4%. And this is a plus to the promised 104-130%. The numbers look nice, but such earnings are unrealistic.

    The website says that the site’s activities are regulated. But the said license is fake. The footer contains the address of legal registration, but even here the creators of the office lied. There is no such company at these coordinates. Phone number and email are invalid.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    United Kingdom, Dept 8012, 601 International House 223 Regent Street, London, W1B 2QD


    [email protected]

    • Small barrier to entry
    • Cheap resource
    • Lack of a license confirming the legality of the company’s activities
    • The real address of the office registration is not indicated
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts





    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether

    Min Deposit


    Financial Instruments


    Order execution


    Trading Features

    Apexone is an investment company that offers to earn passively on investments from 4 to 40% per month. Earnings depend on the chosen investment plan. The site uses innovative technologies, in particular AI. It is offered to trade in cryptocurrency. The net return at the end of the investment period is up to 247.95%.



    Terms of cooperation

    For trade Apexone personal account cryptocurrency available. The site says that it has access to crypto exchanges. The client himself does not need to trade. After replenishing the trading account, artificial intelligence will open and close transactions instead of the trader. He is able to analyze the market situation and select suitable assets.

    To trade on the site you will need to make a deposit. According to the minimum tariff plan, it will be $30. The profit on it is promised to be paid 104% at the end of the term. Every day they will total from 0.118 to 0.2755%. This package is valid for 35 days. According to the second tariff, you need to invest $50. The profit at the end of the period (20 days) should be 108%. The latest plan requires you to invest $250 for 40 days. And here the income is 140%.

    In addition to the basic tariff plans, scammers persuade people to deposit amounts over $1,000. So supposedly there will be more earnings. Crypto wallets are used for withdrawals and deposits. In addition to regular trading, clients are offered to develop their structure. Swindlers show turnover in the millions in statistics, although it is unlikely that any of them have seen that kind of money.

    For withdrawal of money, scammers from Apexone are asked to pay money in the amount of 2.5% of the deposit and profit. Without this, they refuse to withdraw earnings. To start working there, you need to register, undergo verification, providing copies of documents confirming your identity and contact information. Often these scammers ask for additional data, which can then be resold to other scammers.

    The office boasts of its achievements and large authorized capital. And even indicates a license issued for some reason by the British and Virgin Islands. Although the site claims that it is registered in the UK. This means it must have a license from the UK regulator. But she’s not there. Instead, this garbage dump joined the blacklists of most regulators.

    Sharaga’s website says she started working in 2010. But this legend is at odds with reality. Checking the domain shows that it was registered in 2022. And this points to the fact that the project is just over a year old. But the scammers decided to take credit for their solid work experience in order to mislead clients and instill more trust in them.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    There are many hype projects online that pretend to be trading platforms. But unlike real platforms, they promise a high percentage of profits, which is actually unrealistic, given all the risks associated with trading, especially in cryptocurrency. But this site promises passive income, and artificial intelligence will trade. It looks attractive, but these are nothing more than empty words to lure novice investors to the site.

    About resources Apexone It cannot be said that it was done poorly. They did a good job on him. The site has good functionality. However, the terms of trade are described vaguely. Basically, these scammers write about the minimum deposit and indicate the amount that the client can earn. They also spared no expense on advertising on YouTube to attract more people to the project.

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    Reviews from clients

    If you look at Apexone reviews, then we can draw certain conclusions about the work of the office. And they are not in favor of this site.

    The user says that he invested $500 in this project, thinking of making a profit. A week passed and the money was gone. Moreover, not only did he not receive any profit, but his investments also went to God knows where. He does not advise falling for this deception. He already regretted his decision to work there.

    Olesya says that she took the risk of entrusting the money to the office. At first, they did not demand much from her, and even paid her a small salary. But after that they began to persuade me to increase the deposit. Olesya deposited another $1,000, after which her account was blocked and the account canceled. She has been trying to get her money back for over a month, but doesn’t really believe in success.

    Another person writes that these are all fairy tales about passive income using bots and AI that still work. This project also tells tales about automatic trading and interest payments for it. He believes that this company is a scam, where only experienced lawyers come from will be able return the money.

    As shown Apexone review, the office is really engaged in scamming clients out of money. If at first some pennies were paid to investors, now they have closed this shop.

    Conclusions about cooperation

    Office website Apexone investments looks good, but is essentially a cheap resource, costing only $40. The site’s traffic is not as high as scammers claim. Several people come there every day. This company is looking for potential investors on forums, on social networks, through bloggers involved in information gypsy.

    Scammers promise huge payouts and at the end of the investment period – return of the invested deposit. But in reality, clients generally do not receive anything there. Only at the beginning of workSCAM-project, some people were able to withdraw small amounts. And then they were allowed to do this so that they would contribute larger amounts.


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