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    CapTrader broker review - will block the account and not pay the money, reviews of scammers' frauds

    Project CapTrader is an online brokerage platform aimed at investors and traders looking to gain access to global stock markets. Sharaga offers traders a variety of technologies and trading conditions. However, recently, accusations of fraud related to the company’s activities have been actively discussed in the Russian-language segment of the Internet.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    Germany (BaFin)

    Company Features

    Hidden commissions, widening spreads


    Country: Germany

    City: Düsseldorf

    Address: Elberfelder Straße 2

    Phone: +49 (0)211 740 786-00


    • Russian-language site interface
    • High entry threshold
    • Regulatory issues
    • Customer complaints about lack of withdrawal of money
    Trading Platform

    TWS, TradingView, AgenaTrader


    EUR, USD


    Bank Transfer

    Min Deposit







    Up 2 pips

    Financial Instruments

    Stocks, options, futures, currency pairs, ETFs, derivatives, bonds, mutual funds

    Order execution


    Trading Features

    broker,deducing trades for another broker with overpriced commissions

    What is known about the broker CapTrader

    The official website of the brokerage firm does not indicate the specific date of foundation of the company, nor does it provide information about the place of its legal registration. This data is important to fully understand the legitimacy and history of the company. However, the scammers decided not to waste time creating a plausible legend. Information appears in open sources; the counterparty has been operating since 1997.

    The founders of the scam call themselves a subsidiary Interactive Brokers. They do not fulfill orders for financial instruments, provide advice on instruments, or hold clients’ assets. All trading operations and financial services are carried out through the Interactive Brokers system. There is no documentary evidence of such an organizational structure.

    Based on the arguments voiced, it becomes obvious that transparent service is definitely not aboutCapTrader official website office is a cheap cover for obvious fraudulent activity. Instead of working with legal documentation, scammers claim fake benefits of cooperation. However, users should be aware of:

    • illegal activities in Russia: the broker does not have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
    • lack of information about the authorized capital and founders;
    • problems with legal registration.

    The company doesn’t even have an office. Taken together, these factors encourage traders to refuse to cooperate withCapTrader. It is impossible to make money on this platform. Trading is doomed to SCAM.

    Terms of trading with broker CapTrader

    The office promises to provide access to a wide range of financial instruments:

    • shares;
    • optional;
    • futures;
    • foreign securities and bonds.

    They do not directly trade but provide assistance in establishing business relationships with Interactive Brokers and using their electronic trading system.

    CapTrader uses the Interactive Brokers trading platform – IB Trader Workstation (TWS), which is a powerful and flexible tool suitable for both professional traders and investors. The terminal offers a wide range of tools and options for market analysis and trading. Practicing traders note that functionally IB Trader is inferior to the MetaTrader series platforms.

    SCAM project offers various types of accounts, including individual, joint and corporate accounts. They also provide asset management services (Managed Accounts) on the basis of a separate written agreement with clients, subject to the supervision of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Information about regulation is a lie. There is no BaFin license.

    Key trading parameters:

    • minimum entry threshold – $2000;
    • type of quotes – five-digit;
    • maximum leverage – 1:400;
    • spreads – 0.5;
    • scammers charge clients hidden fees;
    • minimum lot size – 0.01;
    • scammers offer free training.

    The stated trading conditions do not meet the expectations of users working withCapTrader personal account Only a beginner will open this due to lack of practical experience.

    CapTrader broker exposed

    According to legend, the brokerage firm is run byCapTrader GmbH. It is allegedly registered in Germany, has a legal status confirmed by registration in the BaFin register. However, questions arise regarding the legal transparency of the company. For example, there were cases when support refused to provide a brokerage agreement or sent documents to another company, the connection with which was not proven. This raises doubts about their transparency and reliability.

    Users actively criticize the project for high fees and dubious quality of services. The lack of evidence of effectiveness in asset management, coupled with high trading costs, makes the service biasedly expensive and potentially ineffective.

    The brokerage claims to have been operating since 1997, but CapTrader GmbH was only registered in 2019. This date discrepancy and lack of information about the counterparty’s previous names indicate attempts to hide past reputational problems or changes in legal status, which is a red flag.

    The process of depositing and withdrawing funds is too stressful, with uncertain deadlines and fees. Users note thatCapTrader charges a commission of at least 1% for cashout, which is a significant disadvantage.

    The project is aimed at experienced traders, but high commissions, strict rules and insufficient support make it a less attractive option compared to other brokers. Lack of comfort in trading and additional markups for the chain of intermediaries encourage traders not to consider opening an account with an officeCapTrader investments are doomed to fail.

    The platform in question is a company with a number of problematic aspects, including issues of transparency, high fees, and questionable quality of services. The project does not have a single competitive advantage in comparison with licensed counterparties.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The company does not comply with the promises and guarantees made to users. The steering wheel project is carried out by ordinary swindlers. They use the Forex kitchen method, using manipulations with quotes of financial assets, merging traders’ transactions. Scammers knock out stop orders and provoke an abnormal widening of spreads. Beginners should avoid CapTrader investments opening a trading account makes no sense.

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    Reviews about working with the broker CapTrader

    On the Forex Ratings website, user avdeev_pavel expresses his disappointment in CapTrader, especially in the context of their association with Interactive Brokers. He notes that the terms and trading platforms are similar to those offered by a popular company, and points out that there is no point in opening an account with CapTrader, if you can work directly with IB. He also mentions the high barriers to entry for both companies, but acknowledges benefits such as access to a think tank, free training and low spreads.

    User Amazonnnicf on the Forex Ratings website shares his negative experience with the broker, claiming that he lost his investment due to the ineffectiveness of the analytical tools provided and unexplained market fluctuations. He expresses a feeling of being deceived and warns other investors about the risks of investing in this company.

    On the Plusiminus website, user annmillenium emphasizes that the counterparty is aimed at professionals, and notes high requirements for deposits and commissions, which will become a burden for beginners. He also points out the unusual commission system and withdrawal fees and lack of activity.

    On the Traders Union website, user alix, who is new to trading, talks about his negative experience with sharaga. He complains about long withdrawal times, unexpected fees and the unprofessional attitude of the support team, which, according to him, threatened not to pay out the funds at all.

    Comments from practicing traders are criticism of the brokerage firm. No one has yet managed to make money from cooperation with a counterparty. Traders are systematically melting deposits. This is the reason for the low ratingCapTrader how to make money, if the administration constantly puts a spoke in the wheels, drawing quotes and inflating trading commissions.


    An independent review confirmed the inappropriateness of cooperation with the brokerCapTrader. The site is designed to accept money only. If an investor has already made a deposit, but notices illegal actions on the part of the project, he should turn to professionals. We will help withdraw money from broker account no advances or prepayments. Refunds are made via chargeback – this is an absolutely legal procedure.


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