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    Important information about Naga-Global

    Naga is a FinTech company founded in 2015 that aims to offer its clients a wide range of investment instruments with an emphasis on social trading. It sets itself ambitious goals, wanting to bring about a real revolution through decentralized financial technology. NAGA Group AG was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2017 and its shares can be found under the ticker symbol N4G. The website Naga global com is operated by NAGA Global Ltd, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker itself is owned by NAGA Group AG. This company had its IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and raised more than $50 million from the sale of its tokens in the ICO.
    Naga global calls itself a licensed and regulated broker. It claims to comply with local and international regulators and implements best practices to ensure that traders’ money is perfectly safe. The only company from NAGA Global Ltd, which has a license is Naga Markets Europe Ltd. It is regulated by CySEC and the license can be found under number 204/13.
    Naga customers have access to a platform through which they can trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, CFD contracts, and other instruments. You can try out the platform without any obligation by using a demo account with a virtual deposit of $10,000. But is the company really as unique as its authors claim?

    Official website of the company

    Contact details

    [email protected]

    • Low spreads
    • many financial instruments
    • webinars
    • mobile trading
    • Difficult verification
    • high entry threshold for some types of accounts
    • regulation is not completely clear
    Trading platform

    NAGA Trader


    Gold Trader, Bronze Trader, Diamond Trader

    Account currency

    USD, EUR


    Credit cards, bank transfer, e-wallets

    Minimum deposit amount



    Until 1:50

    Min order

    0.01 lot


    Depends on account type (lower for Gold and Diamond Trader)

    Финансовые инструменты

    Forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies

    Margin Call/Stop out


    Особенности компании

    Webinars, trading signals

    Creating an account on the Naga global com

    The registration of an account is very simple. The entire process is done electronically and takes no more than 15 minutes. You will need to provide personal information and fill out an investment questionnaire. In the end, you will have to confirm your identity. To do this, you will need 2 personal documents that you will take pictures of and upload copies to the system. After registration, the client is immediately provided with a demo account, for which he does not even need to apply. You can also go straight to creating a real account and start trading and investing with real money.

    Methods of deposit and withdrawal of funds, commission for these transactions

    Naga-global supports all major bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners, Discover), bank transfers, and alternative payment methods such as e-wallets. Methods of payment may differ for each country, which methods are available for you can be found on the website of the company. You can deposit an account with any amount ranging from $250 to $10,000. There is no commission on the platform for depositing, but it is worth remembering that it may be charged by the bank or the wallet you use. Withdrawal of funds is also limited to a minimum of 50 dollars. For the withdrawal of funds applies a commission of 0 to 5 dollars, depending on the VIP level.

    In February 2019, Naga global launched the NAGA Card, making it even easier for users to manage funds and pay for services or purchases using the NAGA MasterCard.

    Assets that can be traded in Naga

    The platform promises access to more than 950 market instruments and assets:

    • Forex trading – among the currency pairs there are such popular ones as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, and others;
    • Stocks – stocks are available from USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Italy;
    • Indices – SP500, NASDAQ, DAX, DJIA, etc.;
    • Stock CFDs – Intel, Tesla, AMD, etc.;
    • Cryptocurrency – the most famous cryptocurrencies can be traded in pairs, such as LTC/USD, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, etc.;
    • Commodities – there are the most famous precious metals, energy, or grain;
    • ETFs – world-renowned funds such as Vanguard TSM or iShares Global Energy;
    • Futures – Nikkei 225, Nasdaq 100, etc.

    Commission for trading with a broker

    Before you start trading on a real account, you should read all the terms and conditions on the Naga global com. Commissions in Naga vary depending on whether you are going to buy cryptocurrencies, ETFs, stock trading, or Forex CFDs.

    When trading Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, futures, and commodities, the broker does not charge any commissions, except the spread.

    When trading stocks, the commission is $0.99 to open a trade and $0.99 to close it, that is, the maximum commission per trade is $1.98.

    In the case of ETFs, the commission of 0.1% on volume is charged for an in/out transaction + spread.

    What gives you a VIP level upgrade?

    The site has 6 levels, which increase automatically depending on the amount of deposit and the amount of profit. What changes depending on your level:

    • Standard Spreads: 0.7-1.7 on EURUSD
    • Copy Bonus all instruments: $0.12-$0.32 per copied trade
    • Copy Bonus FX pairs: $0.50-$1.20 per copied trade
    • Withdrawal fees: $0-$5

    Types of trading platforms

    Four platforms are available to traders:

    MetaTrader 4: the FX Platform, which includes a huge number of instruments and supports algorithmic trading. MT4 can be installed on your desktop or cell phone. There is also a web version that does not need to be installed.

