Review of the ProTrader trading platform – reviews of the real profitability of trading on a dubious terminal

ProTrader is a feature-rich multi-asset trading solution aimed at retail brokers, banks and premium brokers. This platform combines trading of Forex, shares, futures, bonds, options, CFDs and spread betting in a direct market access (DMA) model. However, there are more and more complaints about the project in question on the RuNet. Users write that the project is run by scammers.

What is known about the ProTrader broker

The company has been on the market since 2003. The current version of the platform is the third. It was the result of many years of work and implementation of various projects in the field of financial technologies by the PFSOFT organization. However, users are distrustful ofProTrader official website the project is full of loud promises, but hides information about:

  • legal registration;
  • financial regulation;
  • project founders and authorized capital;
  • contact information;
  • terms of use of the software.

The company operates illegally in all jurisdictions. Russia was no exception. The software is not certified by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation or other authorized agencies. The terminal is promoted by fraudulent brokers.

Despite all the dubious aspects of the organization’s activities, the scammers claim the following advantages:

  • multi-asset technology: the platform is suitable for various asset classes and markets;
  • advanced trading terminals: the office offers desktop, web and mobile versions of the platform with a wide range of tools for various strategies and trading styles;
  • Liquidity neutrality: the broker can use any market data provider, liquidity provider or exchange connection to facilitate trading;
  • complete control over the business: the software solution provides complete control over the technological side of his business.

Dubious advantages only raise additional questions for the creatorsProTrader investments there was an error in opening an account on this platform. The company prefers vague formulations, abstracting as much as possible from any specifics.

Expert opinion

ProTrader – a cheap deal on an international provider of software for trading on financial markets. The company announces cooperation with leading banks and private investors. In reality, the software was created by ordinary fraudulent brokers in order to imitate trading, making money on gullible beginners.

Trading conditions on ProTrader

Platform ProTrader consists of modules that allow you to create solutions tailored to various market participants, including retail brokers, premium brokers, exchanges, funds and proprietary trading firms.

Clients are provided with a variety of trading terminals: desktop, web and mobile, providing a wide range of tools for different types of instruments and trading styles. This provides flexibility and ease of use of the platform. Platform functionality includes MAM (multiple account management), fund management and Algostudio.

The platform is integrated with more than 50 providers, but also allows additional custom integrations.

Fraudsters once again ignored the importance of publishing key trading parameters:

  • minimum deposit;
  • leverage;
  • bonuses;
  • spreads;
  • software license cost;
  • available analytical tools.

Lack of a detailed description of the commercial offer is a sign of fraud in the organization’s workProTrader personal account It’s better not to open here, since the non-trading risks are too high. In fact, the platform is a pig in a poke. There is no point in paying for software whose developers have huge reputation problems.

ProTrader broker exposed

Sharaga raises suspicions due to its lack of transparency and lack of licenses. The company’s web resource is a cheap and primitive one-page website that does not provide detailed information about the broker without registration. Even after creating a personal account, users are not given much information.

The site was created only in April 2023. A check of the domain and contact information found on independent sites shows that the company is not officially registered in any jurisdiction. The scammers invented a legend about the creation of the project in 2003 in order to somehow gain the loyalty of the target audience.

The terms of trading with ProTrader remain unclear until the moment of registration and even after it. It is known that the leverage is from 1:100, but other important parameters, such as the minimum deposit, the amount of commissions, swaps and spreads, are not disclosed. This creates high risks for traders, as they cannot fully evaluate the terms they are signing up for.

Reviews aboutProTrader on the Internet mostly negative. Traders have reported losing significant amounts of money and being deceived by the company. For example, one client, Benjamin, lost $11,500 after being persuaded to invest in the company. Project employees offered win-win options for cooperation, promising high dividends and providing bonuses, but in the end they did not fulfill their promises and stopped communicating after receiving the money.

The client agreement states that the platform available on the site is not suitable for real trading, and the company is not responsible for any losses incurred while using the platform. This disclaimer is a red flag indicating potential fraud.

Taking into account all these factors, including lack of transparency, lack of licensing, hidden trading conditions, negative customer reviews and clear disclaimers of responsibility, there are strong reasons to consider the project to be an unreliable and potentially fraudulent broker.

Analysis of reviews about the ProTrader broker

Users rate the trading experience negatively onProTrader reviews only confirm the previously stated shortcomings of the software. There are no positive comments. No one has yet made money from trading using the software in question.

Komol Abduhamedov talks about how he was deceived by the company. He claims that the office presented itself as a popular and reliable broker, but in the end took $30,000 from him. He also mentions an analyst named Anastasia Rainskaya, indicating her involvement in fraudulent activities.

Julia expresses her indignation. Her words reflect a general dissatisfaction and distrust of the company, highlighting the lack of moral character among the organization’s employees.

Sabina describes in detail her experience with the project, including losing $2,000. She mentions that she initially invested a small amount, but was then persuaded to deposit more money under the pretext of participating in hot deals. She also talks about the offer to open an Escrow account, which led to further financial losses. Her experience points to manipulative tactics on the part of the sharaga and problems with the withdrawal of funds.

Bogdan shares his experience using a demo account, which was satisfactory, but when it came to real money, the situation changed dramatically. He claims that part of his funds was lost through a fake terminal, and he could not withdraw the remaining pennies.

Lenchik criticizes the project for the lack of registration and licensing, as well as for inaccurate information provided by the company. He believes that the scam is designed for inexperienced users and uses fake positive reviews to attract customers.

Vovan says that the scam lowers the entry threshold, creating the appearance of successful trading, but then blocks users who are trying to withdraw funds. He mentions that his friend lost a significant amount.

Analyzing the reviews provided, we can conclude that the company is often accused of fraudulent activities, including deceiving customers, manipulative tactics, problems with withdrawal of funds and the use of false quotes.


Practicing traders absolutely naturally doubt honesty ProTrader review confirmed that trading on the terminal is too dangerous. Software has no competitive advantage. Scammers just want to make money from gullible newcomers. To take money from this scammer, write to us, we will help you make a chargeback.

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