cTrader Overview – Feedback on the Platform, Earning Terms, and Fund Withdrawals

cTrader is a platform designed for traders who enjoy developing their own strategies. It perfectly aligns with the contemporary requirements of both brokerage firms and investors. Its inception aimed to deliver brokerage services in spot trading and CFDs, following the STP/ECN model. FxPro was the pioneering broker to introduce this terminal in December 2011, and it wasn’t long before other brokers embraced this innovation.

It perfectly aligns with the contemporary requirements of both brokerage firms and investors. Its inception aimed to deliver brokerage services in spot trading and CFDs, following the STP/ECN model. FxPro was the pioneering broker to introduce this terminal in December 2011, and it wasn’t long before other brokers embraced this innovation.

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Numerous reputable brokers, including RoboForex, Alpari, FxPro, ICMarket, FiboGroup, Axiory, and more, have adopted this platform, providing clients with the flexibility to choose trading conditions that suit their preferences.

cTrader Platform has opened Straight Through Processing (STP) access, allowing traders to interact directly with liquidity providers, regardless of their chosen broker, enhancing their independence and choice. This has significantly boosted the platform’s appeal, offering freedom in financial trading. Orders are processed using the No Dealing Desk (NDD) system, ensuring transparent pricing.

The platform provides price level information in a “price book” format, aiding decisions on currency purchases or sales. With a rich variety of charts, timeframes, and technical indicators, it enhances the analysis experience.


Traders can swiftly initiate and close trades using various modes on the platform, and it offers the flexibility to create custom indicators and advisors.

Customer Reviews  

Reviews about cTrader can be found on various forums, and they vary in tone. Some users appreciate the platform’s simplicity, while others perceive it as a drawback.

Отзывы cTrader

Lyudmila asserts that the cTrader terminal serves as a worthy alternative to MT4. She particularly values the ability to compile all statistics within the MaxProfit trader’s journal, which doubles as both a tool for strategy testing and a trade log.

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Anton, having had experience with different trading terminals, comments that he wouldn’t necessarily label cTrader as the most user-friendly, but it certainly delivers an instantaneous response. He harbors no regrets regarding his use of this software.

СКАМ cTrader, развод

On an English-language forum, an investor expresses the opinion that, in his perspective, this platform is the best he’s ever utilized.

Analyzing these comments reveals that customers have a favorable opinion of the terminal’s capabilities. In contrast to competitors, cTrader is user-friendly while offering a wealth of indicators, signals, and tools for tailoring unique trading strategies. Numerous licensed brokers provide access to this platform alongside the popular MetaTrader and their own offerings.

Cooperation Terms 

The cTrader terminal offers a user-friendly interface with access to a wide range of assets, including 80 currency pairs and metals. It provides extensive platform customization options and advanced risk management tools, allowing traders to analyze their orders based on pip and margin data.

Incorporating features like ChartShots and ChartCasts, the platform promotes knowledge sharing among traders. It also provides access to a vast selection of over fifty technical analysis signals that can be combined and customized as needed. Traders can create their own scripts to optimize their trading strategies.

Within the cTrader Forex platform, traders are presented with several options for a more streamlined and user-friendly trading experience. The ability to pre-configure Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters before selecting a trading instrument is facilitated by opening a trading window. Though this approach might be considered a tad slower, it substantially mitigates risks.

Conclusion on Collaboration

cTrader’s development distinguishes itself by simplifying the trading process, a departure from other platforms often laden with complex analytical tools and numerous indicators. Unlike many platforms that may require specialized training to get started, cTrader can be mastered in just a few minutes. It offers a more user-friendly experience compared to popular platforms like MT4 and MT5, and it enjoys the endorsement of licensed brokers.

Expert Opinion

Brokerage firms aim to introduce terminals on their trading platform that align with the requirements presented by clients to these platforms. Many traders seek software that facilitates the development of their custom strategies and enables them to perform thorough technical analysis. cTrader encompasses all of these features. cTrader, crafted by Spotware in 2010, is currently employed by a global community of millions of traders. This software can be obtained for both personal computers and smartphones operating on iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

The terminal’s standout feature lies in its charting capabilities. Investors have at their disposal a diverse array of tools for trading. Furthermore, the platform provides an extensive toolkit for visualizing market conditions and transactions, alongside an impressive repertoire of over 60 pre-installed indicators. Moreover, the development team has shown considerable dedication to security. Frequent updates are a standard practice, with each new release addressing any identified issues, should they arise.

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