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How Scammers Exploit Elon Musk’s Neuralink

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    Scams Involving Elon Musk's Neuralink: A Comprehensive Breakdown of Con Artists' Tricks and How to Protect Your Capital

    Neuralink, a research and commercial brand from the USA, founded by Elon Musk in 2016, aims to develop and commercialize neurochips that could potentially cure paralysis, restore vision, and treat various human diseases. The brand has received approval for human testing and seems unlikely to be halted, indicating a potential rise in its capitalization.

    Investing in Neuralink is a complex task. One approach is to seek out funds that have already invested in it, study their portfolios, and then invest. Amidst Neuralink’s popularity, a plethora of scammers have emerged, masquerading as the company or its employees. From November 2022 to February 2023, scammers posing as Musk’s brand managed to pocket over $2 million in the U.S. The global losses are in the billions.

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    USA, SEC

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    Country: United States
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    • Neuralink — real company
    • Shares are available on the secondary market
    • High potential for capitalization growth
    • Scammers often use Neuralink's name for fraudulent activities
    • Fraudsters exploit interviews with Elon Musk to deceive people for money
    • Fake investment projects are created to siphon off capital

    Reviews about Neuralink: What are people saying about the scammers who claim to be part of Musk's brand?

    A victim on complains of being scammed by fraudsters posing as Neuralink, losing all his capital to a fake investment scheme. The person was deceived, believing in the legitimacy of Neuralink, a well-established company. While the reviewer’s preference for domestic investments has merit, Forex Rating advises careful selection of stable and reputable companies, typically blue-chip firms, considering the state of the local economy.

    Обзор Neuralink

    A user labeled Neuralink as a scam, accusing it of empty promises of passive income and draining his account. He believed withdrawals were made voluntarily, not realizing he was a victim of fraudsters impersonating Elon Musk’s Neuralink.

    Have you been defrauded in the name of Elon Musk’s Neuralink? The lawyers at Forex Rating will help you recover your losses for free. They offer unlimited online consultations until the scammer who left you penniless is brought to justice.

    Cooperation terms. How to invest in real Neuralink?

    Neuralink, a private company, doesn’t have its stocks listed on public exchanges. It raises funds through private securities sales, with investment rounds in 2021 and summer 2023, valuing it at $7 billion and shares at $55 each. Neuralink’s shares, held by its employees, are only sold in large batches, requiring substantial investment. The issue with private company stocks is their non-market valuation, often leading to overestimation.

    Forex Rating advises indirect investment through its investors, like DFJ Growth, Dreamers, and GV. For instance, Exor’s shares have shown steady growth over the past decade, offering a simpler way to profit from Neuralink.

    Отзывы Neuralink

    According to a Forex Rating comment, most of NeuroLink’s investors are venture capital firms. This is why their stocks aren’t listed on stock exchanges.

    How scammers are deceiving people under the guise of Elon Musk’s Neuralink

    Scammers have found numerous ways to exploit Neuralink’s project. For example, there are dozens of websites where you’re invited to fill out a registration form for the chance to buy Elon Musk’s brand stocks. To create a sense of urgency, these sites often feature a countdown timer, suggesting time is running out.


    Once someone completes the registration form, they end up on the scammer’s list and are quickly contacted, usually within a day. The fraudsters claim that to invest in Neuralink stocks, you must register on a broker’s website, which often turns out to be one of many Forex scams. This is typically where the Neuralink scam ends.

    Fake live

    Scammers are using an old interview of Elon Musk, re-dubbing it with deepfake technology. They then broadcast this alongside official presentations hosted by the billionaire. In these doctored videos, they talk about the opportunity to receive bitcoins from Neuralink and Musk’s other companies. The scammers claim that the more you invest, the higher the profit percentage will be.

    Fake workers

    Scammers posing as Neuralink are luring people to invest in the brand through another project. This involves an unknown company with no legitimate documentation, masquerading as an investment platform. The scam typically involves victims choosing a plan and investing money, with the promise of receiving profits within a day or a week, sometimes even hourly.


    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The only official Neuralink website is Any other site claiming to be associated with Musk’s brand is a scam, aiming to deceive people and steal personal data and money. You can’t create a ‘Personal Account’ on Neuralink, as it’s a private company whose stocks are only traded on the secondary market. Anyone claiming otherwise is a fraudster. Musk’s company isn’t planning an IPO soon; it already has sufficient funding.

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    Elon Musk’s Neuralink seems like an attractive investment opportunity, but directly investing in it is quite challenging. Musk is selective about spreading his shares, primarily targeting venture investors. Even then, investing is difficult as only a portion of these ventures are available on stock exchanges. Any project claiming to offer straightforward investments in Neuralink is likely fraudulent.

    Rating Forex strongly advises thorough verification of any investment project, especially those involving Neuralink. Even the slightest suspicion should be a reason to steer clear of investing.


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    How do customer reviews about Neuralink affect the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are a key factor influencing a broker’s position in the ranking of top companies. You can find all the reviews about Neuralink on the company’s official website.


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