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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Broker Henbbo Ventures review – conditions for earning and withdrawing money

    On Henbbo Ventures official website it is indicated that this is a holding. The company’s earnings are based on crypto staking and launchpad trading. Crypto staking holds the crypto on the PoS protocol. Clients receive profit by generating new tokens held coins. The essence of the second way to earn money is to invest money to cryptocurrency startups on sites with a high degree of security.

    Resources the company lays out a legend according to which it started in 2014. Its owner is Simon Russell, who graduated from Yale University and worked for many years at JP Morgan and Bank of America. However, checking the domain shows that it was only registered in 2022. This is a new project that has neither a good reputation nor work experience.

    Clients are told on the resource Henbbo Ventures how to earn money large sums with the help of their project. So that people are more willing is believed in this, they do not skimp on buying reviews that state that money is being withdrawn from the site. But if you look at these comments, most of them were left by the same person on different sites.

    We need to give these scammers their due. TheirSCAM-the project is still afloat, despite the negativity that began to appear on the Internet. They promise clients high profits and even pay users a small percentage on the first round. But this is being done so that investors bring more money to the site.

    The company claims to be registered in the UK. This is true. But according to the document, the company was registered in 2022 under the name of a certain George Grant. There is only one person on staff at the office. It remains unclear where the founder and leader of the sucker, Simon Russell, has gone. Most likely he is a fictional character.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    Henbbo Ventures writes that it is an investment project. The office offers investing in cryptocurrency, as well as startups. Clients are promised a profit of up to 6000%, but are not paid any money. Investors cannot withdraw invested capital from the site. Fraudsters block customer accounts.



    33 Golden Square, London, England, W1F 9JT

    [email protected]

    • Small barrier to entry
    • One-page site
    • No license
    • The company hides the real age
    Trading Platform

    Author’s terminal

    Types of accounts

    Classic, Deluxe, Premium, Long


    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether


    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether

    Min Deposit



    No information

    Financial Instruments


    Order execution


    Trading Features

    Henbbo Ventures bills itself as an innovative international crypto exchange. Cryptocurrency is traded on the site. The company has a referral program that makes it possible to receive additional income from invited participants.



    Terms of cooperation

    To start earning money, you need to create a Henbbo Ventures personal account. There are statistics on the hype page that should force new investors to join the project and become more invest money in it. It says that there are now 4,218 shareholders registered on the site, and money has been invested in 72 startups. The amount that was invested exceeds $621,355,000, and interest paid is $133,269.

    The numbers look unrealistic. And the mention of shareholders looks strange. To have them, the organization must be registered like AO, but it’s not. There is a second strange moment. The authorized capital of the office is £70,000. If this money is divided among all project participants, it turns out that each of them invested only £16.5, which looks strange.

    The office contradicts itself. Speaking about the amount of authorized capital of £70,000, she writes below that the amount of investment is $622 million. The company is in no hurry to indicate the names of the startups where the money was allegedly invested. Sharaga runs a page on VK and actively gains subscribers. Reviews about it in 90% have the same text and, according to-apparently written by one person.

    Investors on the site Henbo Ventures Four investment plans are offered – Classic, Deluxe, Premium, Long. The first three investment packages have profit payment options – “Daily”, “After”, “Included”. According to the classic tariff, 10.5% of the deposit amount will be paid daily. The second and third package – from 2.4% daily to 6000% at the end of the term. The amount of earnings depends on the deposit amount.

    According to the classic tariff, the minimum investment amount is $15, and the maximum is $2900. To subscribe to the Deluxe package, you need to invest from $1,200 to $55,000. For Premium, the amount will be from $1,800 to $280,000. And the Long investment package is from $50 to $50,000. The numbers were written by scammers from a lantern, which can be easily tracked using these packages.

    Crypto wallets are used to withdraw money and replenish your account. Investors cannot replenish their deposits through electronic wallets and bank cards. This indicates more hype than a legitimate platform. And again, there are lies in the payments section. It says that all applications are processed manually, and it takes up to 72 hours, although many companies have automated this process.

    Conclusions about cooperation

    At least the office Henbbo Ventures investments claims to be an investment company, this cannot be trusted. It has a multi-level referral program indicating that it is a pyramid scheme. She does not name the projects where the money is invested, which means that interest is charged to new participants. And this process can stop at any time.

    The company does not provide evidence that money is paid to customers. But it promises earnings up to 6000%. Even the most arrogant MFOs do not increase such a percentage. Plus replenishment in crypto. These are clear signs of a scam that you should look out for before giving them money.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    An investment company, if it operates legally, must have a regulator and a license issued by it. But this company does not have it. The organization conducts illegal activities. The office website looks unpresentable. There is no useful information, only fake statistics and unrealistic earnings figures. The one-page website supports 6 languages, including Russian.

    OfficeHenbbo Ventures collects clients on investment platforms, on social networks, through a referral program. They are trying to attract users who have little knowledge about investments to the project. Their goal is to make it clear that it is easy and effortless to make money on the platform so that people deposit large amounts. And then they just leave investors with financial, which will be able bring back the lawyers.

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    Reviews from clients

    ABOUT Henbbo Ventures reviews there are all kinds. But most of them describe fraud on the part of the site.

    Galina writes that she was scammed out of 20 thousand, although apparently the scammers’ plans were to deceive her by amount more. She does not advise investing a penny there, because it is impossible to withdraw your deposit, not to mention the profit. After stealing money, scammers stop communicating. But the worst thing is that she invited her friends to the project, who also lost money and stopped communicating with Galina.

    Vladislav writes that the company is just another hype. He says this because he himself believed the scammers and lost a large sum of money on their site.

    Artem, like other users, complains about the loss of finances. He says that the office employees know how to scam money. The user does not know where to go to get the deposit back.

    From reviewHenbbo Ventures one can conclude that the company lures clients and then begins to extract money from them. The scammers don’t give people back a penny.


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