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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    In simple words about the essence of fraud Brand Capital — broker review, reviews about scammers

    Sharashka impersonates a Spanish company and scams Russians out of money. Traders did not trade real derivatives, but fakes that are worth nothing.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction





    Sant Cugat del VallèsES

    VILLA 123 2 3

    +3(712) 674 22 42

    • Russian version of the site
    • No license
    • Simulated trading
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform

    Brand Capital

    Types of accounts

    Start, Gold, Platinum, VIP





    Min Deposit

    $ 150 and $ 500



    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, Forex, raw materials, indices

    Order execution


    Mobile Trading


    Competitions and bonuses


    Brand Capital Review. What kind of broker is this?

    Brand Capital website met the call increase investments. According to legend, you could earn money whenever you wanted, anywhere in the world.

    Brand Capital scam offered activate passive profit. Later it became clear: profit cannot be seen without effort. You need to trade volatile financial instruments. This is completely different from passive income. The risks are ten times higher.

    Kidala shelestel: registered in Spain. He did not provide registration information for verification. I didn’t even mention the license. But he talked about millions of clients from 140 countries.

    The list of assets for trading was presented in the form of market names. The scammer did not provide a detailed list. Therefore, it was simply impossible to evaluate the assortment before registration. It is important to understand: only scammers behave this way. A real broker always clearly says what to pose with.

    Trading conditions are incomplete. Of all the specifications, only inflated leverage is 1:100. It does not meet the requirements of the Spanish regulator. His ceiling is 1:30.

    Another gap is ways to replenish your account and make withdrawals. The Brand Capital scammer limited himself to the fact that there was no need to pay for opening and maintaining an account in cryptocurrency.

    That is, the garbage dump was taking crypt with might and main. And which one is unclear. In this situation, you don’t even need to look for reviews from former clients. It is clear that the bit will be thrown. Information about the timing of transactions and the amount of fees was revealed only after registration.

    Terms of cooperation. How to make money with Brand Capital?

    Brand Capital offers investments:

    • in CFD cryptocurrencies;
    • actions;
    • metals;
    • currency pairs;
    • raw materials;
    • indexes.

    Scam promises access to world markets. Warning: this will not happen. An illegal dump does not even provide a complete list of assets.

    Rating Forex warns: given the trading conditions, there will be candy wrappers instead of real instruments. This is confirmed by cryptocurrency CFDs. They don’t have liquidity providers. There is simply nowhere to withdraw transactions. If this is the situation with one type of asset, it means the same with the rest.

    The dump offers trading in a terminal of its own design. Treats: it is very convenient, modern, fast. Attention: sharashka slips WebTrader. This is clear from the address of one of its websites, which begins with the word trade –

    There are 4 trading accounts to choose from:

    • Start — $ 500.
    • Gold — $ 5000.
    • Platinum — $ 25000.
    • VIP — $ 50000.

    Access to each account requires a specific deposit. Moreover, the description of each of them says: the minimum wage is $150. It’s not clear what to believe.

    Leverage in all accounts is 1:100. This is the level of an offshore “kitchen” or a scam. You can’t give money to either one or the other. Because you won’t be able to make money.

    Lovchila rustles about instant execution of positions. Rating Forex warns: this once again proves that entering global markets is out of the question. The scammer’s program only includes dealing. Moreover, he controls it 100%.

    Starting with a Gold account, the scammer Brand Capital offers access to metals and cryptocurrency trading. Plus deposit insurance, which can be considered another proof of fraud. Real brokers do not insure deposits against losses or bankruptcy.

    IN Platinum and VIP have protection against negative balance at the depot, 24-hour support. Warning: this is manipulation. In the EU, where the scam is supposedly registered, every broker protects against minus deposits and supports 24/5.

    The description of the VIP account was completely different. Promises personal meetings, individual trading strategy, free webinars. The main thing is that it deals with remote opening and closing of positions. This is complete nonsense. Online trading and remote trading.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    Brand Capital claims to be registered at: Sant Cugat del VallèsES | Spain 08173 VILLA 123 2 3. The scammers behind him did something cunning. You can’t just check the register of legal entities in Spain. Therefore, the tricksters found the company Brand Capital SL registered there and began to hide behind its name.

    Let us remind you: the sharashka has too wide a leverage for a broker from the eurozone. Plus she:

    • promises to protect against negative deposit balances only in separate trading accounts;
    • uploads about depot insurance.

    All this proves: the office is illegal.

    The situation is clarified by checking the register of the Spanish financial regulator – CNMV. Brand Capital SL was not there. The only match is HILDEBRAND CAPITAL PARTNERS. This company is not related to the hero of our review.

    It turns out that even if a sharashka is registered in Spain, it cannot offer brokerage services. That is, it works 100% illegally.

