Where to invest 100, 1000 or 10,000 dollars — investment options for any budget


The main rule of capital investment is that you can invest any amount. The number of available options and profitability depend on its size. The frequency of replenishment of investment capital is very important. Let’s talk about where it is best to invest, taking into account expectations, acceptable risks and opportunities.

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Need to always remember: investing is always a risk. Even the most reliable financial asset can turn out to be a scam due to unpredictable developments. That’s why diversification is important.

When considering where to invest 100 thousand rubles or just a hundred, it is important to understand: investments need to be distributed between different assets. Then the likelihood of losing everything in one crisis will be minimal.

Where to invest 100 dollars 💷

In rubles, 100 dollars is approximately 10 thousand. The amount is very modest. But even it can be invested in such a way as to make a profit or protect against inflation.


Bonds are debt securities in which the government or private company takes money from the investor and promises to return it with a certain percentage profit. Coupon profit is paid on them. This happens 2–4 times a year. Sometimes less often.

When considering where to invest a little money, people often ignore bonds. The reason is low profitability. Depending on the economic situation, profit ranges from 1% to 20% per annum.

📍 The higher the income from a debt security, the more significant the risks. If the issuer promises huge coupons just to borrow money, he’s doing very badly. There is a risk of bankruptcy, scam, collapse.

ABOUTbonds are sold at a fixed price. In the Russian Federation this is usually a thousand rubles. There are more expensive options. But this is rare.

If you take a security with a yield of 10%, you can receive 100 rubles in payments per year. Accordingly, papers worth 10 thousand rubles will bring a thousand rubles.

📍 Bonds are usually chosen as a protective financial asset. It will help preserve the value of capital against inflation. That is, it depreciates less than if it were just lying there in the form of a wad of money.


Shares provide an opportunity to obtain a stake in a company. If there are a lot of them, you can influence its work. With 10 thousand rubles you won’t get a controlling stake. A small investor has 2 options to make money on securities:

  • speculation
  • dividends.

In the first case, the stock is bought at a low price and sold at a higher price. In the second, the investor holds the securities in his account and receives periodic payments.

📍 Not everyone pays dividends. But in the Russian Federation, most “blue chips” (large companies like Gazprom) regularly share profits with investors.

Unlike bonds, stocks do not have a maturity date. They can be owned indefinitely. Plus they are more volatile. In six months or a year, the value of an asset can increase by 50%, even if it is the securities of a large and established company. For example, Sberbank.

Stocks may fall. And very strongly. This is the risk. To protect against it, investors form a diversified portfolio. For example, 70% in bonds for capital protection and 30% in blue chip stocks for profit.

Вложить деньги в пифы


Exchange-traded mutual funds are the asset where you can invest 100, 1000 dollars and much more. This is a reflection of the price of a basket of securities. For example, from shares of different companies in the energy industry.

BPIFs can be:

  • 🔎 highly diversified;
  • 🔎 include stocks and bonds with different risk levels. This gives investors the opportunity to buy one financial instrument instead of several different securities.

Exchange-traded mutual funds are actively traded and owned over a long period of time. In both cases there is a chance to make money. She is very tall.

Purchasing web resources 💻

Wondering where you can invest 100 or 1000 dollars, they often look towards the securities markets. Many people forget that opening a brokerage account and subsequent maintenance also has its price. There is a chance that expenses will be higher than the income from small investments.

The situation is especially critical if it is not possible to constantly increase investment capital. For example, invest $100 in securities every month.

A good option is alternative investments. For example, purchase:

  • 💰 ready-made websites,
  • 💰 zen channels,
  • 💰 social media accounts.

The smallest of them sell from 500 rubles to 10 thousand rubles.

There is a real opportunity to buy a project that in the future will generate constant profit, grow and become even more profitable.

📍 People buy websites to develop them independently and fill them with content. A ready-made web resource is a good option for those who initially intended to develop in social networks. There is a minimum coverage. Promotion will require less effort and investment in the initial stages.

Trading 💱

With 100 dollars on the trading exchange you can’t go wild. You have to pay to process transactions. This covers the profit.

It makes sense to take a closer look at more affordable trading assets. One option is contracts for differences.

📍 Real Forex brokers offer a very low entry threshold and a fairly wide leverage so that speculation on currency quotes and other derivatives brings a stable income. The main thing is not to chase super-profits and have a cautious strategy.

