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    JaxQL scammer will scam you for money - how to make a withdrawal from a fake broker with a guarantee of success

    The scammer manipulates quotes to deceive victims of the maximum deposit. The scam is posing as a British company and scamming Russians out of money.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction







    Phone: +44(0)1717 139661

    • No
    • No registration, license
    • Fictitious transactions and manipulation of quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    “Beginner”, “Amateur”, “Expert”





    Min Deposit




    Min order

    0,01 pips

    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of stocks, indices, commodities, metals, currencies, cryptocurrencies

    Order execution




    Review JaxQL

    Fraudster “JaxQuell” fingered: he leading broker and best trading platform. I could not confirm my words. He just fed me with promises that are worth absolutely nothing.

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    He indicated the UK as the place of registration of the divorcee. He even gave me the office address. Only he’s not real. There is no legal entity that controls the scam.

    Kidala claims: he has 4 financial regulator licenses. Warning: this is all fake. Sharashka is 100% illegal. With such a bit there will be no real trading.

    The trickster carefully hid his ways to replenish his income. Judging by the reviews, the trash heap gave preference to crypto deposits. No wonder: they are the easiest to lick.

    Terms of cooperation. TO earn money sJaxQL?

    Fake brokerJaxQL lures money, inciting to do investments:

    • in currencies,
    • cryptocurrency,
    • indices,
    • metals,
    • goods,
    • actions.

    However, there is no complete list of assets. There are only types of markets. In this situation, you cannot stretch the beans.

    Availability among digital currency trading tools is strong evidence of fraud. Rating Forex reminds you: Bitcoin and altcoins are found only in scammers and forex kitchens.

    Nand there were 3 trading accounts to choose from:

    • “Novice”.
    • “Amateur.”
    • “Expert”.

    Deposit requirements are $150, $1000 and $10000 respectively. Everywhere there was supposedly instant execution of positions. This indicates imitation of trade.

    In Novichok the leverage is 1:100. It is too broad for a company from the eurozone. In the “Amateur” and “Expert” accounts the figure is even higher – 1:500. It is important to understand: only scammers offer so much in order to cheat on a deposit and quickly lose it.

    The remaining differences between the accounts come down to the number of additional services:

    • Trade in metals, crypto. Manipulation for divorce for $1000 or more.
    • Depot insurance. A service that is available exclusively to scammers, because they imitate trading, canpaint any numbers in the terminal.
    • Deposit protection. Available in the “Expert” account, where the entrance fee is $10,000 respectively. Here is another proof that this is a scam. In strict jurisdictions, this is not an additional option, but a mandatory one. It is available to traders with any capital.
    • 24/7 support. Another must-have service, only available to those who spend $10,000.

    You can see from the additional services that we have a collection of money in front of us. He wants to get the most out of every victim. Therefore, the cheapest account has terrible trading conditions.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal of money from JaxQL

    Scammer”JaxQEl”rustles fervently: registered in the UK. Address: 9 Clarke Squares Lake Kimberlyside BT49 0NJ. There’s definitely nothing like this in the UK. So do JaxQL companies.

    If there is a space instead of registration, the broker is definitely a swindler, he cheated. There are no undocumented intermediaries to rely on.


    According to the scammer JaxQuell, he has licenses from financial regulators in the UK, Belize, Mauritius and Cyprus. Rating Forex warns: none of those on the trickster’s list have heard of him.

    Lying about the license is clear evidence that you cannot give money. Nobody controls JaxQuel. He could be hiding anywhere. The worst thing is that the regulator will not be able to hold him accountable for his rotten deception.

    Withdrawal of money from JaxQL and deposit replenishment

    There is no information on the scam website about ways to pull the beans and withdraw. Transaction terms and fees are not specified there. All this is bad. An honest broker has no reason to hide such information from a trader.

    From the reviews we know: sharashka prefers to take cryptocurrency. Moreover, Bitcoin, not stablecoins. This alone is enough to understand: we are being scammed, a scammer who wants to steal money in such a way that it is difficult to get it back.

    Like a divorceandt for JaxQL money

    Fraudsters find victims through social networks (using fake accounts). It also helps a lot to wash your pockets:

    • cold calls,
    • fake vacancies,
    • mailings,
    • paid advertising.

    The dodgers court each victim for a very long time. When she agrees to hand over the money, she is given a functioning website. At one time, was one of them.

    By controlling all quotes, scammers adjust trading to a profit or, conversely, drain it. Then they encourage you to put more money into your account. Usually we are talking about several million wooden ones. If there is no money, they are tempted to borrow or take out loans from banks and microfinance organizations.

    When patients try to remove the beans, scammers tell tales about fees that need to be paid. If a person is being tricked, then extortion of taxes and insurance begins.

    The stuntmen have plenty of reasons to squeeze money out of their victims. For example, if a patient refuses to fork out money, a technical support representative may call him and promise to withdraw the money bypassing commissions for $500–1000. In fact, no matter how much you pay, you won’t get a penny.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official site JaxQL couldn’t even work for a year. At the same time, he pushed fables: he has been working since 2018. There was also a lot of bullshit about registration, as well as about the countless licenses. Only scammers whose goal is to steal money resort to such tricks. Nothing else interests them.

    Opening “Personal account” JaxQL, people went into the red with every replenishment of the depot. Every penny went into an anonymous wallet. Then the sharashka imitated trading. Moreover, she completely controlled the transactions in order to use additional deposits. It was simply impossible to withdraw money, since the swindler had pocketed it long ago.

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    Reviews about JaxQL

    Conned by “JaxQuell” I managed to cheat a lot of poor people out of money. That’s why there are enough reviews. On, former patients of the dodger complained: the loss was simply huge. We are talking about millions of wooden ones.

    Rating Forex warns: scammer JaxQL extorted money masterfully. As soon as I tried to take them away, he handed out account bans left and right.

    On, former patients of the swindler say: he is not alone. There’s a lot of rot like that. All stunt sites are made as if they were carbon copies.

    People complain about a low-quality terminal. We warn you: there are constant requotes and slippages. There are huge problems with the withdrawal from JaxQuel. It just doesn’t work.

    A person on says: the JaxQL scammer is very arrogant. The poor guy dealt with the scammer for about 2 weeks. He immediately noticed that money was gradually disappearing from the account. Technical support was unable to explain this. Nothing can be done, because there is almost nothing left at the depot.

    Rating Forex lawyers will speed up the withdrawal of money from the JaxQL scammer (“JaxQL”). We force them to give everything back, even those scammers who have disappeared and no longer contact us.Consult for free so that your capital is returned.


    It is important to understand: “JaxQEl” is one of dozens of similar sites that scammers churn out in batches, every month. Behind him and his clones is the same group of crooks. She has been in business for more than 5 years and doesn’t bother with the design of all her collections, so they are very similar.

    The scammers behind JaxQL stole tens of millions of wooden ones from the Russians. They are in no hurry to stop there. They continue to churn out new resources of the same type, scouring the Internet in search of new patients.


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