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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    General information and what is the essence of the scam – review broker Esso Millanni

    Review of the Esso Millanni website showed that the company does not have a regulator and registration. Documents issued in an offshore zone are most likely fake. They look nice on the website, but have no confirmation.

    The “About” page describes the company’s history and intentions very nicely. The project developers position themselves as an advanced binary options broker, developing in 24 countries around the world. They promise high profitability from trading on various instruments.

    This office opened in 2018. After checking, it turned out that the office had neither registration nor licenses. The declared official registration in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is simply a fake. At the “official address” of the company there is a well-known pawnshop that has been operating for more than half a century. The first mentions of the site’s work appeared in 2020, so the organization has not been operating for as long as it is reported.

    It is not possible to contact the founders of the project directly “for security reasons”. Therefore, only the email address is indicated on the [email protected]. The phone number could not be found, and this is the main sign of a fraudulent resource. For normal operation, quick communication with the operator or technical support is necessary. If this is not the case, then how to solve the issues that have arisen right now?

    Buttons with social network icons lead to the main page of the site, and this is additional evidence that scammers are trying to create a positive reputation for their resource. However, their shortcomings appear very quickly and cause confusion among users.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    There is a lot of false information on the site that is posted in order to strengthen user confidence. For example, about the presence of awards, about official registration, about legal address, etc. The simplest check reveals this lie.


    • They promised a return of up to 85%
    • Withdrawal and replenishment of balance without commission
    • Career
    • No registration or licenses
    • This is a scam!
    • No withdrawals
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Starter, Classic, PRO, VIP, Standart, Mini, ECN




    No commission, PayPal, payment cards, bank transfer

    Min Deposit


    Financial Instruments

    Currency pairs, commodities, metals, stocks, future

    Order execution


    Trading Features

    Trading on your own proprietary platform without access to the interbank market. No good analytics. Trades often go negative.



    How Esso Millanni scams clients

    The company’s employees have a special gift of persuasion, so they know how to process users in order to make them their clients. It is important for them to force a person to make a deposit of a large amount. Sometimes they do not hesitate to make small deposits of $10 or more in the hope that human greed will kick in and the client will find money for promotion on the site.

    Then the fun begins. The site does not have the usual MT-4 or MT-5 platform for traders. Instead, scammers create imitation trading on a proprietary platform that does not have access to the interbank market. This trick works because no one controls the company.

    It is possible that this platform is controlled by the company’s management, so investors’ income often goes into the red. A personal manager must help clients and give good advice for successful trading. But the employees Esso Millanni company they don’t think so. Their advice ends up costing you money.

    In response to the indignation of users, they have one answer: “It happens.” They do not take any responsibility and, accordingly, do not return lost money. Esso Millanni personal accounts are quickly blocked so that clients do not have the opportunity to contact the manager in the event of a negative outcome of the auction.

    Another method of divorce is intended for those who have no money at all. Fraudsters offer such users to become partners of the company and advertise its services for a percentage of the deposits of attracted clients. People try their best, but they still cannot withdraw their earnings.

    Scammers are not ashamed of their imaginary merits, so they posted information on the website that they take part in international conferences and bring awards from there as the best in their niche.

    Terms of cooperation with Esso Millanni

    It all starts with registration on the Esso Millanni website. The second step is to top up your account in any convenient way: Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, etc. The minimum entry is $10, and the maximum is $1500.

    On Esso Millanni official website We suggest that you first read the “Site Rules” and “Privacy Policy”. Each newcomer is assigned a personal manager who should help him get comfortable and start trading.

    The whole problem is that the company does not use platforms familiar to traders, but has created its own program for trading binary options. It goes without saying that clients do not know that this scam has nothing to do with interbank transactions. It was created only to create the appearance of trading and making a profit.

    To attract new clients and investment in Esso Millanni A five-level affiliate program has been created. A career growth hierarchy has been developed. All this is very much reminiscent of a financial pyramid, where only those at the top earn money. The rest can only pick up crumbs from their table.


    The owners of the company blatantly lie that they are registered in an offshore zone. After checking the company listings in the local registry, the project could not be found. Therefore it is not clear how to make money with Esso Millanni and not be left penniless.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Companies like Esso Millanni are created specifically to cheat suckers out of big money. They promise a lot, but they themselves don’t even have real registration. The project owners involve as many users as possible in order to collect the maximum amount, and then simply stop payments and close down. For an attentive person, the site contains all the signs of a SCAM project. Customers report the same in their reviews on the Internet.

    Want to spread the word about your company or have you been in a negative review? Contact the portal editorial office right now


    It was interesting to see what Esso Millanni reviews left by their clients on the Internet. Among the mass of opinions left on the site, several responses that were interesting to everyone were selected. For example, Luke wrote that the site publishes quotes at inflated prices. This results in the loss of money from his account.

    Calls to technical support do not yield anything, since the scammers have turned on complete ignore and do not respond to requests.

    The company’s client Anton wrote that you can get income here, but if you can’t withdraw it, then what’s the point of investing money there? He does not advise getting involved with this sharaga.

    Nikita wrote that money began to disappear from his account at the company. The scammers brazenly stole 70% of his income. Technical support does not answer, and there is no one to ask why this happened. There is only one conclusion – no one is going to return his funds. Apparently, scammers need them more.

    80% of all reviews about the Esso Millanni website – negative. The rest were quite possibly purchased or published by employees of this office to enhance its reputation. The company has now collapsed and stopped making payments. If you lost money, but want to return them, then contact specialists who know how to do this.


    The company collapsed and all payments stopped. Even though the site is still working, you will not be able to register on it. The problem is that people do not pay attention to reviews and do not check whether the project is officially registered. All this leads to loss of funds and great disappointment.


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    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. See all reviews about Esso Millanni you can visit the company’s official website.

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