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Trading appTesler appeared in 2021. The services were quite simple – the ability to trade contracts for difference and other derivatives. A big plus of the platform is a powerful background on the Internet. All thanks to honest reviews with a “plus” sign, of which there are a lot.

Everything is fine with registration at Tesler. The place of registration of the platform is Great Britain. Its work is controlled by the local regulator. This means that transactions fall on liquidity providers. This minimizes non-market risks.

The range of tools is impressive. There are currency pairs, cryptocurrency, bonds, metals, commodity derivatives. The entire pool is freely available. It is regularly updated and expanded: the platform enters new markets.

Trading conditions are simple and clear. To get acquainted with them, you need to register and launch the platform.

Tesler promises not to charge commissions for deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit is low enough for anyone to open a trading account.

There is also no need to pay to install the platform. Fees for Tesler services are included in spreads. At the same time, they are very modest. Can compete with leading trading platforms.

There are many ways to top up your account – from classic bank transfers, cards to transactions from electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies. The Tesler platform can be used in all countries except the USA. It is not available to locals.

Reviews about Tesler

There are a lot of reviews about Tesler. Rating Forex selected several from Google Play. One user calls the trading platform an excellent platform for crypto trading. He is very pleased:

  • friendly interface;
  • real-time data;
  • excellent analytics.

This is enough to safely register.

Tesler отзывы

One person accidentally stumbled upon the platform. She was a pleasant surprise. One of its strengths is its well-thought-out interface. Everything is fine with trading operations too.

A review of Tesler was left by a person who tested the platform for two months. He says: trading is easy, the interface is excellent. I liked everything much more than in the Quik terminal.

Rating Forex will explain in detail and for free what the Tesler trading platform (“Tesler”) is and how it works. Consult and earn money safely. Be confident of success.

Terms of cooperation

The official Tesler website invites everyone to try the platform. It was initially aimed at novice traders. Therefore, the terminal and management are quite simple.

At the same time, Tesler offers a number of additional settings for professionals. They provide the necessary features to implement their chosen strategies.

To get a “Personal Account” from Tesler, you need to install the application and register. After this, you can top up your account and start investing in financial instruments.

Asset range

The platform offers a wide range of financial instruments:

  • cryptocurrency,
  • forex,
  • actions,
  • commodities,
  • of option.

This means that everyone who registers is connected to several markets at once. That is, not only to liquidity providers for CFDs, but also to crypto platforms. Its versatility makes it very easy to diversify your investment portfolio and use flexible strategies.

For example, you can combine defensive investments in blue-chip stocks with speculative trading in volatile cryptocurrencies. Rating Forex reminds you: these assets are weakly correlated. The risks of losing your entire portfolio are minimized.

Terms of trade

The sizes of margin call, stop out, leverage, swaps and spreads are available in the trading terminal. Tesler offers many options so that everyone can choose the right one.

Rating Forex tip: Choose your leverage carefully. The wider it is, the higher the risks. Beginning traders should work with minimal leverage so that the deposit has a sufficient margin of safety in case of unsuccessful orders.

Minimum transaction volume —0,01 lot. Such positions make it possible to enter the market with a modest deposit. This makes Tesler the most accessible trading platform possible.

Trading commissions – 0%. That is, the fee for order execution is included in spreads. This is fairer than flat fees. Because in rising markets there will be no additional losses.

Minimum deposit

Tesler offers access to investments with a deposit starting from $250. The platform does not have dozens of different accounts. All traders are in the same conditions.

The low entrance fee makes the site as accessible as possible. The absence of a series of accounts eliminates pressure on the trader. Tesler does not inflate spreads just to force deposits of as much money as possible.

How to withdraw money from Tesler and top up your account

To replenish your deposit, you can use:

  • bank transfers;
  • cards;
  • PayPal and other EPS.

The platform promises to add support for cryptocurrencies in the near future. The variety of ways to give an entry ticket makes it possible to choose the most profitable option for the trader.

There are no commissions for depositing or withdrawing. Rating Forex reminds you: only payment systems can accept them. The platform says that the money in the account belongs only to the client. She has no right to force you to pay for deposits and withdrawals.


Investing with Tesler is safe. It’s a matter of British registration. It can be quickly confirmed on the Companies House website. The project has been included in the registrar’s database since 2021. It has all the required records in SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes.

Everything is fine with the authorized capital. Enough money to get a broker’s license.

Rating Forex reminds you: you can only trust those companies from the UK that have stayed afloat for at least a year. They submit the first report to government authorities only 12 months after registration. Since Tesler has lived longer, it operates legally and does not violate British laws.

Before you think about it,how to make money with Tesler or any other trading platform, you need to check for a license. The hero of our review has it.

The document was issued by the FCA, a British regulator. This is one of the strictest supervisory authorities on the planet. It is not surprising, since London remains one of the world’s financial services centers. There is really big money circulating here, which attracts scammers.

The presence of a license proves that Tesler works legally. Can cooperate with liquidity providers and execute transactions on them.

Rating Forex comment: The popularity of Tesler has led to the emergence of many scammers who began to impersonate this trading platform. Therefore, it is necessary to check the license and the website address indicated there.


The Tesler app is a mobile platform for speculative trading in derivatives and cryptocurrencies. There is no desktop version. Therefore, it cannot be considered a full-fledged trading terminal.

Tesler is a good solution for novice traders. It makes it possible:

  • get acquainted with financial markets;
  • gain basic skills;
  • make money on the movement of quotes over a short and medium distance.

The platform is not suitable for long-term investments. Except for those cases when a person trades assets with swaps that are positive for him. This provides an additional opportunity to earn money.

Over the 2 years of operation, the Tesler platform has gained widespread recognition. Most of the reviews are with a “plus” sign. This is not surprising when there is a license from such a strict financial regulator as the FCA.


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