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I really didn’t like the quality of service, some rude guy called and blatantly demanded to open an account because I’m such a poor ford that I need to be saved immediately. The first time I sent him, but he called again with the same result, he was replaced by an even more rude person who told me that I didn’t understand something and that they were giving me a one in a million chance to escape poverty. But all they got from me was that I checked their website, it turned out to be complete bullshit. Therefore, the next conversation was more substantive; I told the nonsense that without a license they can trade with each other, and there is no need for me to sell my scam.

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This is not a real broker, he doesn’t have a single document, the trading conditions are only in the terminal which is WebTrader. And this is that demonic pontoon trash. Normal brokers do not contact him and dealers do the same. Stay away from dumps of this kind as far as possible, maybe you won’t end up with all the money like me.

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I repeat once again, a reliable broker with several tens of thousands of clients around the world cannot have a one-page website. Such hackwork is found only among scammers who don’t even want to spend money on a normal legend to scam crowds of young people. These are the greediest of all swindlers, I warn you, they will call for weeks and extort money until they realize that nothing will happen to them. They should be immediately thrown into emergency situations.

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There are stacks of such scams on the Internet and you should not trust them under any circumstances, because they were created for one purpose - to scam people for a deposit. They won't let you make money. This can be seen from the trading conditions, false registration, and cryptocurrency pairs. In short, there is proof that scammers are full of pants, not even non-believers.

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The scam is obvious at first glance: registration in an offshore is always very bad; an unclear description of services; incomplete specifications are even worse. Such scammers manage to work only because there are still thousands of gullible people on the Internet who are ready to believe the fairy tale about simple trading without any effort. But everyone who says this is a swindler and you need to stay as far away from them as possible.

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Very negative experience with this particular intermediary. Here you can’t earn prices out of the blue, which is why strategies don’t work. I drained everything in 3 days, so they started calling me and offering to top up again, it’s good that I didn’t fall for it this time.

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What are PayPal brokers and how to work with them — essential guide for beginners

PayPal is the most popular electronic payment system in the world. It:

  • is used in 202 countries;
  • supports several dozen currencies.

To start using PayPal, all you need to do is link your Visa or Mastercard.

The payment system has been around for over 20 years. Millions of people use it to pay for goods and services, and even to fund their forex trading accounts.

With PayPal, a trader’s bank card is linked. This means that money transfers are almost the same as making card payments. Even strict financial regulators allow this.

At first glance, everything seems fine. However, there are only about 20 PayPal brokers that can be genuinely trusted. Moreover, a significant portion of them are not brokers but dealers. They don’t execute trader transactions on the real market.

Advantages and disadvantages of PayPal brokers

The main advantage is fast money transfers. You can fund trading accounts with brokers in different countries around the world. This is easier than using cards. Withdrawing profits from a forex broker to PayPal also takes very little time.

Now, onto the disadvantages. The most notable is the absence of chargebacks. Traders should know that this mechanism only works with bank cards. PayPal wallets are not covered.

If a trader sends funds to a fake broker’s PayPal account, there’s no way to get the money back. In the best case, you might obtain information about the recipient. Note: this requires involvement from law enforcement authorities.

Top PayPal brokers — Are they necessary for Russian traders?

Starting from early 2022, there’s no point in working with a broker solely because they accept payments through PayPal. The payment system stopped accepting money from Russians. All their wallets were frozen.

No matter how beneficial or reliable a broker might be, they cannot accept PayPal payments from Russians. The same situation applies to forex dealers operating in Russia.

Using PayPal wasn’t very advantageous for Russians even before it left the Russian market. This electronic payment system doesn’t support ruble wallets. People had to open dollar wallets, and if they were funded in rubles, they would automatically be converted to USD, incurring a significant fee ranging from 2.4% to 5%.

Russian traders would need a PayPal broker for Forex only if they are abroad, have an account in a foreign bank that supports this payment system, or are travelers. Travelers can fund their trading accounts with brokers from 202 countries around the globe, and the money will arrive quickly.

Honest rating of PayPal brokers

Back in the middle of the last decade, dozens of intermediaries in the Forex market worked with PayPal. In 2022, there are only a couple of dozen reliable ones. The rest are scams.

PayPal can hardly be called a competitive advantage for a Forex broker. It’s simply a payment system. Its support doesn’t affect the quality of trading and services.

That’s why our rating of brokers with PayPal is based on legality. The top brokers are those with licenses from strict financial regulators in jurisdictions where the law keeps intermediaries in check, preventing them from misappropriating trader funds through loopholes and vague interpretations.

Choosing a trusted PayPal broker can be guided by the range of assets they offer, tailored to the needs of an average trader. Fake instruments like binary options or crypto pairs should be avoided; they are signs of a “kitchen” broker.

The third most important parameter is trading conditions:

  • leverage not exceeding 1:100;
  • minimum position size starting from 0.1 lot;
  • margin call starting from 300%;
  • stop-out at 100%;
  • tight spreads;
  • reasonable swaps without excessive fees for leverage.

The norm for commissions with zero spreads is $7–10 for a full round turn.

It’s important to look at deposit and withdrawal conditions. Supported payment systems matter, including PayPal. Traders should understand:

  • what commissions they will have to pay;
  • how quickly the intermediary promises to return funds.

Regardless of the method used to fund a broker’s account, it’s always recommended to start with a modest sum. Don’t deposit more until you’re sure the broker returns profits and doesn’t manipulate quotes.