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    Can fraud NWH Ltd to bankrupt a trader - reviews former clients of a fake broker

    The scam broker “NVH LTD” was originally created to deceive people and steal cabbage from them. Anyone who hands over money will never see it again.

    “Personal account”NWH Ltd absolutely useless. All the patient of this bit has to do is give up his capital and merge. No matter how the poor guy tries to take his money, nothing will work. It does not go to the trading account, but to an anonymous wallet. The scammer immediately takes everything for herself.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    The scam is posing as a Cypriot broker and trying to scam Russians out of money



    Page: Cyprus

    City: 4948 Paphos

    Address: Vassileos Dionysiou Street, 38

    Phone: 35726134248

    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, licenses
    • No market quotes
    • There is no possibility to withdraw funds
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Beginner, Professional, Investment




    Visa, Mastercard, EPS, Crypro

    Min Deposit






    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of shares, indices, currencies, raw materials, cryptocurrencies, metals

    Trading Features

    Quotes do not correspond to market prices. The scammer uses them to achieve his goals of scamming the client.



    Review NWH Ltd

    If you look at content, the official website of NWH Ltd is not much different from dozens of clones created by the same scammers. They use them for several months to pump out cabbage. As soon as there is a wave of completely fair negative reviews, hunters jump to a new domain.

    Open free rating of brokers on Forex when you need to check with the intermediary. Make sure your money is safe. Avoid greedy scammers.

    She made a rustle: registered in Cyprus. This information has not been confirmed. The stuntman also cheerfully rustles about the licenses of several financial regulators at once. Rating Forex checked everything. The documents are also fake.

    Another secret of NVH LTD is the types of markets. There is no complete list of assets with all specifications. This is very bad. This state of affairs is only among swindlers.

    Another reason to never open a “Personal Account” with NWH Ltd is accounts with very high leverage. An honest broker will not offer it.

    The scammer hid ways to replenish your account and withdraw money. The owners of this fake broker and other similar scammers prefer cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and altcoins are easy to steal and difficult to track.

    Terms of cooperation «NVH LTD»?

    NWH Ltd offers investments:

    • in currency pairs,
    • indices,
    • cryptocurrency,
    • raw materials,
    • metals,
    • actions.

    However, there are no details about the tools on the scammer’s website. Market types only. This is suspicious. A normal withdrawal broker does not make a secret of the list of financial assets.

    Any trader understands: trading cryptocurrency through a Forex dealer is unprofitable. It’s slow and expensive. Still gives few opportunities. It is better to open an account on a crypto exchange.

    Rating Forex reminds: honest Forex brokers never interfere with crypto. This distinguishes them from scams like NWH Ltd. They simply love to lure new patients with stories about access to a popular financial instrument.

    There are 3 accounts to choose from:

    • Beginner.
    • Professional.
    • Investment.

    Deposit requirements are $150, $1000 and $10000 respectively.

    In Beginner, leverage is 1:100. In Professional, Investment – 1:500.

    Rating Forex warns:aboutThe shoulders that the swindler is trying to get in are too wide for the honest broker from a strict jurisdiction, which the scammer NWH Ltd is trying to impersonate.

    All accounts have instant execution of positions. This only sounds good for beginners. In fact, it means that transactions are not withdrawn.

    NVH LTD will also be a counterparty. That is, he will trade against the client, in fact imitating trading. All money and tools in the terminal will be fake.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    According to the scammer«NDBLHU Ltd.», its registration address isVassileos Dionysiou Street, 38 4948 Paphos. Rating Forex checked: there is no such street in Paphos. The local register of legal entities also turned out to be empty. Our hero is not there.

    Another scam about licenses:

    • CySEC.
    • IFSC.
    • FSC Mauritius.

    He even gives the numbers of these papers. And in vain. They confirm: this is a scam.

    Let’s take the CySEC license. The last two digits there are 46. That is, the document was issued in 1946 – more than 50 years before the appearance of the financial regulator.

    Rating Forex warns: all licenses of NVH LTD, including Cyprus, are rotten Linden. Sharashka does not have permission to provide brokerage services.

    The real age of the scammer

    According to the breeder, it started in 2019. In fact, the site where the stuntman dropped anchor was purchased by him only in 2022. It was on sale before.

    In fact, the scam started in 2022. Covered up in 2023. NWH Ltd didn’t even work for a year.

    Withdrawal of money from “NVH LTD” and replenishment

    Razvodila says nothing about payment methods.

    Like a divorceandt with money from NWH Ltd

    Our hero in full swing uses cold calls. He also churn out advertisements on behalf of fake companies, for vacancies that don’t exist. That is, he does everything to collect contacts. Then he scams the victims out of their deposits.

    When replenishing, the beans end up in the pockets of NVH LTD. Trade is simulated. And in such a way as to allocate for new replenishment of the depot. The trickster is trying to get loans from banks for millions of wooden ones.

    When you try to withdraw, the scammer blocks it. And this is in the best case. It’s worse when the scammer NWH Ltd tries to scam you out of money again – it demands you pay commission, taxes and insurance.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official site NWH Ltd Didn’t even live a year. He talks nonsense about his legal status. It has neither declared licenses nor basic registration.

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    Reviews about NWH Ltd

    Fraudster “NVH LTD” managed to throw in some money namereno people There is one at brokertribunal.comex-patient tells: threw lured his welcome bonus. I actually got it right after registration.

    Then the trickster confronted him with a fact: the bonus was mixed with the deposit and profit. To make a withdrawal, you need to work. That is, to make a large trade turnover.

    The author of the review believes: working off the bonus is a blatant scam. Not a single application for withdrawal of capital was approved. Now he doesn’t know what to do next. Asks for advice.

    Rating Forex reminds: if the broker has bonuses, trading is simulated, transactions are not sent to liquidity providers. Everyone who sells them will try to drain them. They don’t make money like that.

    On, victims of the NVH LTD scam warn: it is posing as a partner of Tinkoff itself. It encourages you to open an account with at least a minimum deposit of $150.

    Attention: the scammer can call several times a day from different numbers of any operators. He always feeds you fairy tales about high incomes.

    When the client gives up and nevertheless tops up the account with the minimum amount, they begin to cheat him on a large scale. The bit is tempting to go to the bank and take out a loan for a million rubles or even more. He’s constantly pushing. He behaves very aggressively and brazenly.

    One poor guy tried to withdraw his deposit without trading. The fake broker NWH Ltd began threatening persecution from the tax authorities. Rushal: allegedly allocated leverage. This means that you must definitely put another portion of cabbage on deposit so that there are no problems with the law. You can’t believe it. This is 100% a scam.

    On, the scammer “NVH LTD” is given minimal ratings. The scammer drains the deposit while people are not trading. Or simply writes off capital without explanation. Not a single anglerfish patient was able to withdraw his capital. Instead of giving the beans, the scammer demanded that more be added to the account.

    Make it easier to withdraw money from a fraudulent brokerNWH Ltd (“NVH LTD”). Rating Forex lawyers will do everything for you for free. The scammer will give away all your capital to the last cent.


    «NVH LTD» – part of a larger divorce scheme. There are hundreds of similar sites on the Internet. They all belong to the same crooks. Such tricksters work only in their own favor. Nobody can make money with them. Therefore, opening an account is pointless.


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