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    The old kitchen returns in a new guise - a review of the ICE Markets broker and reviews of deceived investors

    Under the brandICE FX For a long time, scammers have been scamming traders out of money, hiding behind the legend of profitable trading in financial markets. The main blow fell precisely on the Russian-speaking market. Now scammers are trying to revive the old SCAM project in order to again steal the investments of gullible newcomers with impunity.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    Labuan (LFSA)



    Country: Malaysia

    City: Labuan FT

    Address: 3rd Floor, Jalan OKK Awang Besar

    Phone: +7 958 538 03 72

    • Focus on traders from the Russian Federation
    • Fake licenses
    • Fraud allegations
    • Constant rebrandings
    Trading Platform

    MetaTrader 4

    Types of accounts





    Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, USDT, BTC, ETH, Payeer, Perfect Money

    Min Deposit




    Min order

    0,01 pips

    Financial Instruments

    CFD Forex, metals, energy, cryptocurrencies

    Order execution




    About the ICE Markets forex scam – what sharaga offers

    ICE Markets, formerly known as ICE FX, pretends to be a dynamically developing brokerage company specializing in trading CFD contracts. The company offers a wide range of trading tools:

    • 36 currency pairs;
    • 2 metals;
    • 2 CFDs on commodities;
    • 35 cryptocurrencies.

    A special feature of the project is the A-book – a work model that ensures that all trading transactions are transferred to external counterparties, ensuring that there is no conflict of interest between the client and the broker. The company also provides a transparent investment platform that allows investors to see real trading results.

    This is only part of the legend, because in reality the project does not have the ability to enter transactions into financial markets due to illegal activities. Scammers use beautiful statements to attract the attention of newcomers.

    According to legend, the sharaga is registered in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia under registration number LL12180. There is also a questionable financial regulation license. The headquarters is located in Malaysia. The company actively follows the principles of professional risk management, offering clients various functionality to limit losses.

    Contact details:

    • telephone in Russia: 8 800 707 33 60;
    • International hotline: +44 20 8089 7867.

    The scammers declare their readiness to serve residents of the Russian Federation without having the appropriate license. The Central Bank has not certified the activities of the counterparty, which creates high non-trading risks for ordinary clients.

    An important event in the history of the company was the rebranding that took place on July 12, 2022, as a result of which ICE FX was transformed intoICE Markets official website The scammers also changed, but the operating principles remained the same. The founders of Sharaga do not keep their own promises and scam people out of money.

    Commercial offer from fake broker ICE Markets

    Scammers offer clients several types of trading accounts:

    • STP: designed for full-fledged trading activities. Clients receive the best prices from liquidity providers through the Soft-FX aggregator. The minimum deposit is $30, 45 trading instruments are available;
    • STP-US (Managed Account): allows traders to attract investments for their trading system and receive rewards from investors’ profits. Minimum deposit – 300 US dollars, 45 trading instruments available;
    • STP-Demo: simulates the operation of an STP account, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the trading terminal and its functions without the need to deposit real funds. There is no minimum deposit, 45 trading instruments are available.

    The company offers a sophisticated risk management system that includes five different types of loss limits that can be configured independently of each other. This helps protect the trader’s capital from unexpected losses.

    Traders have the opportunity to use a reliable virtual server for uninterrupted operation of trading algorithms. Clients with privileged status receive access to VPS for free.

    The trading conditions are described very superficially. Information about STP and ECN support does not correspond to the realities of cooperation withICE Markets personal cabinIt’s better not to open it here. Cooperation with a fraudulent project is doomed to disastrous results.

    Investment offers ICE Markets

    The broker’s investment programs offer clients the opportunity to invest in Forex, CFDs and the crypto market with the help of professional managers. The company focuses on transparency of investments and protection of investor capital. In reality, there is no trust management. Scammers send fake reports about fictitious profits, nothing more.

    Passive earnings mechanism with a broker:

    • ICE Markets ensures transparency of managers’ trading by providing the investor’s open password to monitor real trading;
    • all accounts from the “A” rating are connected to external independent monitoring;
    • Each A-rated account has a public history of closed trades, allowing investors to evaluate past performance.

    Scammers are once again selling air to newcomers. There is no trust management system. Everything is based on the fact that you need to take your word for it.ICE Markets investments this system will not pay off, so the scammers will keep all the client’s money for themselves.

    ICE Markets broker exposed

    Independent reviews of the company in question raise questions about the reliability and transparency of the broker. The main focus is on its dubious registration and licensing. The scam is supposedly registered in Labuan, Malaysia, but the address provided does not contain complete information, which raises suspicions. Although the broker has a Labuan FSA license, this is not considered a sufficient indicator of reliability, especially for Russian clients, sinceICE FX There is no license from the Bank of Russia.

    Experts also point to the broker’s lack of popularity and transparency. Low activity on social networks and YouTube calls into question brand awareness. Information about the company’s management presented on the Forex kitchen website is not confirmed by external sources.

    In terms of trading conditions, high spreads on some assets and commissions for opening and closing positions may indicate a greedy broker. Restrictions on the maximum transaction volume may indicate a liquidity shortage at the broker. The reality of STP execution of transactions through the Soft-FX aggregator also raises questions.

    Sharaga has serious problems with account types. The discrepancy between trading conditions on demo accounts and real accounts, as well as ambiguities in account management technologies such as STP-US, raise doubts about their effectiveness. The offer of trading cryptocurrency pairs raises questions, since real Forex intermediaries usually do not have such an option.

    Offering a personal manager and other perks is a way to attract customers without providing real value. Office Markets ICE cannot confirm the transparency and reliability of cooperation.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Broker ICE Markets Previously it was covered by the ICE FX brand, but both before the name change and now, the office has nothing to do with Forex trading. The project is run by scammers who drain money from gullible users. Making money on such a dubious platform is a priori impossible.

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    Reviews about the broker ICE Markets

    Broker reviewsICE-FX и ICE Markets are generally negative and indicate a number of serious problems in the company’s work. User cka4atb expresses concern about the offshore registration of the counterparty and the lack of a license from a reputable auditor. He claims the company has failed to prove it protects the funds of traders and investors, raising questions about its reliability.

    Danila2002 says that the quality of the broker’s services has deteriorated over time. He mentions an incident where he was deceived while attempting to withdraw funds, which led to complete disappointment in the company. A user named Nikita also expresses dissatisfaction, claiming that the counterparty persuaded him to take out a loan and then drained all the money.

    RedSkull and Eldar express negative opinions about the company. RedSkull calls the company’s actions a scam, and Eldar criticizes the company’s website for its low quality and dubious offers.

    Dmitryi complains about high spreads, concluding that serious work with such a broker is impossible. A user under the nickname CheGevara also expresses the opinion that the company is fraudulent, claiming that even if the money is earned, it is impossible to withdraw funds.

    Max callsICE Markets a scam and old kitchen, accusing the company of manipulating quotes and deceiving customers. Egor talks about his negative experience with the site, mentioning problems with quotes and blocking of his account when trying to withdraw funds.

    There are no positive comments. Sharaga systematically scams people out of money, managing to avoid responsibility for his illegal actions.


    If deceived by broker, you need to contact chargeback specialists. Our experts will give comprehensive recommendations on how to act in such situations. Following the algorithm, the investor will take his money fromICE Markets. This is the only way to restore justice.


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    How do client reviews about ICE Markets affect the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. You can see all reviews about ICE Markets on the company profile page.

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    Register on the Forex Rating website – it’s free and takes up to 5 minutes, taking into account the registration confirmation via the link that will be sent to your email. Detailed instructions on how to leave a review ICE Markets, posted at the link.


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