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    Review of the dubious Efixxen project and reviews of deceived traders

    Forex brokerEfixxen teaches beginners the specifics of working in financial markets. After mastering the theory, they can test the trading platform on the Beginner account and start trading. For experienced players, serious investment programs are offered with privileges that allow them to increase profitability rates and make working in the project comfortable.

    The company provides access to articles and tutorials covering various aspects of trading, market analysis and risk management. The educational resources contain a lot of useful information not only for beginners, but also for experienced participants.

    The broker regularly conducts webinars with the participation of expert speakers. They share their knowledge and vision of the current market situation. E-books, video tutorials and interactive courses will help investors make informed financial decisions and achieve their trading goals.

    Onofficial websiteEfixxen Legal documents for internal use are posted. Terms of cooperation, confidentiality and risk warnings govern the administration’s relationship with clients. Her priority is to ensure the security of funds and preserve personal information about the client. To achieve this, scammers have implemented advanced encryption technology and adhere to strict anti-money laundering policies.

    Date grounds


    Company Features

    The main goal of creating the project is to line your pockets at the expense of naive traders through deception.

    Official website of the company


    Contact details

    Tel.: 18007500975, mail: [email protected]; Address: The Sotheby Building, Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia

    • Protection of funds and personal information of traders from third parties
    • 24/7 technical support
    • One-click trading
    • There is no license or official documents to conduct business
    • Custom online reviews
    • Poor support service

    Beginner, Standard, Intermediate, Advanced, Integral, VIP

    Account currency



    Debit/Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa)

    Minimum deposit amount



    Up to 1:400

    Min order



    From 0.0 points

    Financial instruments

    Currencies, indices, commodities, stocks, digital currencies

    Trading conditions and platform tools

    BrokerEfixxen specializes in providing financial services to individuals. It creates all the conditions for trading. Trading is offered on the author’s platform. The functionality of the terminal allows you to accept orders for opening and closing transactions and for executing order settings.

    Traders can choose which asset is best for them to work with. By covering several areas – currencies, indices, stocks, metals, commodities and cryptocurrency, investors can diversify their investment portfolio and minimize their own risks.

    The founders of the project focus on a convenient trading platform, the software of which is adapted for all devices and operating systems. It even works correctly with Linux and MacOS.

    Registered users who have decided on a tariff package can start trading. They have to choose from the following options:

    • Beginner with swaps, without swaps and Islamic – for novice traders who are ready to invest from $2,500, which opens access to the Forex market;
    • Standard with entry into the project starting from $5,000 and access to daily analytics;
    • Intermediate with strategy templates for experienced traders who need advanced tools to analyze the market – these benefits can be counted on after funding your account with $25,000.
    • Advanced for professionals – after an investment of $50,000, users get access to all assets, analytical reviews and can apply all types of trading strategies without restrictions, including aggressive ones;
    • Integral is for clients who want to receive a full range of services and are ready to form a deposit of $100,000 or more.
    • VIP with $250,000 entry with individual support from the manager and participation in themed offline events.

    You can consult on cooperation issues by calling: 18007500975. An alternative email feedback option is [email protected]

    How scammers scam traders – exposure

    Efixxen lures customers with promises of high and quick profits. It offers “hot” investment opportunities and unique strategies that claim to generate huge returns. The company administration strives to maintain anonymity. Information about the project team is also not disclosed. Cli trading statisticsentV personal account Efixxen – this is good work by programmers. In reality, after replenishment, all investor funds immediately end up in the pockets of scammers.

    Company managers use aggressive tactics to convince clients to increase their contribution amount. On their initiative, accounts and profiles are blocked until the requirements are met. This may include identity verification and payment of fees – commissions, taxes, insurance and other fees.

    Efixxen – investor reviews

    Broker Efixxen is a newcomer to the financial market and is still little known to its target audience. She is usually generous in flooding the world wide web with comments when something doesn’t go according to their plan, but this time there was no word from her. Administration about the projectEfixxen reviewsorderswith a positive atmosphere and thus maintains its reputation. She contacts the administrators of Internet sites where negative information about the organization is posted and negotiates with them to remove the information. For this reason, only positive comments about cooperation prevail online, but they cannot be trusted.

    There will definitely come a time for the company’s clients when they will not be able to withdraw money from it. In such a situation, you should immediately contact the chargeback service. After submitting an application to a company that specializes in such services, you need to expect a call from a representative of the organization. He will find out the circumstances and form a team that will challenge the payment and initiate the procedure for writing off money from fraudulent accounts in favor of their victim.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Success in the financial services industry directly depends on the integrity of the partner. Therefore, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing a broker so as not to worry about your savings. The analysis of offers should begin by reading reviews from customers who have already used them. Negative comments online are a sign of a problem with the company. In order not to get hooked by the founders of the project, you need to study all its aspects – from business registration and licenses to the specifics of current activities.

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    Final Analysis

    Efixxen Review lifted the curtain and showed the broker’s game not according to the rules he claims. He cannot fulfill the obligations of a financial company, since he is not one. The team of scammers includes members who understand nothing about trading. They are good programmers, psychologists and marketers, but not who they say they are. The project is designed for beginners in the field of trading who do not yet understand how to choose an investment partner for cooperation. Young people who have barely reached adulthood and people of pre-retirement and retirement age are the main contingent of lovers of easy money. The lack of a license, regulation and desire to operate within the legal framework are grounds for refusal to cooperate. Attempts to make money in this project are guaranteed to fail and waste time.


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    How do reviews of cooperation from Efixxen clients affect the company’s rating?

    Comments from a broker’s clients influence its position in the rating. They are one of the main criteria for service quality. You can see all the reviews about Efixxen on the company’s official website.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Efixxen on the Broker Rating website?

    You can leave a review about the Efixxen project after registering on the Broker Rating website. To do this, you need to fill out the form with your login, email and confirm your email address by clicking on the link from the letter in the message.


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