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    Is it possible to get money back from Expobank - customer reviews, how a scammer deceives

    Expobank — Russian bank. It was founded in 1994. To lure people to her, the catcher boasts of a level of reliability that Forbes himself rated. Even in the Wikipedia article, in the first sentence they talk about this, and not about the registration date.
    Expobank Bank is registered in the Russian Federation. It operates under three licenses obtained in 2000. Please note: legal status does not protect against divorce. The stuntman takes every chance to line his pockets at the expense of his patients.
    There is no pool of instruments on the Expobank website. There are only markets where Sharashka’s office promises access.
    Trading conditions are represented by commissions. There are many of them and they are big. In addition to the usual fees, Expobank has hidden ones. For example, if a trader is the sole owner of certain securities in a depository, he is charged the full fee for holding them. For example, ₽ 33 rubles instead of 3 kopecks.
    The official Expobank website is silent about ways to replenish your account and withdraw money. Judging by the reviews, the first step of a trader is to open a regular account. Then you need to transfer the beans to the brokerage. It may happen that the money ends up in an over-the-counter account for trading, from where it cannot be withdrawn independently – only manually with the help of managers.

    Year of foundation


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    RF (Central Bank)

    Company Features

    The broker is aimed at large investors and traders; it is impossible to make money with small capital



    Country: Russian Federation
    City: Moskwa
    Address: Kosmodamianskaya embankment, 52, building 7
    Phone: 8 800 500-07-70

    • Licenses of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
    • Russian version of the site
    • Inflated commissions
    • Imposing unnecessary, expensive services
    • Low quality trading app

    “Standard”, Advisor, “Investment advice”

    Account currency



    Bank transfer

    Minimum deposit 0
    Min. order

    1 security


    Securities, currencies, metals, over-the-counter market

    Liquidity Provider

    MICEX, St. Petersburg

    Expobank reviews. What do former clients say?

    When this review was being prepared, there were few reviews about Expobank. For example, on almost all comments are devoted to other services for individuals: deposits, cards, loans. There are a lot of complaints there. Sharashkin’s office does not allow you to withdraw beans from deposits, delays the process, puts a spoke in the wheels in order to impose unnecessary paid services.

    Expobank отзывы

    The sharashka is also not shy about churning out rotten orders. For example, dozens of the most recent reviews published within 10 days at the time of writing this review are devoted to only one topic: car loans. There they are painted in such a way that it is hard to believe.

    Отзывы Expobank

    Real reviews of people about car loans help to expose custom reviews about Expobank. There they warn: our hero is imposing the “lawyer on the road” option. It is impossible to refuse it. However, the loan agreement does not provide for it.

    A review surfaced from one of the traders who was unlucky enough to use the services of Expobank as a broker. The poor guy complains:

    • The process of opening an account for trading took a whole day. Moreover, despite the fact that the person is a client of Expobank. Lovchila didn’t like the fact that he put a watermark “for broker” on the scanned copy of the passport.
    • The paid depository wrote off the commission. It is 1000 times more than it should have been under the contract – ₽ 33 instead of 3 kopecks.
    • After the sale of shares from the depository, RUB 260 was debited from the account in the form of commissions.
    • For some reason, the capital received from the sale ended up in an “over-the-counter” account. He cannot be taken out of there. It is also impossible to use.

    As a result, for assets worth ₽ 1,400, the author of the review paid commissions of ₽ 300. He ended up in the red by ₽ 212.

    Отзывы на Expobank, развод

    At the same time, the person actively tried to build a dialogue with Expobank technical support. They ignored him: they got off with excuses and excuses.

    It was only when the poor fellow wrote a negative review that representatives of the bit contacted him. They explained: the commission was high because no one had the same security in the depository. As the sole owner, the patient paid the full commission. They just don’t warn about this anywhere.

    Money was transferred from the “over-the-counter” account manually. Moreover, they could not really explain how they ended up there.

    If the “Personal Account” at Expobank (“Expobank”) turned out to be a robbery, complain to Rating Forex. Our lawyers will return everything. Getfree consultations and assistancethat really works.

    Terms of cooperation. TOearn money with Expobank?

    Expobank offersinvestments:

    • in securities, including IPOs;
    • currencies;
    • precious metals;
    • over-the-counter transactions.

    Lovchila suggests viewing the full list of financial assets on the MICEX and St. Petersburg.

    Of the specifications, the swindler gives only commissions. And not all of them. Those that exist cannot exactly be called profitable.

    Transactions with securities will cost:

    • at 0.05% with a turnover of less than ₽ 50 million;
    • 0.025% for turnover from ₽ 50 million to ₽ 100 million;
    • 0.015% with a turnover of ₽ 100 million.

    When calculating commissions, daily turnover is taken into account. That is, there is absolutely nothing to do there with small capital. In addition, the scam broker warns: there will be exchange fees. They are not included in his commission. They need to be viewed separately on the exchange website.

    Participation in the IPO will cost 0.1% of the transaction amount. This is quite a fat commission. Even worse are the fees of a paid depository. If you buy not very popular securities, you will have to pay the full cost of storage.

    The currency section is not encouraging. Expobank will have to pay into the pocket of the scammer:

    • 2% for dollar transactions;
    • 0.3% for transactions with yuan and tenge;
    • 0.5% for trading Turkish Lira and other currencies.

    You can’t buy dollars at a profit. You will also have to unfasten the beans for storing them on the account. For most small traders this is extremely unprofitable.

    The costs of trading precious metals also depend on the daily turnover:

    • 1% – for volumes up to ₽ 10 million;
    • 0.5% – for volumes up to ₽ 100 million;
    • 0.25% – for a volume of ₽ 100 million.

