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    A scam site will shake out all the money - reviews of Lunas Trade, dirt on the swindler

    Take a chance open “Personal Area” in Lunas Trade — sweat withhold money. Sharashka is dedicated to only one thing – the theft of other people’s capital. It’s simply impossible to make money with her.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    A scam is posing as a broker to scam Russians out of money.


    Country: Estonia





    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, license
    • Non-market quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    “Standard”, VIP, “Premium”




    Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, EPS, QIWI, ЮMoney, Skrill, Neteller, ADVCash, Perfect Money


    Forex and CFD

    Mobile Trading

    Browser Terminal

    Order execution


    Trading Features

    Fraudster manipulates quotes to drain client deposits



    Обзор Lunas Trade

    Confused by Lunas Trade promises to give a very convenient way toyumnolive capital. He’s bad at specifics. Instead there are vague formulations and promises. You won’t get any really useful information from the bit.

    Keep it on hand list of brokers in Forex with a complete dossier. Screen all potential market candidates quickly and for free. You will never be deceived by scammers.

    Lunas Trade does not say anything about registration and regulation. So, there is nothing like that. At best, a patient of a rotten scam will receive unregulated dealing. It is important to understand: the chances of making money are zero.

    There is no range of assets. There is no tool pool. The scam simply promises access to Forex and CFDs. This is not enough for a trader, even with minimal experience, to open a “Personal Account” with a calm heart.

    The trading conditions are strange. Not an ounce of key information. But the scammer promises:

    • charge interest on the deposit;
    • give a loan.

    She also generously gives out bonuses and charges a monthly fee for maintaining a trading account. An honest broker would never think of such a thing.

    The ways to deposit and withdraw from the Lunas Trade scam are listed in relatively detail. There is a list of options and fees. The latter are inadequate. Scams need to be unfastened from € 40 per transaction to 5%. No normal broker charges that much.

    Terms of cooperation Lunas Trade

    Divorces Lunas Trade encourages me to do investments in financial derivatives and instruments. Including pairs of currencies, cryptocurrencies. There are no more detailed data.

    There are 3 trading accounts to choose from:

    • “Standard”. Deposit – up to € 10,000. Maintenance fee – € 90 per month.
    • VIP. Deposit – from € 10,000 to € 50,000. Maintenance fee – € 50 per month.
    • “Premium”. Deposit — from €50,000.

    The spread depends on the type of account you choose. It can be standard, improved or minimal. There are no specific numbers on the fake broker’s website.

    The selected account also affects the size of the bonus. In “Standard” the throw will unfasten 100%. In VIP and “Premium” – 125% or 150% respectively.

    All other differences between the accounts are strange. For example, the scammer promises to charge interest per annum on the deposit balance. They also offer loans in euros at very high interest rates.

    A loan from Lunas Trade only works in favor of the scam. The patient loses the deposit. Our hero pretends to give him a loan. That is, it draws numbers in the terminal.

    Credit beans are also drained. The Lunas Trade scammer demands that the trader return absolutely everything. And with interest.

    Rating Forex warns: you can’t fall for this situation. This is a lie. The bit won’t do anything if you refuse to unfasten his cabbage.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    Scammer “Lunas Trade” does not apply on registration and regulation. Estonia is mentioned in passing. But that doesn’t mean anything.

    When there are no license numbers indicating the financial regulator and registration, the intermediary must be blacklisted. This is a scam. There can be no exceptions.

    How to withdraw money from Lunas Trade and top up your account

    Scam accepts:

    • bank transfers;
    • transactions from cards, electronic wallets, Neteller, Skrill, QIWI, ADVCash, YuMoney, Perfect Money.

    It also rustles: it supports some other methods. Only on his official website they are not listed.

    The scam suggests making withdrawals using the methods that are relevant for replenishing the depot. For a bank transfer, a commission of € 40 is required. Other options will cost an inadequate 5%. Only a very brazen scammer could come up with such wild extortions.

    Rating Forex warns: nand the scammer’s website has no transaction deadlines. There are no details of the account where he stores clients’ money. If so, there is no account. Loot is stolen when replenishing.

    Like a divorce and for Lunas Trade money

    “Lunas Trade” – a cheap, cliched scam. I caught dozens of these on the Internet. They are all run by the same gang of crooks.

    First, anglerfish find the prey. Usually they call numbers that they found on the Internet. It may take several weeks for a potential client to agree to open an account.

    In addition to everything, the poor scammer is ready and sent to one of the working sites. They choose the one that doesn’t have a single bad review on the Internet yet. Lunas Trade was once one of them.

    People are being robbed during replenishment. They send their hard-earned money to the left wallet. Then the poor guys are drained. Fraudsters control all quotes. Therefore, it is impossible to gain profit with them even when simulating trading.

    When a person tries to withdraw deposit balances, he:

    • they post about working out bonuses;
    • they slip in a fake loan.

    That is, swindlers use any methods that will help retain or dilute cabbage for a new portion.

    When the victim persists, they are shown a performance called “verification.” This procedure lasts from one to two weeks. The scammer forces him to send him a bunch of documents, which he will then use to become even richer.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official website of Lunas Trade – Absolutely uninformative garbage with cliched and greatly truncated descriptions of services. Real brokers are definitely not like that.

    Another reason to blacklist the Lunas Trade scammer is that he doesn’t bother with registration information or license data at all. You need to do your legs from this.

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    Reviews about Lunas Trade

    “Lunas Trade” didn’t last long washed my pockets. But he filled his own well.Nand, the trickster’s former clients say: he brazenly steals money. He’s definitely not going to give anything away.

    One person warns: the bit has no documents. It operates 100% illegally. Despite this, he manages to steal thousands of greens from patients.

    Reviews on make it clear: sometimes the Lunas Trade sharashka pretends to be a cryptocurrency exchange. It turns out to be crap. The swindler’s ex-clients are asking to be blacklisted. Otherwise, instead of earnings there will be a loss.

    The owners of the scam post about hundreds of thousands of traders around the world who have chosen it. At the same time, there is almost no information about such a frame on the Internet. He is again blatantly lying to get a deposit.

    Complaints about make it clear: people cannot withdraw money. While some are planning to sue the scammer, others are asking how things are going.

    The problem with dumpsters like Lunas Trade is that their owners are hiding outside the country where they make money. Therefore, they don’t give a damn about all court decisions. They are confident that they will not be found or brought to justice.

    Did the Lunas Trade scam cost you a tidy sum of money? Rating Forex offers free legal assistance. Leave us a refund from the scammer. We’ll take every penny.


    Lunas Trade and others like it are 100% scams. They should not be given cabbage. There is not even a ghostly chance of making money with them.

    “Personal account” is a one-way path. A broker-swindler will not give a dime voluntarily. If you open an account with such a trickster, consider yourself lost immediately.


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