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    PowerTrend broker review – real user reviews about the company’s work

    PowerTrend is a so-called innovative trading platform that they claim has been providing access to financial markets since 2013. The company claims that it creates a comfortable and safe trading environment, provides a modern trading terminal and provides a personal analyst to support traders. Their advertisements claim that thousands of traders have already increased their income using PowerTrend. But should you trust this company?

    One of the key benefits that PowerTrend attracts investors is the provision of a personal analyst and more than 100 trading tools. They promise that you can become a professional in any financial market and achieve successful stock trades. They claim that their economic calendar with news analysis and recommendations will help you learn about the best times to enter the market and increase profits. Behind all this bright packaging there are a number of dubious factors:

    • Information about the creation of the company and its founder remains unclear.There is no reliable information about the date and place of creation of the broker, as well as the identity of its creator.
    • This raises serious doubts about the reliability and transparency of the company itself. PowerTrend promises to provide all the necessary information for profitable deals, but the question of how reliable and objective this information is remains open.
    • The company’s analytical department, they claim, works around the clock and provides market reviews.

    The sources of these reviews and the qualifications of the analysts remain unknown. This undermines the company’s credibility and raises questions about how objective and independent they can be. The project promises support for its traders and offers various educational materials, including webinars with professional investors and video courses on trading. It is worth asking how useful and high quality these materials are. It is not enough to simply provide access to such materials; it is important that they are informative and relevant.



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    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction





    +442038079430, Email: [email protected]

    • Availability of different types of accounts
    • Mobile trading available
    • No license
    • Use of scam software
    • Difficult withdrawal of funds
    • Negative customer feedback about loss of deposit
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum




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    Financial Instruments

    Currency pairs, stocks, index, gold, silver

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    Questionable working conditions with the PowerTrend broker

    The company offers various trading accounts – Mini, Standard, Gold and Platinum. The minimum first deposit to open an account starts at $500 and reaches $35,000 for a Platinum account. It is important to note that the down payment amount is relatively high, especially for a Platinum account. This can scare off many potential clients, especially newbies who are not willing to risk such large sums.

    The terms of the minimum transaction volume are questionable. Regardless of the account type, the minimum transaction volume is 0.1 lot. This means that traders must be prepared to invest significant amounts of money on each trade, which can be a challenge for many clients, especially those with limited financial resources or risk preferences.

    The dubiousness of PowerTrend is also evident in the terms of withdrawal of funds. The withdrawal fee depends on the chosen method and may be zero, but often it is not indicated or is hidden in the details. It is noted that the timing of receipt of funds after execution of a withdrawal request can be quite different – from 1 minute to 5 days. This can cause confusion and frustration for customers who rely on quick access to their funds.

    Does the company have a license?

    PowerTrend claims that the company’s activities are carried out in accordance with the laws of various countries, including Russia. Their license and legal status are somewhat questionable. It is important to note that the dealer is an international company that provides brokerage services to clients from different countries. Such an organization may be subject to different jurisdictions and laws, which may make it difficult to protect clients’ rights. The lack of clear information about the licenses and regulators with which PowerTrend works raises questions about the transparency and reliability of this company.

    The location of the dealer is questionable. They indicate an address in the Marshall Islands, specifically on Ajeltake Island. Such island jurisdictions are often associated with low financial requirements and poor consumer protection. This can create barriers for clients if conflicts or problems arise with the broker.

    Information about the company’s length of service raises doubts. The project claims that it has been providing its services since 2013, however, their Internet resource was created only in 2021. This contradicts their claim of 9 years of experience. In addition, paying for a domain name for only 1 year may indicate that the company does not have long-term plans and is trying to quickly collect money and disappear.

    How does the company cheat?

    PowerTrend is a broker that skillfully carries out its fraudulent activities, hiding behind promises of real trading and offering convincing performances to clients. They use special scam software that helps them create the appearance of real trading. These scammers do not even deserve the status of forex kitchens, which you can read about in various articles, they are just pretending to trade.

    They use special puppet terminals that look like real platforms: transactions, color charts, transaction history – everything creates the illusion of reality. However, in reality, these terminals are trading simulators that scammers can manipulate at their discretion. They can make changes ranging from an instant stolen deposit in a client’s account to a drain of his deposit or a series of supposedly profitable trades.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Despite the company’s promises and claims, it is a fraudulent organization offering fake brokerage services. The lack of a license and the use of scam software raise serious concerns regarding the safety and reliability of customer funds.

    The company lures clients with high incomes, but in practice clients face problems with withdrawal of funds, loss of deposits and deception. Customer reviews confirm negative experiences and warn about the risks associated with working with PowerTrend.

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    Real customer reviews

    Reviews of PowerTrend indicate serious problems and customer dissatisfaction. Several comments confirm that the company may be involved in fraud and dishonest practices.

    One user considers PowerTrend to be a fraudulent organization, pointing out the rigged terminal and the lack of real trading options. He warns that the company’s goal is to lure money and even lead the client to a loan. This is a serious allegation that raises questions about the trustworthiness and integrity of the person.

    Another customer complains about questionable practices by PowerTrend. He claims that several trades were opened from his account without his permission. He was then informed that he must top up his account with two thousand dollars to avoid losing all his money. This review highlights unscrupulous practices and their desire to extract more money from customers.

    Another client claims that PowerTrend are ordinary scammers with ambitious plans. She reports that the company tried to defraud her of a significant amount of money by offering to make money on the financial markets. Anastasia mentions that the company twice offered her a loan. When it became clear that she would not fall for their tricks, her account was blocked. This review confirms the arrogance and greed and their willingness to use deceptive tactics to extract money from customers.

    Overall, reviews of PowerTrend raise serious concerns and confirm the negative image of the company. Customers complain about fraud, unfair practices, suspicious lending offers and account blocking. These reviews highlight the potential dangers of collaboration.

    Conclusions about the project

    PowerTrend is a broker that carries out fraudulent activities by luring clients with promises of profitable trading. Their negative and questionable practices raise serious concerns and confirm their unreliability and dishonesty. The lack of a license, questionable terms of cooperation, dark sides in storing funds and the use of scam software – all this indicates that PowerTrend seeks to deceive its customers and squeeze the maximum money out of them.

    Customers should be careful and avoid doing business with PowerTrend. Their promises and assurances of real trading are untenable, and attempts to use their services can lead to serious financial losses. True brokerage services require licensing and adherence to strict rules and regulations. PowerTrend does not meet these standards and is therefore not worthy of customer trust.


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    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about PowerTrend are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with PowerTrend on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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