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    Reviews of money scams - why Neomarkets broker is third-rate, scam review

    The office manipulates transactions so that people lose their deposits. Sharashka pretends to be a real broker, but does not place transactions anywhere.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    FSC Mauritius





    Suite 201, 2nd Floor, The Catalyst, 40 Silicon Ave


    • Ru-support
    • Offshore license
    • Non-market quotes
    • Problems with withdrawals
    Trading Platform

    MT5, Neo Trader

    Types of accounts

    Headge, Netting, Swap Free, Micro




    Wire Transfer, Cars, Crypto

    Min Deposit





    From 0,9 pips

    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of currency pairs, metals, indices, energies, cryptocurrencies

    Order execution

    No information



    Neomarkets Review

    “Neomarkets” floods: it company group. Which ones exactly are unclear. The dodger is putting his finger on the authorized capital of $1.5 million. Every trader should understand: for a real Forex broker, the amount is very modest.

    She also rustled about 10,000 traders who are actively trading every month. At the same time, there are not many reviews. Most of them have a minus sign. The rest are custom made.

    At the time of preparing this review, the Neomarkets scam started 2 years ago. It hides behind registration in the Republic of Mauritius. He has a license from the local financial regulator. Plus registration with the Kazakh AFSA, which means nothing from the point of view of the security of traders’ capital.

    The Neomarkets website promises access to 4,000 financial instruments. There is no complete list. There are about 50 titles. That is, Sharashkin’s office is hiding a pool of assets.

    Rating Forex found cryptocurrency pairs in the NeoMarkets tool pool. This is definitely a forex kitchen or dealer. Please note: there are no liquidity providers for crypto pairs.

    The specifications make it clear: there will be no transfer of transactions to liquidity providers. Especially with a leverage of 1:500.

    Neomarkets has large negative swaps. They will not allow you to use conservative trading strategies. Spreads are very low. There are no commissions. If so, the bit is earned not by servicing transactions, but by draining the deposit.

    Methods for replenishing your account and withdrawing money from Neomarkets are limited to bank transfers. This is strange for modern Forex brokers. They can accept transfers from cards andnon-anonymous EPS.

    The withdrawal period and commission for this operation depend on the type of currency. The strangest thing is that transactions in euros and dollars take up to 5 days, and in the currencies of the UAE, India, Pakistan – up to a day.

    Terms of cooperation. TO How to make money with Neomarkets?

    To make money, Neomarkets encourages you to invest in 4,000 financial assets. But On the website total scam listed 5–6 tens. Among them:

    • currency pairs,
    • metals,
    • energy resources,
    • indices,
    • cryptocurrency pairs.

    Please note: these are all CFDs. That is, not real exchange instruments, but over-the-counter derivatives. Essentially, transactions for the difference in the price of an asset when buying and selling.

    Rating Forex warns: cryptocurrency pairs in the broker’s pool make it clear that trading is being simulated. This instrument has no liquidity providers. The fact that you will have to trade in the MT4 terminal also signals an imitation of trading. There will be no STP, ECN, NDD execution. The program contains only dealing, where prices are controlled by a fraudster with offshore registration.

    The specifications are in full:

    • Leverage – up to 1:500. Wide leverage proves that transactions will not be transferred to the interbank market. Traders can expect only imitation trading.
    • Swaps. Positive swaps are modest and few in number. There are many more negative ones, and they are huge. For example, BTC – USD: swap – 4274. This is how many dollars a trader will lose on the pair’s lot every night.
    • Spreads start from 0.9 points, that is, very narrow. With ordinary brokers, they are compensated by fixed commissions. But Neomarkets definitely doesn’t take them. This scammer prefers to steal the entire deposit rather than earn money by servicing, so he can offer incredible conditions.
    • The minimum transaction is 0.01 lot. This means that orders do not reach the interbank market.
    • Stop out – 20%. Very low level. The scam “Neomarkets” is not afraid of losing its capital allocated for leverage. This is only possible when simulating trading.

    Attention: I forgot to tell you about the margin call.

    Neomarkets has 4 trading accounts:

    • Hedge. Hedging is allowed. This means that there will be no withdrawal to the interbank market.
    • Netting. Does not allow you to hedge transactions. But they still won’t get to the interbank market due to wild leverage.
    • Swap Free. The swap is replaced by a fixed commission. But there is no information about it on the website.
    • Micro. Allows you to open transactions starting from 0.0001 lots. Cent.

    The scam incorrectly describes the meaning of the swap. Lovchila claims: it depends on the financial asset quotes. In fact, it depends on the interest rates set by the regulators of the currency-issuing countries.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal of money from Neomarkets

    «Neomarkets»operated by Neomarkets Group Ltd:

    • Year of registration: 2022.
    • Place of registration: Republic of Mauritius.

    There is also Neomarkets Ltd. This company was registered in Kazakhstan in 2020.

    That is, before us is a legal organization. There are 2 offices behind it. One is offshore, the other is in the region (in Astana), which has a similar status. In both cases, the supervisory authorities are toothless, and as toothless as possible. They are ready to deal with anyone who comes with money and does not blatantly violate their rules.

    Rating Forex warns: reviews of NeoMarkets are the best proof that the legal status of a sharashka office in unreliable jurisdictions does not provide traders with protection from rotten arbitrariness and money scams. It’s just that the garbage dump acts much more carefully than its fellow swindlers.


    Neomarkets talks about 2 licenses:

    • AFSA (Astana Financial Services Authority). Independent financial regulator of the AIFC (International Financial Center of Astana).
    • FSC Mauritius. Regulator of the Republic of Mauritius.

    The check showed that the documents were indeed available. The office received a Mauritian license in 2022.

