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Scam trading platform Mirror Trader – reviews of the useless terminal

Trading platform Mirror Trader created by scammers. Scammers claim to develop an intuitive interface for automated trading, promise a wide arsenal of tools for analytical work, but in reality they cooperate with fraudulent brokers, draining money from gullible investors.

Features of the Mirror Trader trading platform

Founders of the project Mirror Trader created an innovative web platform to simplify the process of trading on the Forex market, at least that’s what the software developers say. Their terminal is unique in that it allows traders not only to open transactions on their own, but also to use the strategies of professional managers. The core concept is to provide access to the strategies of the most successful traders, allowing users to build their own portfolio from these systems.

One of the key features Trader Mirror is its flexibility in choosing a trading mode. The platform offers three different modes:

  • automatic – the user selects a strategy, after which the platform independently carries out trading;
  • semi-automatic – requires manual confirmation of each transaction, which gives traders more control over the process;
  • manual – allows users to fully control the trading process, carrying out transactions at their own discretion.

The terminal differs from traditional trading platforms in its unique approach to organizing the workflow. It not only provides tools for trading, but also provides the opportunity to study and copy the strategies of successful traders. This makes the program especially attractive to both experienced traders and beginners, who can study the market and the strategies of the professionals, accelerating their learning process and increasing their chances of success.

The effectiveness of social trading raises big questions. There is not a single real evidence that high-class managers are actually connected to the terminal. There is also no interface for selecting them.

An important feature is the integration of the software with MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which allows you to use the same login and password to access both platforms. This provides additional convenience and flexibility, allowing traders to easily switch between different trading styles and methods.

Integration with MT4 does not guarantee that the terminal will be as effective as all MetaQuotes products. This is rather a topic for speculation on the part of scammers in order to attract more newcomers to cooperation.

Expert opinion

Trading platform Mirror Trader created ordinary scammers to make money from gullible newcomers. In collaboration with fraudulent brokers, they create a trading simulation, and when it comes to cashout, they simply block accounts and stop responding to messages. No one has yet managed to withdraw money from this SCAM project.

Disadvantages of trading on the Mirror Trader platform

One of the main disadvantages Mirror Trader is the requirement for a high-quality Internet connection. Since the platform operates online, the stability and speed of the Internet directly affect trading efficiency. Interruptions in the connection will result in the loss of important trading signals or delays in trade execution, which is especially critical in the fast-paced world of forex trading.

Another disadvantage is related to the initial period of using the platform, which can be difficult for beginners. Despite the availability of various training materials and demo versions, novice traders will need time to fully become familiar with the functionality and capabilities of the terminal. Users actively complain about the complexity of the interface; the program is clearly experiencing usability problems.

The lack of direct account access through MetaTrader can also be seen as a disadvantage, especially for those traders who are accustomed to using this popular trading platform. Although Mirror Trader integrated with MetaTrader 4, access restrictions may create inconvenience for users wishing to manage their accounts directly through MT4.

Users will be faced with the need to control the Equity level of their account. This is due to the fact that if the trader whose strategy they are copying begins to lose money, the investor needs to intervene in time and stop trading to minimize losses. The lack of automated loss control may require users to more closely monitor and manage their investments.

Beginners should definitely avoid Mirror Trader personal account here is a failed decision that will end in losses. The scammers who created the terminal are actively working with fraudulent brokers, which only increases the risk of losing money.

Main risks for traders on the Mirror Trader platform

Traders should not trade on Mirror Trader investments into financial assets through this platform are associated with too wide a range of different risks:

  • the software developer has no official regulation, which is a significant risk. The lack of a license from a financial auditor means that the platform’s activities are not subject to any standards or legal requirements, which increases the likelihood of fraudulent activities;
  • According to user reviews, the terminal does not provide real Forex trading, but only creates the appearance of trading operations. This indicates that the activities of software developers are fictitious, and promises of profitable deals are nothing more than a mirage;
  • Users have reported difficulty withdrawing funds from the platform. This is a classic sign of a financial trap, where customer funds are stuck in the system with no possibility of recovery;
  • the company deceives users and steals money from accounts, demanding additional deposits. This is indicative of a brutal cycle of divorce in which investors are subjected to systematic psychological pressure;
  • scammers use the Mirror Trader name to register fictitious brokerage companies and attract the attention of potential victims. This creates additional risks for investors who are misled by false promises and manipulation of information;
  • Fraudsters actively promote their services, using aggressive marketing strategies and fake reviews to create the appearance of reliability and success of their project.

Sharashkina’s office created a web platform on its knees and is now trying to convince beginners of the advisability of using the terminal. Of course, you can’t follow their lead. Copying transactions will only result in financial losses.

Reviews of the Mirror Trader trading platform

Traders rate their trading experience negatively Mirror Trader reviews show that the platform developers are making every effort to steal investors’ money. Regular technical failures lead to requotes, causing clients to incur financial losses.

Maxim and Zhenek mention difficulties with withdrawing money from the platform. This is a common complaint among traders, indicating possible fraudulent activity on the part of the platform. Elena and Miron faced complete disregard from the support service. Not being able to get help or even feedback is a red flag that the platform is unreliable.

Roman and Alisa say that the platform has not fulfilled its promises of high income. Instead, they faced complete failure and loss of investment. Seryozha emphasizes that there is no real Forex trading on the terminal, which indicates the fictitious nature of the activities of the project and its partner brokers.

All users who left reviews report the loss of their investments without the possibility of return. This indicates a high risk of financial loss when using this platform.

There is no reason to bet on Mirror Trader review complaints only once again confirmed the validity of the software developers’ suspicions of fraud. The project was founded by scammers to leave people without money. They are not interested in other goals and objectives.


If you realize that the platform is being used by scammers after registering a trading account and making a deposit, then you should make a chargeback. Our experts will tell you in detail how to achieve a return on investment through forced cancellation of a transaction with full compensation for financial losses.

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