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    Market Flow broker review – trading conditions and reviews from real clients

    Market Flow is a Lithuanian broker whose activities took place on the platform. The broker’s management declares its project as a financial giant and, as confirmation, provides information without any evidence about statistics on the growth of the number of clients and the company’s budget.

    Judging by the administration’s stories, the company has been attracting investments from Market Flow since 2015. But the first reviews appeared only in 2022. After analyzing this information, we can conclude that the founders of the project are deliberately misleading their potential clients.

    Market Flow’s official website does not disclose information about the legal status of the platform. There is no information about regulation of activities. You can contact support representatives via email or internal support. The portal does not contain data on the physical address, telephone number and methods of conducting payment transactions, which does not meet the standards of a licensed institution.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    [email protected]

    • Highly competitive spreads
    • No hidden fees
    • No detailed trading information available
    • Negative comments online
    • There are no copies of legal documents
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Micro, Mini, Classic



    Min Deposit





    1 pips

    Financial Instruments

    Currency, commodity futures, stock indices, US stocks

    Mobile Trading


    Order execution

    Order execution in less than 14 ms



    Trading conditions and platform tools

    Broker Market Flow has several offers on how to make money – and they are all around trading. The company’s clients are invited to engage in speculative activities by trading currencies, futures, indices and stocks. They are offered to buy cheaper and sell more expensive on their own, with the help of robots or experienced traders.

    You can start working after creating a personal account in Market Flow. To do this, you need to register on the company’s official website, decide on a tariff plan, open a trading account and fund it. The broker has three types of accounts, differing in the size of the down payment, leverage and set of privileges:

    • Micro – $50, trades 0.01, leverage up to 1:30;
    • Mini – $500, trades 0.1 lot, leverage up to 1:30;
    • Classic – from $1000, transactions from 1 lot, leverage up to 1:2.

    Trading is offered in Mobile, WEB and PC Trader terminals. The broker also has an author’s platform. It is not possible to test working with platforms in demo mode. For this purpose, the administration suggests using a micro account.

    The broker cites deliberately false factors as its advantages. Low spreads, prompt order execution, good liquidity and instant deposits and withdrawals. This list contains all the aspects that cause the company’s clients to lose their deposits.

    Exposing the company: signs of fraud

    The Market Flow service is designed for lovers of easy money. For seasoned investors, there are clear signs of potential problems. They already understand what can be expected from serial scammers who regularly experience either a startup or a scam. Their goal is to rob clients and do it without them realizing their participation in the scam. To do this, you have to get sophisticated, using deception schemes:

    • twisting the terminal;
    • imitation of trading activities;
    • rejection of requests for withdrawal of funds due to failure to comply with the terms of the user agreement;
    • account blocking with the possibility of restoring access after paying commissions, fines, taxes and other payments;
    • profile ban due to violation of terms of cooperation.

    If you tried to make money in the financial market and suffered losses due to dishonest service from a service provider, contact a lawyer for help. They will sort out the situation and resolve the issue of refunding in your favor.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    You can increase your savings well by using the service of a broker, provided that it is legitimate. Checking the legal status of the company will help you understand his intentions. Dealers are subject to strict financial monitoring by supervisory authorities and are required to comply with security and transparency standards. You can make sure that a potential partner has these characteristics by checking that he has a license.

    If everything is in order with the permitting documents, you need to start studying the contents of the user agreement. It is necessary to understand the terms of cooperation, since trading results, financial position and the ability to achieve justice in a controversial situation depend on them.

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    Customer Reviews

    Familiarization with the specifics of any investment project should begin with studying reviews. The information content of comments allows you to understand whether customers are satisfied with the company’s service and whether it meets their expectations. Reviews about the Market Flow project point to problematic aspects in the broker’s services. Clients report difficulties with withdrawing money. Managers reject requests for transfers, and in order not to waste their time explaining such a decision, they block the account, citing violations of the user agreement.

    There are many reviews in which the company’s clients tell how they got involved and why they invested large sums of money in a dubious project. The broker has bright advertising with beautiful tales about the prospects of a comfortable life for those who use its services. Lovers of easy money who do not understand what trading is, and users with experience, but without any special trading results, fall for it. They are promised to automate activities with access to passive income. At the same time, they tell this so convincingly that almost all of the company’s clients are led to calls for cooperation. Users fund their trading account. They are allowed to make money on it and begin psychological pressure to expand their opportunities by increasing the size of the deposit. Large amounts in the account are of course lost, and the remaining funds cannot be withdrawn.

    Negative reviews from clients cover the topics of incorrect operation of the terminal, problems with communication with clients, slow response to their requests, and incompetence of staff in matters of trading and company service. Judging by the comments, there may not be any problems in the operation of the trading platform until the withdrawal request is submitted. After this, the terminal and website begin to freeze, which leads to unprofitable transactions.

    It is not enough for a broker to verify an account once. Personal authentication is required when withdrawing funds. At this stage of cooperation, a simple procedure turns into “going through the seven circles of hell.” Those who pass it face a new test – the requirement to pay a tax of 25% of the amount earned. This is supposedly a prerequisite for withdrawing money. Naturally, after it is completed, applications for transfer of funds are still not processed.


    The review of Market Flow is disappointing. Advertising promises of assistance in achieving financial independence turned out to be fairy tales. The founders of the project never planned to act in the interests of the trader. With a competent approach to evaluating and analyzing a project, you can discern many factors in it that directly indicate scam status:

    • absence in database registers of a record of registration of a business entity called Market Flow;
    • conducting activities without permits and control by supervisory authorities – the information may not even be checked, because licenses are issued only to companies that are officially registered;
    • limited opportunities for feedback;
    • negative feedback about the project;
    • problems with data confidentiality;
    • anonymity of the company’s management and its company;
    • non-transparent terms of trade.

    You won’t be able to make money with the Market Flow broker. Scammers have thought through their fraudulent schemes so well that even if there is evidence of fraud, it is difficult to hold them accountable. Upon registration, all clients of the company agree to the terms of the user agreement. And in this document, the broker disclaims its obligations and responsibility for its actions and damage caused. Therefore, investors who entrusted their savings to Market Flow risk being left without money.


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    How do customer reviews about Market Flow affect the company's rating?

    The client’s financial result depends on the correct choice of the financial platform. Customer opinions reflected in reviews become key factors when making cooperation decisions. You can read comments about work in the Market Flow project on the company’s official website.

    How to leave feedback about cooperation with Market Flow on the Rating Forex website?

    You can tell the story of your cooperation with Market Flow in a review on the Market Flow website. This opportunity is provided after registration in the project. The process will not take you much time – fill out the form by entering your login and email address and confirm your email by clicking on the link in the message that came to your email.


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