    MetaTrader 5: a new version of the platform including more instruments. For example, unlike MT4, it offers real stocks.

    Naga WebTrader: the platform supports all markets, allows copy traders, and provides trading signals.

    Naga iOS/Android: the platform is almost the same and supports the same features as Naga WebTrader.

    Trading with leverage

    CFD contracts are traded on leverage. This means that clients finance only part of the order and the broker lends them the rest of the money. You can make money without a large deposit, but as your leverage increases, so does the risk of losing money. In the end, you will still need to repay the loan. The leverage for European accounts is up to:

    • 1:30 – Forex Majors (EURUSD);
    • 1:20 – Forex Minors(USDZAR), Cash Indices Major (Dax, US30), Cash Commodities – Gold;
    • 1:10 – Cash Indices Minor (CAC, IBEX), Cash Commodities – Others (Oil, Silver), Future Commodities, Future Indices;
    • 1:5 – Equites CFDs, ETFs ;
    • 1:1 – cryptocurrencies.

    Naga’s social trading conditions

    Copy Trading is a tool that you can use to copy other traders. And it happens completely automatically and in real-time. Anyone who has a trading account with the Naga-global broker can choose from hundreds of other traders and start copying their trades. Every trade that will be made by a trader will also be made in your account. You can automatically copy everything another trader does, or adjust your Money Management a bit (set stop-loss limits or copy only a certain % of volume). From the hundreds of traders that Naga global offers for social trading, the trader can choose a suitable trader according to selected criteria, such as reported profit, copy success, number of copies, profitability, etc., within the chosen timeframe and location. It is also possible to get financial rewards from the Naga broker if you will be copied by other traders, the higher your VIP level, the higher percentage you will get.

    Copy Trading is an attractive feature, especially for beginners. It’s easy to fall under the illusion that all you have to do is copy a few top traders and you are in business. But that’s not really how it works. You can read on the Naga global com that about 80% of retail customer accounts go into the red. So copying does not increase your chances of success enormously. Or maybe it doesn’t increase them at all.

    NAGAX Cryptocurrency Exchange

    The broker has its own cryptocurrency exchange NAGAX and its own digital currency NagaCoin. NagaCoin (NGC) is a proprietary digital currency of the NAGAX cryptocurrency exchange, which is mainly used to pay commissions. Unfortunately, the exchange has low liquidity, so the chances are very unfavorable. The Naga token has plummeted in value by as much as 94% since its release.

    The exchange trades 30 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Solana, Polkadot, etc. Purchased cryptocurrencies can be stored by the user in the Naga global cryptocurrency wallet. There are stored both fiat currencies USD and EUR, as well as the aforementioned cryptocurrencies.

    When purchasing, you can use a Market order, which will be executed immediately at the current price, or a Limit order, where you can also set the desired exchange rate. The limit order is then placed on the exchange and waits for a suitable counter offer. For each order, the exchange charges a commission of 0.4% (maker/taker). The commission can be reduced up to 0.05% if you have the required amount of NGCs on your balance.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Working with Naga global is not very profitable. Even in spite of its statements about the lack of commission. It has very wide spreads, even for the most liquid instruments. This indicates that the company puts a solid percentage of its profits into the price.

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    Opinion on the Net about Naga Global Market

    Naga global com boasts of a large number of positive reviews on TrustPilot. The only thing people give a thumbs up for is the responsiveness of the technical support. But they should leave reviews for the fast withdrawal of money and trading profits. TrustPilot also has negative reviews of Naga-global. There, surprisingly, they also write about support. Traders claim that it is not fast and responsive at all, but slow and useless. There are some who never get an answer to their request. On other review sites, they say that Naga does not allow to withdraw money. It happens differently for everyone. For some people, the capital leaves the trading account but does not come to the selected method of withdrawal. For others, the platform constantly requires new and new documents for the withdrawal of funds, and never came to the final stage.

    Naga Global Market

    Naga-global evokes ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, it has its own shares, token, and CySEC license. Also, the company does not hide the names of those who run it. On the other hand, after using Naga, many are left with negative emotions. This is confirmed by many negative feedbacks.

    Naga Global Market review

    Our team is convinced that Naga Global is a broker that operates relatively purely for its own benefit. The company does not cheat brazenly and sometimes lets you take away part of your balance. But the only thing the platform is interested in is traders’ money. And it always finds a way to squeeze out as much as possible.

    Broker Naga Global Market

    Reviews of Naga global com warn that customers often encounter so-called cold calls. Its employees call completely random people and impose their services.


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    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Broker on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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