    The Kazakhstan license is dated 2023. Although Neomarkets was allegedly registered there back in 2020.

    On paper, we have a real, regulated company that we can trust with money. But neither the first nor the second financial regulator became famous as a fighter against fraudsters.

    Rating Forex reminds: in Mauritius, every fourth scam is registered in order to scam traders out of money. ASFA has not shown itself to be a fighter against intermediary violators.

    How to withdraw money from Neomarkets and top up your account

    A fake broker accepts deposits in two ways:

    • In AED, INR, PKR. Transactions are instant. There are no commissions. Apparently, this means transfers from a bank card. Instant translation is suitable for this.
    • Bank transfer in USD, EUR. Lasts up to 5 days. There is a bank commission.

    In both cases, the minimum deposit is $1000 or €1000.

    There are three withdrawal methods to choose from:

    • AED. During the day, no commissions.
    • INR, PKR. During the day. You will have to pay a 4% fee.
    • USD, EUR. 5 working days. Commission of the bank.

    Honest reviews warn: the scam broker is hanging noodles. In fact, he exclusively prefers cryptocurrency.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The official Neomarkets website is operated by a company from Mauritius. That is, this frame can immediately be called a 100% “kitchen” created to scam traders.

    To cover himself, the Neomarkets scammer registered with AFSA (Kazakhstan). Everything would be fine, but this governing body does not regulate foreign companies.

    The fact of registration with AFSA gave the “kitchen” a formal reason to talk about international recognition and strict supervision. In fact, he very carefully robs everyone who tries to cheat with him.

    Opening a “Personal Account” with Neomarkets means facing a lot of problems. There will be no real trading. The swindler’s program contains only imitation. There is no real capital or financial instruments involved.

    The poor fellows who pop into Neomarkets are dealing with candy wrappers that are worth nothing. You won’t be able to make money. Refund is a big question. Where they end up after replenishment is a mystery.

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    Neomarkets reviews. What do they say about a scam broker?

    Scammer “Neomarkets” not only scammed people out of money,but also generated custom reviews. Only beautiful legends about comfortable trading and fat profits did not help hide the truth.

    On, honest reviews are mixed with fakes. The author of one of the most recent complains: Neomarkets is used to acting only in its own interests. When the trader starts to argue and demand to withdraw money, he ignores the scammer.

    People expect full return from the Neomarkets scammer and see him as a reliable financial partner they can trust. But they don’t earn anything. Moreover, the poor people are losing money en masse. The reason is the machinations of Sharashka’s office. She knows how to deceive and drive you into a financial hole.

    On, one person greatly regretted trusting the Neomarkets scam. The trickster whistled: he would become a reliable financial intermediary. But he turned out to be a money collector who left him without a penny.

    Many former patients of Neomarkets scam warn: people are cash cows for him. He doesn’t care about them.

    One person says: he fell for the promotion to open a “Personal Account” only because he could trade in MetaTrader, to which he was very accustomed. The poor guy never expected quotes to be manipulated.

    It turned out that instead of MT4, NeoMarkets slipped in a terminal of its own design. After arguing about this with technical support, the deposit was simply canceled.

    Rating Forex reminds you: MetaTrader 4 is created exclusively for dealing. Therefore, you can also twirl the quotes there. Everyone who encourages people to take money there are, at best, dealers, and at worst, scammers. There are much more of the latter. warns: the scammer “Neomarkets” is scamming you to open a “Personal Account” on social networks. He encourages people to replenish the deposit in cryptocurrency. Rustle: this is supposedly the only way to give an entrance ticket. Attention: you can’t trust it. Cryptocurrency is the easiest way for scammers to steal client money and get away with impunity.

    Did the fraudulent broker Neomarkets (“Neomarkets”) deceive you into making money? Do you want to quickly and calmly withdraw your capital? complain Rating Forex. Our lawyers will immediately get to work. The scammer will give you everything.

    Like a divorceandt for Neomarkets money

    Conventionally legal “kitchens” usually do not steal money blatantly. Most often, quote manipulation is used. The trader opens a trade and places a stop loss. A price spike appears that knocks him down.

    The Neomarkets patient is in the red. Sharashka throws up his hands. Blames price spikes. The swindler hits his chest with his heel: he is not guilty of anything. Such quotes allegedly came from a non-existent liquidity provider.

    Real reviews make it clear: the promotion of opening a “Personal Account” with Neomarkets is in full swing on social networks. The scammer is churning out fake accounts en masse. There he ingratiates himself into trust and induces him to deposit tens of thousands of dollars. When he gets very impudent, we are talking about millions in ruble equivalent.

    Another scheme that prevents traders from making money is slippage. If a person tries to close a trade in profit, his order is cancelled. Neomarkets floods: the price has changed. Or it delays the processing process until the asset falls below or above the breakeven point, so that there is no soot.

    Neomarkets is using a very broad shoulder. In most cases, the sharashka doesn’t even need to do anything. In volatile markets, traders themselves go into the red.


    Neomarkets is an offshore forex kitchen. The registration of this bit in Mauritius suggests that it cannot be trusted. The local regulator does not punish crooks at all. They settle there in batches.

    The minimum deposit is $1000. The scammer asks for so much in order to immediately line his pockets tight. It requires a transfer in crypt, as it cannot be tracked.

    Rating Forex reminds you: real brokers have no minimum deposit requirements at all. People open an account and deposit money into it as needed. Or they take it away. It is simply impossible to withdraw beans from Neomarkets accounts.

    A mixture of dealing and shA broad shoulder warns: all attempts to make money are doomed to failure. The Neomarkets scammer will not want to pay the deposit, because he will have to take the money out of his own pocket.


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