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    Dealing24 broker review – reviews of the risks of working with the company

    Dealing24 is a brokerage company that causes mixed reviews among traders. On the one hand, it is positioned as a long-established and experienced player in the financial services market, on the other, many facts and comments point to its dubious reputation and possible fraudulent schemes.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    +372 55 620 515 

    Mutual Enterprises LLP Astangu 62-46, 13519 Tallinn, Estonia

    • Ru-interface
    • SCAM
    • Blocked accaunts
    • No license
    Trading Platform

    MetaTrader4 (MT4)

    Dealing24 Trading Platform

    Types of accounts



    USD, EUR


    Credit cards Visa/Mastercard/Maestro

    Electronic wallets


    International payment systems PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney


    Min Deposit



    From 1:500


    From 0.1 points (fixed and floating)

    Financial Instruments

    Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, commodities, precious metals, shares of large international financial corporations, energy

    Order execution

    Market Execution



    Exposing the Dealing24 legend

    Dilling24 claims to be registered in Estonia, but a detailed analysis shows that information on licensing and regulation of activities raises questions. Claims to have a license from an offshore regulator are not supported by evidence of reliability and are used to provide legitimacy in the eyes of potential clients. It is important to note that a license issued in an offshore zone does not guarantee the protection of traders’ interests and is not a sign of security.

    The brokerage firm promises its clients many advantages:

    • trading on the popular MetaTrader 4 platform;
    • competitive trading conditions;
    • no commissions on the FOREX market;
    • instant execution of transactions.

    However, real user reviews and analysis of the conditions of working with the broker show that many of these promises are not true. Withdrawal problems, fake quotes and fake trades indicate fraud Dealing24 personal account It’s too dangerous to open here.

    There are various data about the founding date of the project, ranging from 1997 to 2004. Despite claims of a long history in the market, a lack of clear information and conflicting data raise doubts about the veracity of these claims.

    Reviews dating back to 2009 and earlier indicate that the company was really trying to attract attention to itself, using its age as one of the arguments for reliability. However, many revelations and the lack of positive reviews in recent years indicate that long existence on the market is not a guarantee of quality and reliability of services.

    Trading conditions, account types and Dealing24 platforms

    Bonded terms of service are one of the main arguments against cooperation with a brokerDealing24 official website promises the best platforms, but hides information about liquidity providers. A logical result, since we are talking about a kitchen that manipulates quotes.

    Sharaga focuses on using the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is one of the most popular and functional trading terminals in the world. MT4 offers traders a wide range of tools for market analysis, automated trading with expert advisors, and the ability to use custom indicators.

    Dealing24 offers several types of accounts, adapted to different levels of experience and trading strategies of traders:

    • Standard: Designed for beginner traders with a minimum deposit of $100. This account offers basic trading conditions with access to all trading tools and basic educational resources;
    • CFD: a dedicated account for trading contracts for difference (CFDs) with a minimum deposit of also $100. This account offers 1:10 leverage and access to a wide range of low spread stocks and indices.

    In reality, ECN technology is not supported. Scammers trade against clients’ positions. In fact, the office operates like a kitchen.

    Trading Terms:

    • the scam claims competitive and stable spreads ranging from 2-4 points for major currency pairs on the FOREX market and 5-8 points for crosses;
    • a wide range of leverage is offered, depending on the type of account and trading instruments, the maximum leverage can reach 1:500;
    • minimum deposit: starts from $100, which makes access to trading more accessible to a wide range of investors;
    • instruments for trading: major currency pairs, stocks, indices, as well as the ability to trade CFDs;
    • Sharaga sometimes offers attractive bonuses and promotions for active traders, but the conditions for receiving and wagering them can be quite complicated.

    The broker provides access to educational materials and analytics, which can be useful for novice traders. Support is said to be available 24 hours a day during all trading sessions, providing general and technical assistance. However, users complain about the work of the support. Often you have to wait several weeks for a response from managers.

    It is important to note that, despite the stated benefits and conditions, there are many reviews and revelations indicating the potential risks of working with Dealing24. Withdrawal issues, fake quotes, and lack of proper financial regulation are serious factors to consider before trading with this broker.

    Key reasons for refusing to cooperate with Dealing24

    Considering a decision on possible refusal to cooperate with a broker Dealing24, it is worth highlighting several key aspects:

    • Lack of transparency in financial terms: One of the major causes of concern is the lack of transparency regarding the financial terms and policies of the company. This applies not only to potential hidden commissions and fees, but also to the terms of bonus programs that contain non-obvious wagering requirements;
    • difficulties with support: issues related to the quality and availability of support will also become a significant factor in refusing cooperation. Effective customer support is critical to quickly resolving issues and problems that arise, especially in situations that require immediate attention.

    These factors complement the overall picture of Dealing24, emphasizing the importance of thorough analysis and assessment of all aspects of a broker’s activities before entering into cooperation. Taken together with the previously mentioned risks, such problems can significantly increase the potential risks for traders and investors, making choosing other, more reliable and proven brokers the preferred option.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Based on analyzed information about the broker Dealing24 we can conclude that, despite the stated advantages and long presence on the market, the company raises a number of serious concerns in terms of the reliability and transparency of its activities. Issues related to withdrawals, lack of clear licensing and regulatory information, and negative feedback from users and experts indicate potential risks for traders.

    It is also questionable to provide information on trading conditions and account types, which may not be as attractive as advertised, especially given the hidden fees and restrictions on withdrawal transactions.

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    Reviews of the broker Dealing24

    Ex-clients of the company are sure that under no circumstances should you contact Dealing24 reviews They talk about systematic problems, including the lack of withdrawal of money. As for complimentary comments, they practically never occur.

    Yaroslav shares the story of his brother, who was faced with limited trading opportunities and an insufficient portfolio of assets, which forced him to look for a more flexible broker with a wide range of tools and strategies. Maxim, in turn, notes that Dealing24, seemed unable to adapt to changing market conditions and attract new customers, leading to its decline and closure.

    Igor talks about losing $1,500 to his brother, who was deceived by false promises of lucrative deals. Victoria emphasizes the company’s demands to deposit additional funds without a real opportunity to earn money and problems with withdrawing money, calling the brokerage firm a scam.

    Other commentators point to a long history of fraudulent activity Dealing24, suggesting that the company may have existed before its official founding date and continues to operate under other names. Boris Davydov and Eduard confirm this information, claiming that the project is part of a large network of fraudulent sites that have been actively deceiving people for many years.

    The overall picture emerging from these reviews indicates serious risks of cooperation with Dealing24. The lack of innovation in trading conditions, problems with withdrawals, and a history of long-term and systematic deception of clients make this broker an extremely unreliable trading partner.


    There is not a single argument in favor of cooperation with Dealing24 review the project only confirmed the fraudulent origin of this office. Scammers will steal the user’s money and then disappear from the radar. Losses of traders – financial bread was bred. If you have already made a deposit, write to us and our staff will help make a chargeback, returning savings to the last cent.


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    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria influencing the reputation and position of a broker in the ranking of reliable companies. You can view reviews about Dealing24 on the main broker profile page.

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