The best areas to make money from freelancing in 2024


The most popular freelance professions do not always guarantee high profits. Especially when your career is just beginning. But with the right approach to developing your own brand and improving your skills, there is every chance of becoming a valuable specialist who is in constant demand and is always with clients.

🟢 Want to know which online careers make money? To figure it out you needsubmit your application for a free online consultation. We will explain who earns how much, what the schedule and prospects will be.

Rating Forex found out what the most popular freelance professions are in 2024. In the top:

  • ✏️ designer;
  • 🎞️ video editor;
  • 📷 photographer;
  • 📝 text specialist;
  • ⌨️ IT specialist.

There are several in each category online professions with different qualification and skill requirements.

Сколько получают дизайнеры

Design ✏️

This freelance category offers several careers. Let’s talk about the most popular ones.

Web designer 🖥️

The easiest way to become a web designer is to receive a specialized education. But this is optional. You’ll just have to spend more time learning the basics.

🟢 The key skill is working with graphic editors. There are many paid and free courses on the Internet that will help even beginners understand this.

A web designer designs the appearance of websites and web graphics. The complexity of the tasks ranges from making a button to creating a full-fledged style guide reflecting the corporate style. It all depends on skills and reputation. Income varies from ₽ 30,000 to ₽ 100,000.

Interface designer 📲

An interface designer is a specialized specialist who creates convenient navigation for users of web resources. Most often, its services are used by those who develop websites and design studios. Sometimes there are orders from enterprises and brands that need to clean up their website to make it more convenient.

If the interface designer is who you want to work as a freelancer, you need:

  • ✅ deep knowledge of working in a graphic editor;
  • ✅ understanding of usability principles;
  • ✅ proficiency in HTML.

Additional programming languages ​​will be a plus. A professional in this industry receives from ₽ 30,000 to ₽ 150,000.

Illustrator 🖌️

Illustrator is one of the popular freelance professions, partly because this field of employment is well suited for working remotely. Online artists must have strong skills in fine art. Important:

  • ❗ own recognizable style;
  • ❗ the ability to negotiate with customers, understanding what they want, what they really need.

Illustrators are attracted in different directions – from book design to animation and advertising. Salary greatly depends on the project.

🟢 An illustrator always has the prospect of launching his own brand and earning money from donations from fans of his work. Many online artists live off this alone. And very worthy.

Graphic designer 📐

A graphic designer designs signs and advertising posters. The design on it:

  • 📌 billboards,
  • 📌 pointers,
  • 📌 scheme.

The task of a graphic designer is to be able to convey the necessary information to the consumer using graphics. It should be easy to read. It cannot have multiple interpretations.

In the field of graphic design, there are more specialized specialists who, for example, work on corporate identity or developing unique fonts for specific organizations. You need to be able, for example, to choose the right color scheme for a brand.

🟢 To master a profession, free materials from the Internet are quite enough. It is not necessary to work for a specific customer. You can create materials for sale on platforms such as Shutterstock, iStock. The average graphic designer’s income ranges from ₽ 25,000 to ₽ 120,000.

Video editing🎞️

Video editing has become one of the best freelance professions because the demand for it is constantly growing. There is more and more video content and its producers. Not every content maker wants or can do editing. Many top bloggers hire outsiders. It is on them that video is processed.

Typical tasks of a video editor:

  • 🖍️ dubbing,
  • 🖍️ information,
  • 🖍️ noise removal,
  • 🖍️ removal of unsuccessful frames,
  • 🖍️ special effects,
  • 🖍️ overlay titles.

To become a video editing specialist, you need a powerful PC with a powerful video card. Also knowledge of special programs. For example, Sony Vegas, After Effect.

🟢 The basics can be mastered in 1–2 months. Then you need to constantly improve your skills. On average, a video editor earns from RUB 30,000 to RUB 80,000.

Заработать на видеомонтаже


The photographer carries out a variety of orders – from reportage photography to wedding photography. Some people pay models, shoot them beautifully and edit the photos effectively to show what they can do. Photos turn into a portfolio. It helps offer private photo shoot services.

There are specialized services where they sell ready-made photographs. They are bought by advertising agencies and brands for marketing campaigns. This gives a stable profit.

To earn money, you need knowledge of photography theory, skills in working with equipment, and post-processing. The human factor is important. Sometimes, in order to get good pictures, you need to win over a person if he is too tense.

🟢 Professional photography is a super competitive business. Therefore, it is difficult for beginners to find their first clients. On average, photographers receive ₽ 25,000–70,000. Successful people are much more.

