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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Money will come as a banzai - how to recognize itDigital Trade Magnet scam broker, reviews former clients

    The scam completely controls prices and uses this to scam new depots. The scam pretends to be a broker and supplier of algorithmic trading robots. Hunting for Russians’ wallets.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction






    Address: 10 Memorial Blvd

    Phone: +1 (401) 592-4544

    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, license
    • Non-market quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP




    Bank Transfer, Crypto, Visa, Mastercard, Cash App

    Min Deposit




    Min. order

    0,01 pips

    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, shares

    Mobile Trading

    Browser terminal



    Review Digital Trade Magnet

    Scam broker “Digital Trade Magnet” floods about trust, quality and growth. You need to take his word for it. The trickster is not going to prove anything. He shows dubious graphs and figures that are not supported by anything.

    Everyone can help you choose an honest broker broker review on the Rating Forex website. Find out whether there will be a conclusion or not, what former clients think. Weed out scams in a few minutes.

    Sharashkina toThe agent is whispering about registration in the United States. She even names the legal entity that is supposedly building behind her. We are talking about Digital Trade Magnet Inc. LLC. Attention: there is no such office in the US registry.

    The license is also a problem. Digital Trade Magnet is 100% illegal. Under no circumstances should you give money to someone like that. He’ll snatch them away.

    The pool of scam instruments can be assessed in the trading terminal. There are 138 financial assets. Among them are crypto pairs. This suggests that:

    • transactions will not be transferred to the interbank market;
    • instead of trade there will be imitation.

    WebTrader is simply not designed for more.

    Specifications can be studied in the trading terminal. They all look very suspicious. For example, the same crypto pairs have spreads of only 2 points. Every trader should understand: this definitely does not happen. This is too volatile an instrument.

    When it comes to ways to deposit and withdraw money, Digital Trade Magnet does not indulge in details. You can understand how much it will cost and take only manually. It shouldn’t be this way.

    Rating Forex warns: Sharashka’s office takes cryptocurrency. Such a dodger needs to be on his feet. Otherwise, all the money will end up in his pockets.

    Terms of cooperation Digital Trade Magnet

    Digital Trade Magnet encourages me to do investments in 138 financial assets (they can be seen in the terminal). In the pool:

    • 1 pair of currencies.
    • 14 crypto pairs.
    • 16 raw materials assets.
    • 10 indexes.

    These are all contracts for differences. They are not connected to real markets. The fact is that the terminal that the scam offers is WebTrader. This rubbish is only suitable for simulating trading.

    Scam puts a lot of emphasis on steaming bots. According to his legend, they make it possible to automate trading on sites whose names he does not give.

    There are 5 trading accounts to choose from:

    • Bronze — $ 500.
    • Silver — $ 5000.
    • Gold — $ 25000.
    • Platinum — $ 100000.
    • VIP — $ 1000000.

    Of the really important differences between the accounts of the Digital Trade Magnet scammer – only the size of the leverage. Leverage:

    • 1:5 (Bronze, Silver).
    • 1:10 (Gold).
    • 1:33 (Platinum).
    • 1:50 (VIP).

    This is strange for several reasons. Firstly, the larger the deposit, the narrower the leverage should be. Secondly, who can be attracted to trading currency pairs with a leverage of 1:5, if you can get 1:30 from any broker in the EU, and 1:50 in the Russian Federation? And without restrictions on the depot.

    The remaining specifications are also visible in the terminal. Spreads are very narrow – 1-2 points. It is not normal.

    Rating Forex warns: there is still a commission. It costs $5. Only on the Digital Trade Magnet website there is not a word about it.

    Swaps are mostly negative. But not always. It can be seen that sharashka provides a terminal with basic settings. There she also sells algorithmic trading from UTIP, a well-known developer of dubious software that is actively used by Forex scammers.

    Attention: UTIP can create fake turnkey brokers. Including offshore registration and license. For one connection with this company you can put a bold cross on Digital Trade Magnet.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal ofт Digital Trade Magnet

    “Digital Trade Magnet”states: operated by Digital Trade Magnet Inc. LLC. Registration location: 10 Memorial Blvd, Providence, RI 02903, USA.

    Rating Forex scoured the SEC register. It turned out that our hero has neither a license nor registration. This is a typical anonymous trash heap. All attempts to wash it will end in nothing.

    Ways to top up scam gives without details. Just shows logos:

    • Coinbase.
    • GEMINI.
    • Kucoin.
    • Kraken.
    • Bitstamp.
    • Mastercard.
    • Cash App.
    • Wire Transfer.
    • Binance.
    • Visa.

    There are no transaction deadlines, supported currencies, or fees.

    Not an ounce of useful information at all. The main thing is that there are no bank account details for storing client funds. This usually means there is no account. All capital ends up in the fraudster’s pocket with each replenishment.

    Fake broker “Digital Trade Magnet” made it clear: supports crypto deposits. This is a characteristic sign of a scam. Honest intermediaries are not yet ready to get involved with a financial asset that violates AML and KYC.

    Like a divorceandt for money Digital Trade Magnet

    The algorithm for pumping out Digital Trade Magnet beans is very simple. His tasks:

    1. Find the victim.
    2. Promote top up your account.

    Some poor souls are left to trade on their own. Others are sold on bots that are incapable of doing anything.

    Everyone who opened a “Personal Account” at Digital Trade Magnet is left with a bare bottom. Rating Forex warns: in response to complaints, the scammer throws up his hands and mutters that he needs to top up the deposit again. This continues in a circle until the patient becomes sterile.

    When the victim tries to withdraw the remaining capital, it turns out that Digital Trade Magnet will not give a dime. For some time, the bit is led by the nose with excuses. When he gets bored, he blocks.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official website of Digital Trade Magnet pretends to be a cool broker who distributes trading robots to everyone. At the same time, his website is one-page. And it’s super poor: with a template design.

    Even if you dig very shallowly, it turns out that this is a scam. He’s lying about registration. In addition, it does not withdraw money.

    It is important to understand: everyone who opens “Personal account” at Digital Trade Magnet, will give his hard-earned money to Sharashka’s office, which is located in an unknown location and is not controlled by anyone. Such a dodger will not work honestly. His job is to line his pockets.

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    Reviews about Digital Trade Magnet

    Real stories of scam victims “Digital Trade Magnet” – requests for help returning beans and complaints about rotten junk. For example, on they warn: Sharashka’s office sells bots. They drain the deposit.

    It is impossible to draw a conclusion. First, there are excuses from the fraudulent broker. Then he starts to ignore.

    One reviewer tried Digital Trade Magnet. It turned out that this one was still holding the bit. He has a shisha instead of a license. He cannot work in the USA, although he says otherwise.

    On there are complaints about money scammers. The scam broker lured me in by promising training and support from a personal analyst. In fact, it is not connected to real markets. He doesn’t have a single normal financial instrument. It’s simply impossible to make money.

    Don’t know how to put pressure on the Digital Trade Magnet scam to finally withdraw your money? Try Rating Forex lawyers. They rob online scammers of tens of thousands of dollars every day. Help is free, the result is always 100%.


    Digital Trade Magnet is a thief without documents. It cannot offer normal trading conditions. His terminal is bullshit, unrelated to the markets.

    There is not a single piece of evidence that the sharashka gave away money. But it is known: she is lying about registration. She can’t be trusted. Otherwise there will be a drain.


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