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    Not a single good review - why? BisturkCorp in that list of traders, honest opinions about the scam broker

    Scam pretends to be Turkishcompany from Switzerland and scams Russians out of money. Trading is simulated in a terminal not connected to the markets. Fraudsters completely control all prices.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Side: — 

    City: —


    Phone: +902129220327

    • Russian version of the site
    • Russian-speaking technical support
    • No license or registration
    • There is no access to liquidity providers
    • No withdrawals
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts







    0,6 pips


    CFDs of stocks, currencies, indices, metals, cryptocurrencies, energy

    Order execution




    Review BisturkCorp

    The scam “BisturkCorp” diligently mows down a real intermediary who works since 1998. Only until 2024 had no one heard of such a catcher. This alone is very suspicious.

    Will help you quickly expose a fraudulent intermediary Forex broker review. Find out everything that interests you. Check how the trade will end without risking your capital.

    According to legend, the place of registration of BisturkCorp is Switzerland. The fake broker even showed a scanned copy of the registration. But this piece of paper did not pass the test. In fact, there is no real legal entity behind the hero of our review.

    The situation with a license is the same as with registration. Instead there is a space. At the same time, the sharashka states: its liquidity providers are top world-class financial institutions.

    It is impossible to evaluate the pool of instruments. It is only available in the terminal after registration. But there are types of markets. Among them is cryptocurrency. This is enough to make an unambiguous conclusion: BisturkCorp is a scam.

    There are countless gaps in the terms of trade. Another fake broker BisturkCorp contradicts themselves. First there is a rustling sound: leverage for currencies is up to 1:100. Then it turns out that it is up to 1:400.

    Rating Forex reminds: for the EU up to the throat even 1:100. If a broker has such fat leverage, he will run aground.

    Instead There is a huge amount of information about deposits and withdrawals. The only thing the swindler promises is that he will not take a commission. Every trader must understand: this is not enough. All information needed. Otherwise you can’t trade.

    Terms of cooperation

    BisturkCorp offers investments in more than 200 financialassets. According to him, in the pool:

    • actions,
    • currency,
    • indices,
    • metals,
    • cryptocurrency,
    • energy resources.

    Attention: Sharashka’s office forgets to tell you – all this is CFD. Moreover, in a trading terminal that is not connected to real markets.

    Rating Forex warns: fake broker imitates trading. This is clear from the cryptocurrency pairs in the list of instruments. This asset does not have liquidity providers. Only forex kitchens sell it.

    There is no complete list of tools. So, you need to do your feet. It is important to understand: not a single real Forex broker will hide the list of instruments.

    BisturkCorp’s terms of trade are incomplete. On paper like this:

    • Spreads are low – 0.6 points.
    • Leverage for currency is 1:100. For raw materials – 1:50. For the stock market – 1:20. For crypto – 1:1.

    For a broker who pretends to be European, the leverage is too wide. In the EU it does not exceed 1:30. Anything higher is swindled by scammers.

    The 1:1 leverage of a cryptocurrency looks simply ridiculous. Rating Forex reminds you: no thinking trader will fall for it. There is no need to trade through an intermediary if the exchanges have long been able to make money with normal leverage.

    Spreads are a mess. It is not enough to simply say that they are low and give one number. An honest broker will give you a breakdown of all financial instruments. There is not a word about swaps, margin calls, commissions, stop-outs, or the minimum volume of transactions on the BisturkCorp website.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    Fake broker “BisturkCorp” rustling about registration in Switzerland. As proof, a scanned copy of a certificate dated 1998. Rating Forex has carefully checked the register of Swiss legal entities. Our hero does not appear there.

    There was also a document in Turkish on the BisturkCorp website. He was not listed in the register of legal entities in Turkey.

    As for the license, our hero cannot have one. Because it is not registered. Moreover, the trickster doesn’t even mention having a license. With such an intermediary you can only fail.

    Only one financial regulator has heard of BisturkCorp’s antics. This is the Russian Central Bank. He blacklisted the swindler. The reason is signs of an illegal participant in the securities market.

    Rating Forex reminds: place on the Russian blacklist suggests that this is a sharashkin’s office focused on cleaning the pockets of Russians.

    Withdrawing money from BisturkCorp, how to top up your account

    The scam broker “BisturkCorp” promises deposits and withdrawals without commissions. At the same time, there is no information on the dodger’s website about ways to top up or timing of transactions. There is still no number of the bank account where the traders’ money is stored.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official website of BisturkCorp tells a tale about work since 1998. He supposedly started in Switzerland. This fact is confirmed by fake documents, the verification of which takes 3 minutes.

    In fact, the sharashka website was launched in 2024. That is, the scam broker is talking about age.

    Everyone who opened”Personal Area”in BisturkCorp, polost dengi. Instead of real trading on Forex, the poor souls received an imitation of trading without the participation of real financial assets. The fake broker stole the poor fellows’ money with every deposit. Therefore, there can be no talk of a conclusion.

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    Reviews about BisturkCorp

    Your bright but short way fake broker “BisturkCorp” managed wash traders’ pockets. They thanked me with reviews, where they told in detail how they threw the bit at the money.

    Take the site There they warn: Sharashka’s office is hiding the terms of trade. When you try to find out about them over the phone, she starts scamming them for a deposit.

    It’s also not enough to put the entrance ticket in your pocket. His task is to steal completely. Therefore, he constantly adjusts profitable trades. The goal is to motivate you to take another portion of cabbage. Getting the trickster out won’t do anything. warns: BisturkCorp scammer is leaking deals. Withdrawing money doesn’t work. The scam did not allow some to pass verification. Others were swindled out of commissions that should not have been taken from the ceiling.

    There are similar stories on At first the swindler courted. He encouraged me to open a trading account. Then he began to merge transactions in order to quickly reset the deposit.

    As soon as you tried to take even a penny, the BisturkCorp scammer blocked the account on extravagant charges or ignored requests to withdraw the money.

    Rating Forex helps traders get a refund from the scammer BisturkCorp (“BisturkCorp”). Our legal department provides free consultations even in the most difficult cases. IncludingWhen fraudulent broker does not appear on communications. You will definitely get your capital back in full.


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