Where to invest money to receive monthly income in 2024


Rating Forex will help you figure out where you can invest money to make a profit 💲, and without strong risks. We are talking about partial or completely passive profit 👛. In most cases, you only need to invest money once.

🍪 Do you want to figure out what is profitable to invest in now? Free at your disposal online help and advice. Rating Forex will clearly explain where to make money with investments.

Where to invest money in 2024? Apartment for rent

The real estate rental market is number one in all the top sources of passive income. It has lived and flourished since the advent of private property.

The rental real estate market has 2 very important advantages:

  • 💸 High profitability. After all expenses, a rented apartment can bring from 5% to 10% of the cost in the form of annual income. Profit is influenced by the region and the volume of investment. For example, you can buy an apartment in very poor condition, renovate it, rent it out to tenants and receive increased income.
  • 💸 Double profit. Almost nothing can affect the rise in real estate prices. It’s constantly getting more expensive. Therefore, the owner receives double income – from rent and increased value.

Are you thinking about where to invest your money in 2024, or are you looking at renting out your home? Weigh the disadvantages.

Firstly, residents can be sloppy. There will be additional expenses for repairs and replacement of furniture. Secondly, you need to pay taxes on the rental. They can be reduced as much as possible by obtaining self-employed status. Then the state will have to pay 4% of the rent.

Инвестиции в недвижимость

Where to invest money to increase it? Room for rent

Room for rent – bA more affordable option compared to an apartment. It is suitable for everyone who lives in popular tourist locations.

The room can be rented daily or for a longer period. The second option is well suited for tenants who come to study or work on a rotational basis.

Many landlords have little understanding of how the market works. That’s why they charge exorbitant prices. This reduces your chances of making money.

🍪 Tip: Start with either the average or lower price for your location. When you receive positive feedback, you can raise the price tag a little. There are special services that make it easier to rent out housing and individual rooms to tenants. They register there to make it easier to find clients.

PThe advantage of renting out a room is increased income due to short-term use. The downside is seasonality. Especially for tourist locations. When the season passes, we will have to dump.

Another disadvantage of short-term renting is cleaning 🧽. This will have to be done after each guest.

What to invest money in so as not to lose? Advertising on cars

If you have a car and are willing to sacrifice its appearance for additional income 💵, you can rent out the surface for advertising space. Advertising sites help you find clients. Post:

  • 📌 photo of the car,
  • 📌 prices,
  • 📌 approximate travel routes.

In Moscow, they pay about 2000 rubles for a place on the hood. They give the same amount for the rear window. For side bets, you will receive less – ₽ 1,000 each. If you agree to put an advertising structure on the roof, you can receive ₽ 3,000 per month.

All that is required of the driver is to use the car as often as possible. Payment for washing 🚿 can be entrusted to the advertiser.

🍪 Customers don’t take my word for it. They require photo and video reports that prove that the car is in crowded places.

Инвестиции в облигации

Where to invest in 2024 with maximum reliability? Government bonds

Debt securities are one of the most reliable types of exchange-traded assets. They guarantee a fixed profit 💰. Under certain circumstances, they can be resold at a higher price.

Bonds are somewhat similar to a bank deposit. They have:

  • 🔒 income,
  • 🔒 repayment period.

Plus, the risks of issuer bankruptcy are quite low. Therefore, OFZs are often used to form the protective part of an investment portfolio.

🍪 Bonds pay coupon income💵. Usually 2–4 times a year. For maximum investment protection, choose government bonds and securities issued by blue chips.

ABOUTbonds are more profitable than a regular bank deposit. Higher percentage of income. In this case, you will have to pay personal income tax on the coupon and the amount of the sale of the financial asset. But only if you have owned the securities for less than 3 years. So it’s worth choosing medium- and long-term assets.

🍪 The main risk of bonds is the bankruptcy of the issuer. Even if you have chosen a very stable country whose OFZs you are going to buy, do not forget to diversify the risks.

What is profitable to invest in now? Vending

An automatic machine that performs actions without the participation of the human factor can become a source of almost passive income 💵. It needs to be replenished and maintained. You will have to spend money on renting a place, energy consumption, goods, if the machine sells anything.

🍪 Massage chairs, for example, at airports, are also vending. The same goes for ice machines.

Modern machines vary greatly in price. It varies from several tens of thousands to millions of rubles. Devices are appearing that accept not only small change and banknotes, but also bank cards. This expands the target audience.

With proper placement, the machine can consistently bring profit. For example, a machine selling clean drinking water in a residential area requires replenishment and unloading every day due to the large number of consumers.

If necessary, you can store goods at home or at suppliers. You can deliver it to the place of sale yourself.

