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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Broker information, reviews scam Merjes Group

    Merjes Group LTD positions itself as an alternative to the banking system. In 2023, it was officially registered in the UK. Users even saw this document on the site, but many of them claim that it was a fake in order to boost customer confidence.

    The Merges Group office offers to earn money using a special script H-SCRIPT on investments in stock markets, startups, artificial intelligence and land.

    The company’s future plans included creating its own token, a large exchange and a mobile application. Currently Merjes Group official website blocked. If they call or write to you with an offer to join the project, then they will be scammers. You shouldn’t even start a conversation with them.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    No information

    Company Features

    SCAM! They worked without a license. They promised too much and failed to deliver on their commitments



    [email protected]

    • They promised a high income of 350% per year
    • Withdrawal and replenishment of balance without commission
    • Free training for beginners
    • No registration or licenses
    • In fact, there was no trading for traders on the site
    • Withdrawal not configured
    Trading Platform

    Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5

    Types of accounts

    Round 1-6




    No commission, PayPal, payment cards, bank transfer

    Min Deposit



    No information

    Financial Instruments

    Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, commodities, precious metals, shares of international companies, energy, artificial intelligence, land.

    Order execution

    Market Execution, Instant Execution

    Trading Features

    They provided many instruments and trading pairs, most of which turned out to be dummies. Multi-level system consisting of 6 rounds, but only 1 of them worked.



    How Merjes Group scams clients

    To earn money in companies 6 rounds have been developed, but only one of them works. In order to join, you just need to make a deposit of $25. The maximum deposit is $499 with no expiration date. After just 80 or 100 days, the partner breaks even. Annual returns reach 365-498%. Daily profit – from 1 to 1.2%.

    Information about the next rounds was also published on the website. Entry into them is at least $5,000, daily profit is up to 3%, and breakeven is achieved in 33 or 66 days. Moreover, if a person adds funds to an existing deposit, he can move to a new, higher round.

    In subsequent rounds, income increased up to $500 thousand. The daily income reached 2.6%. And no trading on the site clients were not seen and did not take part in the transactions.

    At the beginning of its activities, the company gave its partners the opportunity to withdraw money, but over time the payments stopped, and soon after that the project ceased to exist.

    Such conditions have attracted many large networkers, especially those who know how to create teams or already have their own structures in other projects. These referral leaders did not care that many of their partners would only lose here. Surely they guessed about it, but they didn’t tell anyone so as not to lose their profit.

    As a result, the project owners and team leaders were winners. They managed to withdraw their money along with interest, and novice investors left money there that was not superfluous to them. Interest conditions turned out to be unaffordable for the company. It is unclear what the scammers were counting on. In any case, their big scam went wrong.

    Terms of cooperation

    In order to start earning money, you need register on the website and top up your balance with an amount of $25 or more. Next, the investor begins to receive daily income in the amount of 1-1.2% of the deposit. The terms of cooperation with the company have their own distinctive qualities:

    • many tools for earning money, where everyone can find a suitable option for themselves;
    • indefinite operation of investments;
    • regular consultations from professionals in online trading and analytics;
    • simple withdrawal/deposit of funds using the payment service system;
    • interest-free transactions in any direction;
    • security of operations and data protection;
    • the site has a profit calculator with which you can calculate all your goals;
    • clients are provided with functional Merjes Group personal accounts;
    • the company provides an individual manager;
    • good affiliate program with rewards from 1 to 5%;
    • information news feed with market analytics.

    All this was supposed to serve the partners for their earnings and promotion. But the lack of licenses and official registration put everything in doubt from the very beginning. In June 2023, the organization folded, although not even 6 months had passed since its opening. However, serial scammers never stop there. Therefore, users can expect a duplicate of the company to appear soon.

    No trading was carried out on the website, or on the MT4 or MT5 platforms. At least investors did not take part in them. Such conditions always exist in hype companies, whose life is limited in time.


    Despite the fact that the Merjes Group website posted a picture of a company registration document in the UK, in reality this is not the case. Merjes Group does not have and never has had any registration, regulator or licenses. And she also did not have an official address, information about the founders and contacts for communication. And this is the surest sign of scam.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    A review of the Merjes Group showed, that this company, although it had good intentions, quickly failed because it took on too many obligations. Currently, it no longer works, and many people have suffered from its activities.

    It is not for nothing that the site owners hide their names and faces. Surely they have lit up more than once. It is unlikely that they will stop there. They will create new projects and drag naive “Pinocchios” into them in order to earn even more money. You should not contact them if you really want to make money and not lose.

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    One head is good, but ten is better. That’s why it’s worth listening to other people’s opinions. Drawing the right conclusion is your task. Check out reviews about the company Merjes Group, posted on the website

    For example, Yakov wrote that he does not trust this project because they promise too much, but they themselves have just started working and cannot prove their reliability in any way. Getting involved with them is too much of a risk.

    User Slavik wrote that company employees found his phone number somewhere and began actively calling him and inviting him to the team. He liked the conditions they offered, but he doesn’t trust anyone the first time. Therefore, the client studied information about this company and realized that he almost fell into a scam. He does not advise anyone to get involved with these scammers.

    Julia learned from her own experience that scammers from Merjes Group are trying to scam you out of your money. She is glad that she did not invest all her money and made a small contribution, which she irrevocably lost from these scammers.

    I’m very sorry for people who think how to make money with Merjes Group, and in the end they only lose their money. But there is a way out of every situation, and you can still get your money back, especially if contact lawyers, specializing in chargeback.


    Here is a company that has ruined many people.Investment in Merjes Group initially had a high risk, although everywhere it was described as a medium-risk project. The owners took on obligations that they failed to fulfill, and ordinary investors suffered from this, who contributed their hard-earned money to the company and were left without it. In fact, the scammers achieved their goal. They have received their income, and everything else does not affect them, because they will create another 10, or maybe even 20 such projects, and again make money on naive investors.


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