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    What is known about the MyProfitLive trading platform – review broker

    Information about broker MyProfitLife there is practically none on the trading platform. But a domain check shows that the office began operations in 2022. Although the site claims many years of work. Many traders characterize the site as a scammer, and there is a lot of evidence for their words. But novice traders are attracted by the low entry threshold, so they do not check information about the site.

    The office describes itself as an advanced broker that provides more than 50,000 assets for trading. There you can trade Forex, make money on crypto assets and tokens. The website says that the owner of the trading platform is Myprofitlive Services LLC, but it is also referred to online as a scam. And just like in the situation with a broker, there is no information about the sharaga.

    Office Myprofitlive investments is putting pressure on traders to download the mobile app. Its employees claim that the software is downloaded from Google Play, but in reality the link leads to a third-party resource. Likelihood that with the help of this program scammers collect personal information of their clients in order to then sell it to other scammers.

    If you look at the footer of the site, there is no registration address there. It is completely unclear to what jurisdiction this sharashka’s office belongs. Contact information is listed there:+442080977795, [email protected], but they are fake. Traders will not be able to contact technical support using them. The organization does not indicate a regulator or license, which means that it does not have documents.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    The brokerage company MyProfitLive hides information about the regulator, documents, and registration address. Many clients complain about fraud on the part of the company.




    [email protected]

    • Low entry threshold
    • Small amount for withdrawal
    • Lack of legal documentation
    • Manipulations with the trading terminal
    • Refusal to withdraw money
    • No registration address
    • Fake contacts for communication
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Basic, Explorer, Gold, Platinum, Premium



    Min Deposit


    Financial Instruments

    Stocks, cryptocurrency, currency pairs, commodities, indices, CFDs

    Mobile Trading


    Order execution


    Trading Features

    The MyProfitLive platform says that 50,000 assets are available for trading. It doesn’t say anything about commissions or other payments. Beginners are promised help from mentors.



    Trading conditions and platform tools

    Brokerage companyMayProfitLive indicates that over 50 thousand trading instruments are available on the platform. These are stocks, futures, CFDs, cryptocurrency, currency pairs, commodities.

    Types of accounts on the site:

    • Basic – deposit $100, leverage 1:200;
    • Explorer – deposit $150, leverage 1:50;
    • Gold – deposit $250, leverage 1:100;
    • Platinum – deposit $2000, leverage 1:125;
    • Premium – deposit $5000, leverage 1:400.

    The scammers do not tell you how much commission you need to pay on each transaction. It does not mention whether there are fees for depositing and withdrawing money. To remove funds and replenishment of a trading account, electronic wallets and bank cards are used. Withdrawing money is possible only after verification and through the system that was used to make the deposit.

    Forex broker MyProfitLive there is a bonus program. For the first type of account they give 25% of the deposit, for the second – 50%, and for the last – 100%.

    How scammers scam users – exposure

    At the office MyProfitLive official site looks simple, like for an international broker. There is critically little information about the site itself. Suspicion is also raised by the fact that the address of legal registration is not indicated. Only scammers hide it. This company operates exclusively online and does not exist in reality. This fact is proven by the lack of a license from the regulator. If some kitchen brokers have a document issued in an offshore zone, then even this is not observed here. Scammers look for potential clients on specialized forums and social networks, bombarding users with messages offering them money.

    Crooks Myprofitlive how to earn are told to novice traders, misleading them. They lure you to the site by promising to pay you a bonus on your first deposit. Its size depends on the type of account.For replenishment of $5000 they offer 100% to the account, hThis is something that no real broker that has documentation does.

    Users who do not know anything about stock trading are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the educational materials. They will be helped to open transactions by “experienced” employees. Trading on the site is simulated because the terminal does not have access to the exchange. The entire account will be drained in a matter of hours.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The trading platform positions itself as an international broker. It allegedly offers a variety of trading assets, innovative solutions, and the assistance of professional analysts. But this unfortunate broker did not bother to create a more or less decent website and place information useful for traders on it. If you take a good look at the resource, the signs of fraud are immediately visible. These scammers do not indicate registration addresses, do not write the license number and the regulator that issued it. The company offers a 100% deposit bonus, and this also looks suspicious. The name of the company was repeatedly mentioned online among traders and MyProfitLive reviews she is accused of fraudulent activities. There is a lot of talk on the forums that the terminal is configured to drain money, and office employees put pressure on clients to increase the deposit amount if the deposit was a small amount.

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    MyProfiteLive – investor reviews

    In order to start trading, you need to create a MyProfitLive personal account. But is it worth doing? This question is best answered by reviews from users who had the temerity to register on the site.

    It’s easy to find mention of the SCAM project on the Internet. Kirill writes that he understood immediately that it was a scam. The company does not exist in reality. The user did not find either an address or documentation at the office. He did not deposit money there, but his girlfriend decided to try trading there and lost $500. They didn’t take anything out of the site for her.

    Artem says that he made a deposit of $300, and at first everything was fine. Then the manager began to insist on increasing the deposit. He was told that he could earn several times more if he contributed a few thousand. The user did so, and then the trades began to go negative. The office allegedly gave him a loan for $4,000, and it was also lost. The scammers began demanding repayment of the loan from the client, but he realized that it was a scam.

    A user under the nickname Mystic complains that he lost $500 on the site, and in addition to this amount, he was charged $40 in commissions. He failed to make money. But as soon as he wanted to withdraw his money, his account was blocked.

    Such comments well reveal the real essence of the brokerage scam. There is no withdrawal of money on the site, because scammers appropriate it for themselves.

    Final Analysis

    ABOUT MyProfitLive made it possible to find out what the creators of this trading platform are actually doing. These scammers have accounted for many deceived novice traders who did not check these companies.

    Sharaga operates without a license, she does not have a regulator or a place of registration. You cannot trust such a site with money and leave personal data there. This will result in loss of investment capital.


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