    OTC trading is also not a cheap pleasure. You will have to pay 0.3% from each transaction. Plus there are exchange fees depending on the conditions of the exchange. Therefore, the costs will be even higher than those described on the Expobank website.

    It could seem, all the commissions of the hero of our review are insignificant. Just think, tenths of a percent. Only the majority of exchange assets are quite conservative. Rating Forex reminds you: they are slowly growing in price. Therefore, even such insignificant, at first glance, fees can make the transaction a loss.

    Expobank is a broker that does not provide access to the derivatives market. Or hides information about the prospect of margining. It is very strange.

    Expobank has 2 additional tariffs:

    • “Investment Consulting Advisor”.
    • “Investment advice”. Without opening a brokerage account.

    In both cases, the client pays from 0.015% on the exchange market and from 0.3% on the over-the-counter market. Plus, each recommendation in the “Investment Advisor” costs at least RUB 10,000 or 1.5% of the IIR (most likely, this is an individual investment recommendation).

    В Advisor the trader must have a deposit of ₽ 3 million. He will withdraw 10% of his deposit and 1% per year of the portfolio price.

    Both options do not look attractive to traders and investors with small and medium capital. The value of Expobank’s recommendations is also questionable. Rating Forex has not found any evidence that our hero’s advice is actually profitable and is somehow different from those that can be found in the public domain.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    Expobankregistered in the Russian Federation in 1994. He claims: he can conduct dealer, brokerage and depository activities. But he has only 2 licenses:

    • broker,
    • depository.

    This is clearly not enough.

    Expobank certainly cannot operate as a dealer without a dealer license. This office also has tariffs that include trading advice. This requires another license – for consultation. Sharashka either did not receive this document or is hiding information about its availability.

    Rating Forex reminds you: the website of an honest broker provides a complete list of licenses. There is no point in hiding them somewhere. The fact that Expobank provides incomplete information is very suspicious. Even worse, it offers a number of services without authorization documents.

    How to top up your account and withdraw money from Expobank

    There is no information on the Expobank website about how exactly you can top up your brokerage account. Judging by the reviews, to do this you will have to open a regular bank account and then transfer money from there. The procedure may take a long time. There are no deadlines or commissions.

    With the conclusion the situation is much worse. It is not clear how they can be withdrawn, how long it takes, or what fees are charged. It is known from reviews that the company likes to delay the process. For example, when a client’s deposit period expires, he has to wait 8–10 days to withdraw the money. This is if the scammer does not reinvest the interest in another deposit, and without asking.

    How to scam money Expobank

    The Expobank scammer deprives its patients of information. One part of the data is hidden. The other can only be obtained with effort: after lengthy questioning or when the beans are already lost.

    Expobank does not warn traders aboutelevated commissions. Therefore, before purchasing each asset, you will have to consult with representatives of the scammer to figure out how much you will actually need to pay for storing a financial instrument in a depository, and then consider whether it is profitable or not.

    It is obvious that Expobank is targeting large capital owners. Small investors and traders make no money due to inflated fees. Few people can afford to hold assets in a local depository for several months. Especially if they are not high-income.

    That is, in order to earn money, you will have to take excessive risks or choose only those financial instruments that are in demand. This is very limiting.

    Expobank technical support is useless until the moment the client begins to wash their dirty laundry in public. Then Sharashka’s office turns around: it solves problems in order to preserve its reputation.

    Another important problem is the rotten order. The scam broker produces fake reviews. If so, the services they provide are second-rate. He has to resort to gray schemes to maintain a balance of positive and negative comments on the Internet.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Expobank official website aboutoffers everyone who opens a “Personal Account” favorable trading conditions. Anyone who doesn’t read the fine print and falls for the scammer’s rotten wiring ends up paying many times over for his services. Only a couple of months after purchasing financial assets do the poor people learn about the 10- and even 100-fold markup for depository storage for a number of instruments.

    Expobank creates such working conditions that it is simply impossible to make money if you don’t have millions of dollars in your pocket. All the profit will be eaten up by commissions.

    Open“Personal account” at ExpobankThis is possible only after detailed consultations with representatives of this sharashka office. Preferably on record. Only in this situation will they not begin to make false claims that they warned about something and never deceived us.

    Trading must also be based on consultations with Expobank employees, which are recorded. When purchasing each financial asset, you need to find out how much it will cost to store it.

    Reviews from former clients warn: Expobank likes to drag its feet with the withdrawal. He may also send the deposit to the wrong place and ignore the problems that you point out to him. In order for the dodger to start moving, you need to complain on the Internet.

    Want to spread the word about your company or have you been in a negative review? Contact the portal editorial office right now


    Expobank is not a broker for small traders. If a potential patient can afford a turnover of ₽ 100 million per day, he will receive more or less acceptable conditions of service. The rest will have to unfasten the loot very much.

    The technical side of working with Expobank is lame on both legs. The mobile application does not allow you to fully manage your brokerage account. Some issues will have to be resolved in person or by phone. An example is the transfer of funds from one account to another. That is, you can’t even dream about convenient trading.

    Sharashkin’s office does not provide a normal terminal. There is no access to the derivatives market. It looks like the company is targeting long-term investors. But for some reason the tariffs are calculated based on daily turnover. This is very controversial.


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    How do customer reviews influence Expobank on the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria influencing the reputation and position of a broker in the ranking of reliable companies. You can view reviews about Expobank on the main broker profile page.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Expobank Online Forex rating?

    You must register on the official Forex Rating website. This procedure is free and will take very little of your time. To confirm your registration, you will receive an email with a link where you will find detailed instructions on how toleave a review about the company Expobank.


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