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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Review Money scams, withdrawal refusals - reviews of Gerchik Stocks, why the broker is dangerous

    Using price control, the scammer drains money. The scam is hiding behind the registration data of another scam.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Website, gerchikco.marke





    Phone: +37052596216, +442080892187, 0800211594

    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, license
    • Quotes are not related to real markets
    • Withdrawing money doesn't work
    Trading Platform

    TradeZero Pro

    Types of accounts

    Positional standard, Positional active, Professional




    Debit cards, Crypto, SharPay, ADVCash, PerfectMoney

    Min Deposit





    From 0 pips

    Financial Instruments

    US stock exchanges

    Order execution

    No information



    Gerchik Stocks Review. What kind of scam is this?

    The Gerchik Stocks scam promises access to the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX. Fills in parallel: the trade goes through ECN. That is, through networks specially created for trading bypassing exchanges. It is important to understand: the swindler contradicts himself.

    Sharashka is allegedly managed by Gerchik & CO Limited, an offshore office created by Gerchik to imitate a Forex broker. There is absolutely no evidence of a connection between the hero of our review and Gerchik Stocks. The site is much simpler, there is much less information, there are tales about 100% earnings in exchange for replenishing the depot.

    The garbage can will not decide on the range of tools. Promises access to shares on stock exchanges. At the same time, it floods: it gives leverage. If so, you will have to trade derivatives rather than underlying instruments.

    There is no complete list of financial assets. According to the sharashka, there are more than 8000 of them. Attention: scam. A garbage dump without any documents cannot have access to exchanges, ECN. That is, all the assets of Gerchik Stokes are natural garbage that is worth nothing.

    The scammer suggests trading in a trading terminal, which only has access to part of the American exchanges where he promises to withdraw. That is, the bit simply cannot work there. This means that the terminal is also a fraud.

    Trading conditions are incomplete. There is quite a wide range of leverage and transaction fees for stocks. Spreads from 0, but no evidence. Scam does not indicate swaps and most other specifications.

    Methods for depositing and withdrawing are described in detail. There are titles, commissions. Transaction terms are not specified. The worst thing is that the scammer takes cryptocurrency. This means that AML is nothing to sneeze at, just like KYC. Opening your “Personal Account” at such a noodle maker is like losing money.

    Terms of cooperation. How to make money with Gerchik Stocks?

    Gerchik Stocks offers investments in securities of American exchanges. At the same time, he promises to trade with leverage. That is, instead of shares, it gives futures for their purchase or sale.

    Scam promises access to 8,000 financial assets. There is no complete list anywhere. Therefore, the statement cannot be verified.

    Sharashka “Gerchik Stokes” offers 3 types of accounts:

    • “Positional standard” – $1000.
    • “Positional active” – $3000.
    • Professional — $ 1000.

    Accounts vary in fees, which are based on monthly trading volume. Also – maximum leverage. In the “Positional Standard” leverage for trading inside is 1:20. In the rest – 1:30. Shoulder overnight (with posture transfer through the night) – 1:2 (1:4 with separate agreements).

    In Positional Standard, if the monthly turnover is less than 300,000 shares, the trader pays a commission of $8 per 1,000 shares. With a monthly turnover of 300,001 – 1,000,000 shares – $7 per 1,000 shares. If the transaction volume exceeds 1 million shares per month, the commission amount is calculated individually.

    Fee in the “Position Active” account:

    • $3 per 1,000 shares with monthly volume less than 500,000 shares.
    • $2 per 1,000 for turnover of 500,001–1,000,000 shares.
    • By agreement – with a turnover of over 1 million shares per month.

    The Professional account has the same volume requirements. But the commissions are slightly higher:

    • $3.3. The volume is less than 500,000.
    • $2.7. Volume ranges from 500,000 to 1 million shares.

    Starting from a turnover of 1 million securities per month, the commission is calculated individually.

    Trading is offered in the TradeZero Pro platform. The basic tariff is $50. If the turnover exceeds 30,000 – $35. When it is more than 90,000, the terminal can be used for free.

    Rating Forex did not find information about spreads and swaps. Margin call and stop out are also in question. Therefore, it is impossible to understand how favorable the conditions are offered by Sharashka’s office. One thing is for sure – the commissions are high. The same Tinkoff takes 0.3% of the transaction volume.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    “GherchikStokes» supposedly managed by Gerchik & CO Limited, registered in Vanuatu. The check showed that it really exists.

    The only problem is that the original Gerchik & CO Limited specializes strictly in Forex trading. No stock trades.

    There is no evidence on any of Gerchik & CO Limited’s social networks that the company offers to invest in American stock exchanges. It is simply impossible to do this with registration in Vanuatu.

    Even if Gerchik Stocks was actually operated by an offshore company, this still would not make it a reliable broker. Offshore registration in the field of trading is always a sign of a scam.

    Rating Forex reminds: honest brokers are registered in the countries to whose markets they bring traders. That is, a US company would have to be behind Gerchik Stocks. But that’s not true.

    Gerchik & CO Limited is also owned by crooks. Through deception and manipulation, Gerchik promoted his personal brand and began selling first courses, and then unregulated dealer service.

    Gerchik is making himself a Wall Street legend. In fact, all the achievements of this character come down to working as a taxi driver in New York and the fact that he, as a trader, ended up in one of the low-budget films about the stock exchange. This is the foundation on which Gerchik built a fairy tale about a top trader whom everyone carried in their arms. However, not a single New York stock broker (trader) remembers him.


    The scam is hiding behind someone else’s registration data. Including someone else’s license issued offshore. It is important to understand: this piece of paper means nothing. Vanuatu’s financial regulator didn’t care about divorce, they scammed foreigners. The main thing is that the scammer unfastens taxes and does not touch the local residents.