If you put the machine in the wrong place, there will be problems with payback. Still, even in passive mode, the equipment consumes electricity💡. Plus, there is a risk of vandalism if the installation location is not very favorable.

🍪 Self-employed people cannot engage in vending. You will have to register an individual entrepreneur. But only if the product is resold. When the machine provides some services, such as massage or instant photos, it can be owned by self-employed people.

ТОП идей для инвестиций

Where is it profitable to invest money? Intellectual property

Write a book and sell it to earn income from each copy. You can register a patent or invent a product. There will be royalties for its implementation. These are the most difficult options for making money on intellectual property.

There are easier ways that don’t require talent. An example is the sale of guides, courses, self-development programs. Usually these are rather superficial things in an attractive package.

Another option is to translate books and sell translations. We are not talking about classic works from major publishers, but about web novels. Access can be sold by chapter. There are thousands of them in some works. If the translation is good and the book is interesting, the profit will flow for several years from fairly easy work.

Where to invest money now? Trading on marketplaces

There are sites on the Internet that offer a kind of storefront for small entrepreneurs. You can sell various goods there. You don’t have to create it yourself or buy it. Models such as dropshipping make it possible to find customers and take a share of the profits. Delivery will be handled by the manufacturer.

🍪 Marketplaces can take care of all issues related to promotion and sales. This makes sense if you own or manufacture the products yourself.

One of the disadvantages of trading on marketplaces is their share of profits. It varies from 5% to 30%. This may not be beneficial. There is no point in raising the price because of competitors who will not do it.

If you invest in advertising, you can promote your website using the dropshipping model. But there will be very high costs due to the need to beat competitors.

Заработок на сдаче авто в аренду

What is better to invest in? Car for rent

You can buy a minivan or truck and then rent it out. This is especially true in large cities, where someone is constantly transporting something. There is a real chance to make a regular car your breadwinner.

Services are appearing, including at the state level, that significantly simplify business such as car rental. For example, people’s car sharing is being tested in the capital. The city government took on the role of mediator between the landlord and the tenant.

🍪 Such investments involve risk. Therefore, we need a reinforced concrete agreement 📄 that takes into account any damage and compensation. You will also have to look after your car very carefully. It must be in good condition.

Investment life insurance

Investment life insurance – dRemaining a popular service. It is understood that the insurance company receives funds from the client and invests them at its own discretion. At the same time he promises:

  • 🔑 compensation in insurance cases;
  • 🔑 return on investment with interest.

If the company makes a bad investment, the insurance will not be lost. She also returns the deposit even in case of failed investments. An additional plus is a tax deduction of ₽ 15,600 per year.

There are downsides. Money should be given for an average period of 3 to 5 years. That is, you won’t be able to dispose of them until the contract expires. In addition, the management company may turn out to be a swindler.

Precious metals

If you have a large amount and you definitely won’t need it in the next 5–7 years, you can invest it in an impersonal metal account. This is almost the same as a bank deposit. There are just no percentages. Yield is determined by changes in the value of the precious metal over time.

You can buy the metal itself. Most often they take gold in bullion. But it needs to be stored correctly; there may be problems with redemption.

Some banks only buy bars that they issue themselves. A number of financial institutions do not even accept them.

🍪 Plus investments – tax benefits. Against the backdrop of crises, metals become more expensive. Even if everything collapses, the gold will remain with you. Unless, of course, it is stored in a bank.

What should you not pay attention to? Bank deposit

Bank deposit – one of the most useless ways to invest money. Especially if it’s small. Income on deposits never exceeds the inflation rate. That is, you will take out less from the bank than you put in (in terms of purchasing power).

Bank deposits are protected up to ₽ 1.4 million. Invest more and the bank will go bankrupt – you won’t see your money. In most cases, deposits cannot be closed early without financial loss. You simply will not be paid the accrued interest.

🍪 With a large capital, you can open a deposit from which a certain amount will be paid monthly. This is a kind of passive income with regular payments. But the game is not worth the candle.

What experts advise

Experts recommend investing in small amounts, but constantly. Then, at the right time, a substantial amount can accumulate.

One of the most attractive assets for passive investments is mutual funds. They do not require special knowledge and generate stable profits.

The portfolio that determines the value of the fund is managed by specialists interested in the growth of income from it. The main thing is fairly high diversification. Managers themselves will distribute capital in such a way as to minimize risks and ensure that its profitability is higher than that of bank deposits.

The ideal option 👌 is to combine sources of passive income. Funds received from one of them can be invested in another. And so on ad infinitum. In this case, there will be the most protected, constantly growing capital 💰. From passive investments you can move into business and get a new influx of money.


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