Working with texts📝

One of the easiest destinations to enterThe top freelance profession is working with texts. To succeed, you need to write competently and quickly.

Rewrite 🖨️

The essence of rewriting is to take a finished text and rewrite it so that it passes the uniqueness test. This is the easiest way to earn money. But they pay very modestly.

🟢 The average price for 1000 rewrite characters varies from ₽ 35 to ₽ 70. This is a good start to a career in the field of working with texts.

Copywriting 📚

Initially, only those who created advertising materials were called copywriters. Now representatives of the profession write texts based on several sources and at the expense of their own expertise.

🟢 Copywriting pays more than rewriting. The average author receives from RUB 70 to RUB 350 per 1000 characters.

SEO copywriting 🔍

A narrower specialization of a copywriter is SEO copywriting. His task is to write texts that are used for distribution on the Internet and meet the requirements of search engines for text materials.

🟢 Each search engine has its own content evaluation algorithms. Nobody reveals them. Therefore, the exact requirements are unknown to anyone involved in advertising. Moreover, they change frequently and greatly.

THIS- the copywriter must:

  • 🏷️ understand the requirements of SEO specialists;
  • 🏷️ be able to put links, place keys, design meta tags.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and text optimization software may be required.

Competition in the industry is high. Therefore, prices for services are not so high. On average, an SEO author receives from RUB 150 to RUB 250 per 1000 characters.

Translation 📑

A professional translator is a profession in demand. Thanks to technology, it can be done remotely. Knowing one or more foreign languages, there is a real chance to make good money by translating texts. A specialized medical, legal, or engineering education with knowledge of foreign terms can open access to a narrower specialization and bring increased income.

🟢 Translators’ earnings range from ₽ 30,000 to ₽ 80,000 per month. The numbers are average. Excellent specialists and those who were able to optimize the process using technology can earn much more.

Заработок в сфере IT

IT ⌨️

The IT sector is one of the most popular and competitive areas of online earnings. The low entry threshold in certain areas gives rise to price dumping. But if you have a solid portfolio, there is a real chance of receiving solid orders.

Webmaster 💿

The webmaster’s task is to develop websites from start to finish and support the work. The pool of responsibilities is quite wide – from communication with the client and development of technical specifications to design and layout.

Help you succeed:

  • 💪 design and layout skills;
  • 💪 understanding of the principles of the engine.

Average monthly salary -₽ 30000–100000.

HTML layout designer 💾

The goal of an HTML layout designer is to turn the layout created by the designer into working website pages. It monitors correct display in different browsers and devices.

They often say on the Internet: to gain professional skills, you need:

  • 💡 from 3 to 4 weeks;
  • 💡 knowledge of two technologies – HTML and CSS.

But in reality there is nothing like that.

🟢 In 2024, almost no one develops websites using pure HTML and CSS. Frameworks and libraries are used. Knowledge of JS is required to create at least basic functionality of web pages.

You won’t pay much for simple HTML and CSS layout. Professionals receive from ₽ 30,000 to ₽ 100,000 per month.

Frontend developer 📀

The task of a front-end developer is to make interfaces as convenient as possible for users, performing all the tasks assigned by the customer. You need to know everything that a layout designer does. Plus there are a lot of technologies that are constantly being developed and updated.

At the start of a career, a front-end developer can earn from ₽ 200,000. The upper limit is not limited.

🟢 A big plus of the profession is that if you have enough experience, you can get a job in a company that will pay good money and pay for travel and accommodation. But you will have to put in a lot of effort.

Web programmer 🖱️

A web programmer develops programs that manage websites and online services. To succeed, you need to get a good specialized education. Also know several programming languages ​​and own special software.

Most often, web studios, individual entrepreneurs, and webmasters use the services of a web programmer. A profession in demand. Including due to the high barrier to entry.

🟢 Good specialists rarely work as freelancers. That’s why they get paid quite a lot. The price tag in the Russian Federation varies from ₽ 50,000 to ₽ 150,000 per month.

Where can freelancers look for work 🔎

To find a job, it’s better for freelancers to start with domestic platforms that connect them with performers. Over time, it is better to switch to English-language services. Everyone who has achieved significant success goes there. They pay a lot there, good. There are always plenty of orders.

🟢 Beginners should not immediately run to a foreign freelance exchange. You won’t be able to turn around properly there. Even dumping won’t help.

A freelance career doesn’t end there and executing orders on the exchange. If he achieves success, is in demand or assembles a powerful team of assistants, he may well launch his own studio. There are completely different price tags and incomes.


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