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    What is known about the Illuxor trading platform – review broker

    Broker illuxor declares itself as an innovative trading platform that offers clients a large selection of tools for trading and analysis. The site has the opportunity to earn money for both beginners and experienced traders. Beginning investors are provided with a mentor who gives advice on transactions., pHelps you choose liquid assets and earn profits.

    For beginner traders, there is training that will help them quickly master all the nuances of trading. There are courses for different skill levels. They include studying theoretical material, completing assignments, and practicing on a real terminal under the supervision of a mentor. Training is available only to those users who have replenished their trading account. There is no demo account provided.

    On resources illuxor investments There is a calculator for calculating profits, a section with analytics, informers, and calendars. To increase trading success, traders can use analytics, signals, technical and fundamental analysis. There is also a section on the site called “Brand Potential”. There you can see which assets are liquid.

    However, the office’s promises of profitable and comfortable trading are at odds with reality. The license that is boasted on the site is fake, which means that the broker’s activities are not regulated by anyone. There is no exact address where the company’s offices are located. All you have to do is take their word for it that they are open in Russia, the UAE and Cyprus. The website lists phone numbers +442080892276, +79601303319, but none of them are working. When checking, it shows that the email [email protected] does not exist.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    Broker Illuxor claims that advanced technologies are used for trading on the site. But there is nothing on the resource that would distinguish it from other fraudulent projects. The office lies about your real age, registration address, and availability of a license. She has fake contact information. There is multiple evidence that the site is deceiving traders.



    Russia, Cyprus, UAE

    +442080892276, 79601303319

    [email protected]

    • Low entry threshold
    • Affiliate program
    • Training
    • No legal documents
    • Cheap one page website
    • Company registration address is not indicated
    • Fake contact information provided
    • Users leave a lot of negative reviews
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Test, Basic, Standard, Standard+, Advanced, Pro



    Min Deposit


    Financial instruments

    CFD, cryptocurrency, commodities, stocks, indices, currency pairs

    Order execution




    Trading Features

    Illuxor offers trading of liquid assets on an innovative platform. The site has a section with educational materials. The broker promises clients to pay additional money for attracting new participants to the project. The site runs promotions and has a loyalty program.



    Trading conditions and platform tools

    At the market Illuxor it says that to withdraw money you need to contact the company’s employees. It does not indicate how withdrawals are made.


    Types of accounts on the site:

    • Test – deposit $250, profit 25%;
    • Basic – deposit $1500, profit 30%;
    • Standard – deposit $5000, profit 30%;
    • Standard+ – deposit $25,000, profit 50%;
    • Advanced – deposit $50,000, profit 50%;
    • Pro – deposit $100,000, profit 50%.

    The site does not indicate leverage, but the percentage of earnings is indicated for each type of account, then it reveals scammers in this office. No broker can promise profit and, moreover, indicate its percentage. Stock trading carries risks. Often, novice investors, without sufficient knowledge and experience, lose money by choosing illiquid assets. But scammers promise guaranteed profits. From this site withdrawal of money impossible without the help of lawyers.

    On the site Forex broker illuxor it is said that it is designed for investors with different levels of training. There is a large selection of assets available for trading. Users are lured to the resource by offering various loyalty programs, including cashback. But it is unlikely that you will be able to make money there, because the office does not have access to real markets.

    How scammers scam users – exposure

    If you look at Illuxor official website, then it gives the impression of a cheap office. Although in fact it is true. And such a definition of a broker can be given from many signs that indicate fraud on his part. Scammers look for their potential victims on social networks, befriending users, on investment forums, and job search sites. They first have friendly conversations, and then begin to hint at the possibility of making good money by inviting a person to their site. Scammers choose novice traders. After registering in the project, the user is assigned a personal mentor. He is supposed to help a newbie in trading.

    After this, the account on the trading platform is replenished with a minimum amount. Trading begins. The first transactions under the supervision of a mentor are closed with a profit. Then the mentor begins to put pressure on the trader, telling illuxor how to earn more so that he increases the deposit amount. The client increases the amount, and then the divorce can proceed according to different schemes.

    Fraudsters may demand payment for service, insurance, additional payments for verification or withdrawal of money. When an investor tries to withdraw earnings, his transactions suddenly begin to merge. A trader who suspects something is wrong is trying to withdraw the balance of money from the trading account, but he is not allowed to do this. The account is instantly blocked by the scammers, along with the money.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The brokerage company declares itself as an innovative platform, but the site visually does not even reach the level of an offshore office. This is a one-page resource. Such platforms are often created by scammers with the aim of scamming novice traders out of money. IN Illuxor reviews This is exactly what users are talking about. They talk about their bitter experience of working with the company. The lack of a regulator and license is another factor that should be taken into account when planning to register on the site. Such a company will not follow the rules, and if the client loses money, it will not be held responsible for its actions. Sharaga did not indicate the registration address, but only wrote that she had offices there somewhere. To top it all off, the broker provided false contact information. Based on these facts, we can safely draw conclusions that this is a scam.

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    Illuxor – investor reviews

    Scammers promise users a lot of things when they persuade them to create illuxor Personal Area. They offer shares, a high percentage of profits, but there is not a single piece of evidence that the broker pays profits to traders. And this can be understood by reading numerous reviews about the company.

    Finding reviews about the platform is easy. There are quite a lot of sites and forums on the network where users share their experiences of working with the company. Sergei writes that this is a rotten office. He chose the Standard tariff plan on the platform. Cooperation with a broker led him to the fact that he found himself in a debt hole, from which he still cannot get out. Company representatives ignore requests to withdraw funds.

    Anton says that he would never have cooperated with this broker if he had known how it would end. They processed him for a long time, and in the end he agreed to make a deposit of $1000, hoping that if it didn’t work out, he could withdraw the money. But everything turned out completely wrong. Profit, if you believe his words, will not be possible to earn. Only the company receives profit from traders. He tried to cash out his capital, but it ended in failure. All applications that customer submitted, disappeared from the site. The office was not going to process them.

    Another user says that this office called him for a long time, inviting him to the site. They promised him a lot of things, and he decided to look at the site. When he went there, he saw in front of him an ordinary one-page website instead of an innovative project. He believes that these are scammers, of which there are many on the Internet. Their goal is to steal traders’ money, and they cannot be trusted.

    Some users who were called by these scammers decided to check the office’s documentation. The site indicates that its activities are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Commission. But upon checking, people found that this was a lie, like many other things written on the platform. The same is said about email.

    Final Analysis

    Illuxor review, careful reading of customer complaints online and inspection of the site itself allowed us to learn more about the broker. In fact, this company has nothing to do with the trading platform. Most of the information there is not true. Now, if you take the registration address. It is not specified. It only says that there is an office in Cyprus, the UAE, and Russia. The phone number and email are not working. The only employee of the company with whom the client can communicate is his mentor. And then, after the trader is scammed out of money, he will also stop communicating.

    The office blatantly lies about the length of service. Her page says she has ten years of experience, but she only worked for a few months. And now it is impossible to enter the site. There are several other projects on the Internet that are “twins” of this one-page site. This suggests that scammers are not limited to one scammer. They have 8 more SCAM projects, in which everything is repeated – from design to text blocks. The office does not have access to the real market, and everything that happens on the site is nothing more than an imitation of trading.


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