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    Reviews about losing a deposit on the Quantfury platform - review of a broker without a license

    Quantfury is an online project that provides users with the opportunity to invest without paying commissions. The company attracts attention with its ability to trade at competitive prices in real time. However, before deciding to cooperate with this platform, it is necessary to study all its features in more detail and assess the level of security.

    The main financial instruments offered by the project are cryptocurrency, stocks, futures and currency pairs
    One of the main advantages, according to broker Quantfury.com, is the absence of commissions when replenishing the balance and withdrawing funds. This approach helps attract traders who seek to avoid additional costs and maximize their profits. But does the company really follow through on its promises or are these tempting offers nothing more than a scam?

    Despite the stated benefits and ease of use of the platform, it is important to take them with some skepticism and do some additional research. There is always risk in online investing and users should be prepared for possible negative consequences.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction





    No information

    • No commissions
    • Access to real world market prices
    • Wide range of financial instruments
    • Negative user reviews
    • Possible hidden fees
    • Customer service issues





    Bank of Transfer, cryptocurrency

    Min Deposit




    Min order



    0 pips

    Financial Instruments

    Cryptocurrency, stocks, futures, currency pairs

    Order execution


    Mobile Trading




    Rules for trading on the platform

    The work of the Quantfury broker and the terms of cooperation with him present some negative and dubious aspects that must be taken into account when deciding to invest funds.

    A minimum deposit of $100 is required to start trading on the platform. The broker offers trading leverage up to 1:20, which allows you to increase potential profits. However, if you carefully study the trading conditions, it becomes clear that the information is extremely insufficient. The fraudster does not provide the client with complete data so that he can assess his risks and benefits of trading on this platform. After the user registers and begins to carry out transactions, the scammer’s promises disappear and the trader begins to lose his finances.

    Assets available for trading are priced in real time and are not said to be adjusted or manipulated directly by exchanges. However, be careful to note that these prices and order books are sourced from various exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE, Bats Europe, CME, EUREX, COMEX, NYMEX, Binance and Coinbase.

    Quantfury claims to charge absolutely no fees or commissions. The asset buying and selling prices provided are supposedly delivered in real time from global exchanges without any manipulation. You should be careful not to rely solely on these statements, as many brokers hide additional commissions and fees that can significantly affect your trading results.

    Does the company have a license?

    Quantfury states that it is licensed and regulated by the Bahamas Securities Commission. However, the broker does not provide confirmation or documents that prove its legality. Thus, we question the company’s intentions and its reliability.

    The location of the broker is also an important issue. Although the exact location is not specified, it is known to be associated with the Bahamas. Cooperation with a broker located in such a jurisdiction may create certain risks and raise questions about transparency and reliability.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The positives of working with Quantfury include the ability to trade commission-free, which can be attractive to traders looking to minimize costs. Additionally, access to real world market prices can provide more accurate data for decision making.

    It is worth noting the negative aspects that were mentioned in user reviews, such as possible hidden fees, problems with customer service and problems with the trading terminal. These factors may affect your trading or investment experience and results. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct your own research and carefully study the terms and policies of the company before deciding to cooperate.

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    Broker reviews

    Reviews of Quantfury can be a key factor when deciding whether to cooperate with this platform. Let’s look at some of the comments submitted and identify the main issues that customers are complaining about.

    This review indicates a lack of trust in the platform and suspicions of its dishonesty. The client believes that Quantfury promises more than it can deliver and warns others against possible financial loss.

    This review expresses a strong lack of trust in the broker and recommends users to withdraw their funds from the platform to avoid losses. The commenter believes that investing in cryptocurrency represents a safer alternative.

    In this comment, the client expresses dissatisfaction with the lack of a demo account and the untimely response of the support service to the problems he encountered. This causes him to distrust the broker and refuse further interaction with him.

    Reviews of Quantfury indicate certain problems and dissatisfaction among some customers. The most common complaints are suspicions of fraud, loss of money, poor service levels and insufficient responsiveness of the support team.

    Conclusions about the project

    Quantfury is a broker that we have analyzed and looked at various aspects of its activities. The study revealed some dubious and negative aspects that should be taken into account when deciding to cooperate with this platform:

    • Negative reviews;
    • Incorrect support work;
    • Questionable terms of cooperation;
    • Lack of license;
    • Unknown project location.

    Ultimately, the decision to partner with Quantfury is at the discretion of each individual client. It is important to exercise caution, evaluate risks, and make informed decisions based on reliable information and your own needs and goals for investing and trading.


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    How do customer reviews about Quantfury affect the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. You can see all the reviews about Quantfury on the company’s official website.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Quantfury on the Rating Forex website?

    Register on the Rating Forex website – it is free and takes up to 5 minutes, taking into account the registration confirmation via the link that will be sent to your email. Detailed instructions on how to leave a review about Quantfury can be found here.


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