    How to withdraw money from Brand Capital and top up your account

    The scam does not inform you about ways to give an entrance ticket and withdraw your capital. He hints at the possibility of opening deposits in cryptocurrency. There is no charge for their service. Here is another reason to blacklist the scammer. Honest brokers from strict jurisdictions do not deal with such garbage dumps.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Brand Capital official website, everyone is his cloneYou were ordered to live a long time a few months after the start. At the same time, Sharashka’s office was flooded: it has been operating since 2012. In fact, the launch of the scam took place at the end of 2023. By January 2024, it was no longer functioning.

    Open with Brand Capital «Personal account” they were whipping up the cold new calls and mailings. The scammers behind the money collection even wrote to potential patients from fake accounts on social networks. People were encouraged to fork out 100%orderly, where the fake broker was praised with might and main.

    None of those who made a deposit with Brand Capital were able to earn money. The swindler stole everything. Capital flowed to anonymous wallets and drop cards.

    In the terminal, the Brand Capital scam showed rotten candy wrappers. They were also offered to trade. Therefore, it was impossible to make a profit, it was impossible to conclude. You need to stay as far away from such sharashkin offices as possible.

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    Reviews about Brand Capital. Traders' opinions about the broker

    On a person talks about his experience of working with Brand Capital. He warns: this is Sharashka’s office. She throws money away. And very cunning. People do not immediately realize about divorce.

    The author of the review saw an advertisement for the Brand Capital scam on forums and thematic platforms. She encouraged me to hand over the entrance ticket. The scammer told beautiful tales about profitable trades and babbled about profit without worries.

    As soon as I opened a trading account, the manager got involved. This ghoul began to persuade me to open a very profitable trade. Only it ended with the drain of the entire deposit.

    The poor fellow realized that he had fallen for the divorce when it was too late to leave. He is sure: there is nothing to show to the swindlers. After all, transactions were opened of their own free will.

    Rating Forex would like to remind you that in all strict jurisdictions, Forex dealers are prohibited from giving trading advice to their clients due to conflict of interest. So if Brand Capital had really settled in Spain, it could have been easily sued.

    There is a person who realized too late that Brand Capital was a scammer. He sang about a profitable trade, a good income. Only the trade turned out to be fake.

    Sharashka drew profit for several weeks. When the author of the review began to try to withdraw some of the funds, he was refused and required to top up again. The trickster did not receive a cent and banned the trading account.

    On, a victim of fraud by the fake broker Brand Capital complained about the scam. At first everything was fine. This continued exactly until the moment when the question of withdrawing money arose.

    The account has been blocked. No one answered the calls. Brand Capital had no intention of handing over the money.

    A review of Brand Capital was left by a person who deposited about $2,000 into his account in the hope of getting rich from stock trading. Immediately after the deposit was replenished, access to the account was lost. Technical support started to ignore me. Email and phone were silent.

    There is a review on with a story about how a person replenished $500. This amount appeared on the trading account. Only an hour later she disappeared.

    The reviewer tried to contact technical support. It didn’t work out. Phone and email turned out to be non-working. Also a form for sending messages.

    Don’t know who to complain to about Brand Capital fraud in order to withdraw money? Lawyers Rating Forex for free They will take your capital away from the fake broker. Get real results. Punish the swindler for deception.

    How Brand Capital scams you out of money

    TO classic Forex scam – that’s who Brand Capital is. His divorce schemes are very simple. The main thing for a swindler is to make a deposit. But first you need to find a patient who is willing to fork out the cash.

    A fake broker encourages you to deposit money in various social networks, on forums and websites dedicated to trading. He advertises himself there. And it’s very tempting.

    Another good way that helps the Brand Capital scammer line his pockets is cold calling. The catcher takes numbers from databases leaked to the Internet and plays tricks on everyone.

    When a patient tops up his account, but it’s clear that he can’t get more out of it, the fraudster blocks his account. If the victim seemed wealthy, the swindler imitates the trade. Draws a profitable trade.

    It’s worth trying to conclude that the Brand Capital swindler is changing his face. It turns out that this is impossible. It is necessary to unfasten commissions and fake taxes taken from the ceiling. This helps the trickster become fabulously rich.


    Brand Capital’s registration is questionable. He does not have a broker’s license. That is, this is a scam that does not have the right to work as an intermediary either in the EU or in another country with normal regulation of financial markets.

    The sharashka hides the range of assets. The trader will not know what he can trade until he registers. It is not normal. But the scammer uses the lack of information to lure him to himself.

    Wide leverage is another sign of a scammer. It makes it clear: you can’t count on an honest trade. Transactions will not be placed on the interbank market. They will be cooked on the scam servers.

    The main reason not to mess with Brand Capital is the withdrawal of money. It won’t work. No one has yet managed to withdraw their capital.


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