    Gerchik’s original website and the hero of our review ended up in the same warning from the Russian financial regulator. It says: these are illegal companies that do not have the right to provide their services.

    The warning makes it clear: the companies listed there are scammers and illegal immigrants. At least on the territory of the Russian Federation. You can’t give them a cent. The worst thing is that the Russian regulator will not be able to hold the scammers accountable.

    How to fund your account and withdraw money from Gerchik Stocks

    Kidala accepts transfers using:

    • payment cards;
    • cryptocurrency wallets;
    • SharPay;
    • ADVCash;
    • PerfectMoney.

    Commissions can reach up to 2.5%.

    Rating Forex warns: a dash instead of a bank transfer is a very alarming sign. The presence of a crypt is yet another proof that this is an illegal sharashka for scamming money.

    Scam-project suggests making withdrawals in the same way as depositing. Judging by the reviews, a few managed to withdraw their capital. Moreover, the poor fellows received several times less than they put in the depot. In addition, the scammer unfastened the cabbage only to those who promised to refill again.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official site Gerchik Stocks (, is a poorly made copy of the forex kitchen web resource (the brainchild of the scammer Gerchik). This is enough to make it clear: you shouldn’t mess with incomplete. Honest brokers do not copy others.

    Sharashka whistled about everything – from registration to the conclusion of transactions on real exchanges. A completely illegal dump is hiding behind someone else’s registration. And in an offshore zone. That is, completely useless.

    Open “Personal account” Gerchik Stocks are not allowed. There will be an imitation of trading. Instead of real tools – candy wrappers. Instead of a deposit – numbers in the terminal. It is impossible to make money, no matter how hard a trader tries. In the end, there will be either a drain of the deposit or blocking of the account.

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    Reviews of Gerchik Stocks

    Gerchik Stocks has been making money for more than 3 years. However, there are very few reviews about it. But they are all bad.

    On, one of the victims of scammers warns: instead of earnings there will be a loss. Even the best trader will not be able to gain profit. Sharashka’s office has such algorithms that any transactions will only be closed in the negative. The best that can happen is trading to zero. In the worst case, the entire deposit will be covered.

    Another reviewer is perplexed as to why scammer-Gerchik (he confuses the hero of our review with the original Forex kitchen) is still believed so much if they know that he was a scammer. The man warns: the sharashka lures newcomers and takes all the cabbage out of them. He encourages you to think carefully about whether it’s worth opening a “Personal Account”. Lovchila promises too beautifully: she tells fairy tales that absolutely everyone can be in the black, and in fat.

    The following review says that Gerchik Stocks have no advantages. He’s a rotten pest. Jumps out of his pants to disrupt trade. A fraudster can super brazenly impose trading signals. Some are free, others are paid.

    Rating Forex comment: the reviewer received free advice on positions. He turned a profit and bought a standard account for trading. Instead of profit there was a fat lump. Gerchik Stocks scammed the poor fellow along with the entrance ticket. is also very unhappy with the Gerchik Stokes scam. The author of one of the reviews warns: this is a money trap. Behind the scammer are swindlers who made two cloned sites. They’re making money.

    There is a poor guy who fell for the Gerchik Stocks demo account. While he was trying to wash there, everything worked fine. There were never any glitches. The poses always closed well.

    The man relaxed. I thought that the real account would be the same. As soon as you handed the scammer real money, $150 was immediately lost. The next day the story repeated itself.

    The poor guy was scared. I decided to quickly withdraw. But nothing came of it. The account was blocked without explanation.

    In the reviews, people warn: “Gerchik Stokes” will put a spoke in the wheels. Dodger gives free signals that bring profit. Once you try to draw a conclusion, the bit begins to dissuade.

    Gerchik Stocks reports about the favorable situation on the market. These tales cannot be trusted. All signals will lead to a drain of capital. The trickster won’t let you take a single cent.

    At the time of writing this review, there were three out of three negative reviews on One person lost ₽ 19,000 with a sharashka in 10 days. He is 100% convinced: he was scammed.

    Many people say that Gerchik Stocks is the work of scammers who want to profit from a popular brand. They don’t understand why Gerchik himself doesn’t sue the crooks. There is an opinion: he can receive a percentage from the stuntmen.

    “Gerchik Stokes” is often called a scammer. One person says: in 2017, he traded through Gerchik. He was strongly convinced: Gerchik Stocks is also his project. Quotes were jumping like crazy. My feet were falling off all the time. In this situation, it is simply unrealistic to gain profit.

    Tell Rating Forex everything about the Gerchik Stocks scam. We are free we will refund all your money. Get powerful support from practicing lawyers.

    Like a divorceandt for money scam Gerchik Stocks

    “Gerchik Stokes” is a simple swindler. He finds victims on his own. He tells tales about his connection with the pseudo-guru Gerchik, imposes trade and robs.

    People bite and hand over money. Instead of soot, the scammer hands over shish. The bit completely controls all quotes. He can do whatever he wants with the prices.

    In most cases, when you try to withdraw beans, your account is simply blocked. Sharashka does not deal with those from whom she has squeezed as much cabbage as possible.


    Gerchik Stocks is a fake stock broker that hides behind someone else’s registration data and parasitizes on the well-promoted brand of Forex scammers. The scammer hides the tools of trade. There is no list with detailed specifications on its official website.

    The scam has set strange commissions. Typically brokers charge a percentage of the asset price rather than a fixed amount.

    The shareware terminal is scammed and sells only for money. At the same time, the platform he has chosen does not work with the exchanges where he promises to withdraw.

    All this suggests that this is a 100% garbage dump. You need to keep a pioneering distance from her and all of Gerchik’s brainchildren.


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