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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Write off the scammer - evidence of fraud by the BrighterFieldsTrade broker, reviews from traders

    Attention:”Personal Area”inBrighterFieldsTrade – a trap. The wallet will become empty. Trader’s money is sent to the angler’s pocket with each replenishment. They end up in anonymous wallets and drop cards. All trading is simulated. That is, you won’t be able to make money.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Side: Singapore

    City: Singapore

    Address: 14 Woodlands Square


    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, license
    • Non-market quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform



    Mini, Green, Premium




    Visa, Mastercard, Skrill

    Min Deposit





    There is social trading

    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of shares, indices, currencies, precious metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs

    Order Execution




    Review BrighterFieldsTrade

    “BrighterFieldsTrade” scam introduces itself to potential patients quality broker. Rustle: focused on social trading. In fact, it has nothing in common with real intermediaries who let you wash and draw a conclusion.

    Rating Forex publishes something new every day exposing forex brokers, which leave traders without money. Know the scammers by name. Avoid all sharashkin offices whose goal is to run aground.

    Trickster does not even mention registration and regulation. He just pretends that all this is not necessary.

    The dodger indicates the markets where he promises to market. At the same time, it does not provide a complete list of tools. In this situation, you need to do your feet. An honest broker does not hide such information. Nobody will bring him money. In addition, the regulator will hit your neck.

    Terms of trade are in question. Most of the specifications are hidden. But the scammer BrighterFieldsTrade bleats about the shoulder up to 1:888. This is enough to conclude: this is a scam created for milking. He won’t let anyone wash it.

    Scam accepts transfers from cards and Skrill wallet. Here is all the information about the replenishment. There are no transaction deadlines or fees. There’s no word on the conclusion either. All this screams about scammers for money.

    Terms of cooperation. earn money BrighterFieldsTrade?

    Forex scammerBrighterFieldsTrade slips investments:

    • currency pairs;
    • indexes;
    • precious metals;
    • raw materials;
    • actions;
    • cryptocurrencies;
    • ETF.

    There is no complete list of tools. The Dodger will give you access to it only after registration. It is important to understand: this is unacceptable.

    Scam offers 3 accounts to choose from:

    • Mini. Deposit – $500–5000. Leverage – 1:888.
    • Green. Deposit – $5000–10000. Leverage – 1:200
    • Premium Deposit — from $ 10000. Leverage — 1:100.

    Accounts differ in the number of available instruments and additional services. But the scam broker promises everyone instant execution of their positions. In this situation, orders rotate inside. In a real market there can only be market execution.

    Other than the shoulder, there are no specifications. Rating Forex warns: there are no spreads, swaps, commissions, stop outs, margin calls, not even a minimum transaction volume. If a broker keeps trading terms secret, he will empty his pockets. This is a 100% scam.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    “BrightFieldTrade” rustles about office in Singapore. This is where the registration information ends. Rating Forex combed through the register of legal entities in Singapore. The check showed that neither BrighterFields nor other variations of this name are there.

    Before us is an illegal office. Her place is on the blacklist. Every trader should know: there are no honest brokers without documents. They simply cannot perform their duties. For example, display transactions on the interbank market. No liquidity provider will deal with them.

    Sharashkin firms like BrighterFieldsTrade can only imitate trading. Rating Forex warns: no one controls them. You can’t even count on an honest trade.

    The company “BrighterFieldsTrade” is also not in the register of the financial regulator of Singapore. This is an illegal, unregulated scam. He can do absolutely whatever he wants with traders’ money. Nothing will happen to him.

    It is not even known in which country the swindlers are hiding. It is not clear how to find them and bring them to justice.

    The only financial regulator that has heard of the existence of the fake broker BrighterFieldsTrade is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Dumpster on his black list.

    Withdrawal of money from BrighterFieldsTrade and deposit replenishment

    Kidala offers to hand over the entrance ticket by making a transfer:

    • from a bank card;
    • Skrill wallet.

    Not a word about the cost of the transaction. It’s unclear how long it takes.

    The scam also does not cover withdrawals. Honest reviews warn: you can’t even count on money.

    Like a divorceandt for money BrighterFieldsTrade

    BrighterFieldsTrade finds the scam itself victims. Considering that reviews about it are only on the Runet, it was originally created to scam Russians.

    The deception scheme couldn’t be simpler. A fake broker finds contacts of potential patients, induces them to open an account and put as much money there as possible. Fraudsters can pester you with calls and letters for several days, even weeks, until the victim gives up.

    The scam broker steals money with every replenishment. After this, fake trading starts. It is impossible to make money in this situation. Instead of real money, candy wrappers tools.

    If the victim tries to remove the beans, the bit demands to pay a commission, insurance. Moreover, you need to salivate the beans before you receive the money. Many fall for this scam and give the swindlers even more cabbage.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official site BrighterFieldsTrade – one noodle for traders’ ears. There’s a rotten scam about financial regulation, registration and experience in the market.

    Before us is a swindler, a thief and a fraudster who needs poor people who are taking their first steps in trading. All these people become victims of scammers. They are completely bred for money.

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    Reviews about BrighterFieldsTrade

    The scam broker BrighterFieldsTrade did not stay afloat for long. But threw it at a lot of people. On, one former patient of the bit drew attention to the legal address of the stuntman indicated on the site. There’s just a house and a street. No floor, no office number. Normal brokers don’t do this. Another person warns: the sharashka does not have a single piece of paper confirming his legal status.

    On people are pointing fingers:

    • to a fake address
    • dash instead of documents.

    In addition, they complain about an inflated minimum deposit and problems with execution. Another problem with the BrighterFieldsTrade scam is the inconsistency of spreads. Those are many times larger than on the website. Plus you won’t be able to withdraw money.

    There are a whole bunch of complaints on The scammer “BrighterFieldsTrade” is draining deposits. If you don’t try to trade, the scammer will fake an account hack to steal the money. In fact, there was never cabbage at the depot. He pulled at the bit with each replenishment.

    Have you been ripped off by BrighterFieldsTrade? The scam broker will give everything away.Rating Forex knows the schemes of such tricksters, so returns money quickly and free of charge to everyone who asks for help.


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