There are only forex dealers in the Russian Federation. They offer to deal with currency pairs. In the EU and other strict jurisdictions the pool of assets is wider. You can speculate on quotes:

  • 🔔 shares,
  • 🔔 indices,
  • 🔔 raw materials,
  • 🔔 metals.

Trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. 100 dollars is enough for this. When choosing where to invest on such sites, you need to look towards highly liquid instruments. No so-calledshieldcointhis one

The main disadvantage of trading is that you need activity. With a small deposit you will have to buy and sell often in order to get a more or less decent profit and increase the deposit.

📍 Trading is one of the riskiest types of investments. It’s very easy to burn out. Therefore, you need to allocate money that you don’t mind losing.


Cryptocurrency can be actively traded and used for long-term financial investments. Bitcoin has proven more than once that cryptocurrencies can rise in price and come back even after crushing falls.

📍 The best time to buy cryptocurrency is during a crisis. It will rise in price again. Then the profit will exceed hundreds of percent.

You don’t need a lot of money to invest in crypto. It is enough to register on a cryptocurrency exchange, where you can deposit fiat money, and create a separate cold wallet for long-term storage of coins.

You should not keep Bitcoin and altcoins on third-party accounts. The risk of theft or scam is too high.

Small Capital Investment Strategy

When the initial capital is modest, there is no point in worrying about protecting it as much as possible. It is worth choosing more aggressive and balanced financial investment strategies in order to get maximum returns with medium and high risks.

Conservative strategies should be chosen when you can increase your investments with additional amounts every month. For example, for 100 dollars in 1-2 months. They can be sent to a brokerage account in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Over the long term, this approach will give tangible results.

Where to invest $1000 💵

Converted to rubles, a thousand dollars is 100 thousand. With this amount you can safely invest:

  • 💎 in bonds;
  • 💎 stocks;
  • 💎 BPIFs;
  • 💎 cryptocurrencies.

To everyone who is looking,where to invest a thousand dollars, experts advise starting with a financial cushion. We are talking about investing in preparing a capital reserve. They will help you stay afloat for several months in case of loss of your main source of income, travel or rehabilitation after illness.

The recommended pillow size is equal to a person’s expenses for 3 months. It can be formed by putting 10% of each income into a separate account.

With a financial cushion, you can invest in something else. For example, in stocks. If there is a lot of money, blue chips are a good choice. More 2nd circle companies. These are developing companies that are unlikely to go to the bottom and have growth potential.

📍 Companies of the 2nd circle can rise in price significantly more than the securities of established large brands. In addition, they often (but not in the Russian Federation) offer higher dividends than blue chips, as they are interested in quickly attracting capital.

Открыть депозит в банке

Bank deposit 💶

Helps you make money deposit account in a bank. The deposit is unlikely to cover inflation. The capital will still lose 1-2% of its value. But this is the safest option for storing funds.

In the Russian Federation, a bank deposit account is protected at the state level. Even if the bank goes down, the client will still receive payments thanks to the deposit protection system.

📍 Advice: you need to keep no more than 1.4 million rubles in one financial institution. This is the maximum payout.


For $1000 you can:

  • ⚡ buy a gold bar, investment coins;
  • ⚡ open an impersonal metal account;
  • ⚡ invest in mutual funds of precious metals.

Balanced portfolios include gold in classic investments. It is present in various forms in an amount from 5% to 30% of capital.

This is because precious metals are rising in price non-stop. Also, unlike other classical financial instruments, they do not fall during crises. But you need to understand: this is an investment for many years.

Investment strategy from $1000

If you only have 1000 greens once, you can think about aggressive and balanced portfolios. If you plan to deposit 1000 bucks every few months, choose conservative portfolios. It’s safer over a long distance.

Where to invest $10,000 🤑

Owners of 1,000,000 rubles have access to all previous options, with the exception of Forex trading. It’s best to avoid it. Some brokers may not be willing to pay out returns on such amounts multiplied by leverage.

Additional areas of investment:

  • ✨ Startups. Scatter 50,000 between 20 projects. A couple of them will fire. This will pay off all investments and generate income.
  • ✨ Own business. You can buy ready-made projects, launch a website selling goods and implement other, relatively inexpensive ideas.
  • ✨ Real estate. You can’t buy an apartment in the center of Moscow for a million rubles. But in the regions there are quite suitable options. They can generate income through rental or resale after renovation.

The main thing is to remember: the larger the investment capital, the more conservatively it needs to be managed.


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