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    Hoss Tronic broker – reviews of the project, conditions for earning and withdrawing money

    After registering for Hoss Tronic official website the client can familiarize himself with the trading conditions, the company legend, and the functionality of the site. The office, as a domain check shows, bought it in 2023, and before that it already belonged to several other companies. Buying a domain with history is a common practice among scammers to hide the real age of the site.

    The company has two websites– and And both of these sites are blocked by the Central Bank in Russia. They also managed to get blacklisted by most regulators, even offshore ones. This suggests that the office repeatedly violated the rules and worked without documents. On the websites of regulators, this office is only in emergency situations, but not in the lists of licensees.

    Scammers from Hoss Tronic how to earn money write on specialized thematic forums and on social networks. They skillfully advertise their product, knowledgeable using various marketing techniques. As for making a deposit, it is made in two ways – to cards of individuals and through electronic wallets. But more often it is the first method.

    Clients on the site are offered a wide selection of instruments – stocks, futures, metals, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities. There are three types of accounts on the site: Regular, Progressive, Expert. The minimum replenishment amount is $150, and the maximum is $10,000. Leverage from 1:100 to 1:500. The website says that there is deposit insurance, but it is only valid in the last two packages.

    Both professionals and beginners can trade on the platform. For beginning investors, trust management is offered and high profits are guaranteed without any risks. And this, as professional traders know, is unrealistic. Any trading is risky and there is no guaranteed return.



    Year of foundation

    2023 year

    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    Hoss Tronic introduces itself as an international broker using an innovative trading platform. Users are promised guaranteed profits and the opportunity to earn passively by placing money in trust. But in fact, the company deceives clients by blocking their accounts and forcing them to install a remote access program.

    Official website of the company


    Alekou Zinonos 2, Limassol 3035, Cyprus


    [email protected]

    • Small barrier to entry
    • Cheap resource made by a free website builder
    • There is no regulation of broker activities
    • The office indicates a false legal registration address
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Regular, Progressive, Expert

    Account currency




    Minimum deposit amount



    1:100 to 1:500

    Financial instruments

    Stocks, futures, metals, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities

    Order execution


    Trading Features

    Hoss Tronic offers a high-tech trading platform and a variety of trading tools. The company provides false statistics, operates without a license, and regularly scams clients out of money.

    Competitions and bonuses


    Terms of cooperation

    Hoss Tronic personal account you can see their author platform. The scammers say they provide access to a variety of tools and an innovative terminal. They write that there are 139,000 active traders from all over the world registered on their site. But this does not fit with the real facts. The office operates for six months, and the resource is visited by only a few people a day.

    The broker attracts new traders with favorable conditions, promising comfortable trading. But in every successful case, it requires you to replenish your account. You need to pay for insurance, withdrawal. The office scams people in two ways. On trust management, it drains deposits, and in the second case, it draws profits and asks to increase the deposit amount, and sometimes it simply blocks access to the resource.

    Another method of deception was noticed behind the garbage dump – the installation of a remote access program by the client. They allegedly want to help with setting up the terminal and persuade the person to install the program. Then the scammers gain access to the trader’s personal data, and sometimes to bank accounts. They sell the collected customer data to other fraudulent companies.

    Site Hoss Tronic does not have access to real financial markets and exchanges. Everything that happens onsite, is a common imitation of the trading process. This assumption is also supported by the lack of a real license for the project. Another sign of scam is the legal registration address indicated by the office. No such address exists.

    To contact technical support there is a phone number and email. You won’t be able to call the scammers because the number is fake. But you can write to an email, they will answer if the user is still paying them money. When payments stop, the trader is blocked from accessing the trading platform, explaining this as a violation found on his part.

    The platform published data according to which the daily turnover funds on the website is $4 billion. These are absolutely unrealistic numbers, and they are written in order to impress novice investors. Office managers use aggressive marketing techniques, putting pressure on users and telling them how much profit they will receive.

    Conclusions about cooperation

    Company Hoss Tronic investment – fake broker. The company lies about its real age, indicating that it started working in 2017. She writes a non-existent legal registration address, indicates regulators who actually did not issue her any licenses. It is not for nothing that such organizations are considered dangerous. They are created with only one purpose – to deceive users.

    It is impossible to find evidence online that the company is paying out money, but there are many comments about the fraud of its employees. Well, if you evaluate the site itself, it is a one-page resource that does not correspond to the status of an international broker. It is unlikely that you can cooperate with such a company.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    You can judge the broker’s activities from the comments left by traders working on the site. They allow you to form an objective opinion about the company and identify deception, if any. ABOUT Hoss Tronic reviews negative, and there are many reasons for this, which were identified during the inspection of the trading platform and its careful study.

    The site looks too simple and is a one-page site. It talks about four licenses at once, but does not provide copies of the documents. This scam is not listed on the websites of these regulators. These are the main signs that the site is operating illegally, and there may be cases of non-payment of money to clients and theft of money financial, which then must to return experienced lawyers. And judging by the reviews, the company does just that.

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    Reviews from clients

    If you look at the comments about Hoss Tronic, then the real picture will be revealed of how these scammers deal with clients.

    Vitaly traded on the site, and his deposit was lost in just 1 week. He says that he was not prepared for such a development of events, because he was promised a stable income. However, he ended up losing $2,000. Technical support responds as long as money is pouring in, and then bans the client. The man could not find a way out of this situation and accepted the financial loss.

    Sveta writes that there are many such scams on the Internet. This company does not pay or withdraw money. For withdrawal, they demand to deposit more money into the account and explain this as a requirement of the bank. She doesn’t understand why she has to pay to withdraw her own money.

    Another user says the company doesn’t pay anything. When he tried to withdraw money to the card, he was denied access to his personal account. At first, technical support blamed it on problems with the site, and then he was told that during the check, violations on his part were found. For this reason, they were forced to break the cooperation agreement. The user was not refunded a penny.

    Detailed Hoss Tronic review shows that this garbage dump is engaged in scams for money. They find many reasons to get the customer to pay again.


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