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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Review Rakuten Trade. What kind of broker is this?

    “Rakuten Trade” is a subsidiary of the Japanese Rakuten Securities. This trickster began offering brokerage services in 2017. He:

    • promises a service that combines the best practices of Malaysia and Japan;
    • calls itself the first fully online stock broker with innovative digital investing capabilities.

    According to legend, the Rakuten Trade brand is jointly managed by Rakuten Securities Ltd and the Malaysian bank Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad. The role of the latter is reduced to storing client capital. This is the only thing, which does not cause any complaints. Traders’ money is truly safe. They won’t just steal them.

    There is no pool on the Rakuten Trade websiteassets. There are only types of markets. The variety is not impressive. Only stock instruments are available to traders. In addition to this, you can trade with leverage using existing financial assets as collateral. But all this does not amount to innovative service.

    Trading conditions come down to numerous commissions. The scam broker pulls them for any actions with capital or financial assets. At the same time, it promises discounts and cashbacks. Only their size does not cover the scammer’s markups compared to the cost of similar options from other intermediaries.

    Of all the ways to top up your account, only bank deposit is available. Moreover, it is advisable to make the transaction through Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad. This is a big minus.

    You definitely won’t be able to top up and withdraw quickly. First you will have to open a regular savings account. Behind him is the brokerage and transfer money between them. All this comes with additional fees. You can’t even hope for free translations.

    Rating Forex warns that if you add in the conversion costs associated with trading on three different exchanges, you cannot expect a profit. You need to hold financial assets for a very long time for investments in them to pay off. You will also have to pay for storage.

    Год основания


    Регуляция и юрисдикция

    Malaysia (SEC)

    Особенности компании

    Предлагает трейд на биржах трех стран, дерет с трейдеров огромные комиссии



    Страна: Malaysia
    Город: Kuala Lumpur
    Адрес: Level 7, Kenanga Tower, 237, Jln Tun Razak
    Телефон: +603 2110 7110

    • Легальный брокер
    • Активы бирж трех стран
    • Завышенные комиссии
    • Устаревший терминал
    • Трейдерам навязывают кредиты под залог активов
    Торговая платформа


    Cash Upfront Account ​​​​​​​​​​​​​+ Foreign Market Trading, Contra Account, RakuMargin Account

    Валюта счета


    Кредитное плечо



    Акции, варранты, облигации, права, ETF, REIT

    Провайдер ликвидности

    Bursa Malaysia, Hong Kong Exchange и NYSE/NASDAQ

    Особенности торговли

    Очень высокие комиссии за любые торговые и неторговые операции

    Отзывы о Rakuten Trade. Что говорят трейдеры?

    Reviews about Rakuten Trade. What are traders saying?

    Despite the fact that Rakuten Trade in trading since 2017, reviews about it can be counted on one hand. Mostlypop up customer opinions about the mobile terminal –

    For example, on Google Play, Rakuten Trade has 3.3 stars based on 2,400 ratings. Almost half of the users slapped one. It’s so bad that the developers have closed reviews. Only ratings are visible.


    Отзыв о Rakuten Trade

    It’s even worse at the Apple Store. There, Rakuten Trade has 1.9 out of 5 stars based on 486 ratings. There are also 10 reviews. One author gave it a 5, another – a 3. The rest rated the broker a two or a one.

    Mostly people complain about the design of the trading app. They call it outdated and inconvenient. But there are more important problems. For example, stop loss does not work on American stocks. Even if you set it, it just doesn’t work. In addition, the assortment is much narrower than what is actually on NASDAQ.

    Rakuten Trade

    The site gave several reviews about Rakuten Trade. They say: holding shares in this swindler for a long time can lead to bad results. There will be deception. The trickster can change the service rules at any time, which will lead to additional financial losses.

    Отзывы о Rakuten Trade

    Reviews warn: Rakuten Trade is an unnecessary intermediary in the Hong Kong and American markets. It transfers positions to local brokers, which makes trading much more expensive. Therefore, it makes sense to open a “Personal Account” only if you want to trade assets on the Malaysian stock exchange.

    There are many complaints about delays in updating data in the mobile terminal and severe slippage when closing positions. It is noteworthy that it was not possible to find reviews in Malay. That is, our hero’s target is English speakers. Malaysian traders do not deal with him. Apparently they have more accessible ways to trade on the Malaysian exchange.

    Don’t let the Rakuten Trade scam run away with your money. Straightawaycomplain Rating Forex. Our lawyers provide free consultations. Get help that will return every penny.

    Terms of cooperation.TOEarn money with Rakuten Trade?

    Rakuten TradeoffersinvestmentsV securities of Bursa (Malaysia), Hong Kong, NASDAQ, NYSE (USA) exchanges. There is no complete list of tools. From the description of the table with the stamp duty rates of the Bursa exchange, it becomes clear that traders have at least access to:

    • actions;
    • bonds;
    • warrants;
    • ETFs and other funds.

    There is stamp duty on all assets except ETFs. It is 0.10% of the cost of the instrument.

    The scam broker accepts 3 currencies:

    • ringgits;
    • US dollars, Hong Kong.

    Only ringgits are allowed to be used for trading on all three platforms: Hong Kong, USA, Malaysia. The rest can be used strictly in their markets. That is, Hong Kong dollars are intended for trading in Hong Kong assets, and American dollars are intended for trading in American assets. This means that traders will have to first convert their capital into ringgits. Otherwise, there is no point in opening an account with Rakuten Trade. It is easier to enter the US and Hong Kong stock exchanges directly.

    Commissions for transactions start from 0.1%. At low trade volumes it can reach up to 1%. In any case, it’s up to the throat. An honest Russian broker offers to trade with a commission of 0.06% or less.

    There are commissions:

    • for clearing (all assets except the US) – up to 0.03%;
    • regulation (US assets only) – up to 0.0008%;
    • stamp duty – up to 1 ringgit per 1000 ringgit volume;
    • depositary receipts (USA) – up to $0.03 per share;
    • currency exchange (Hong Kong only) – 0.00565%;
    • SFC and FRC fees (both for Hong Kong assets) – 0.0027% and 0.00015% respectively;
    • stamp duty of the Hong Kong exchange (in addition to the platform fee) – 0.1%.

    The scammer promises up to 7.8% per annum onunused capital. Naturally, in ringgits. Considering that local inflation has risen to only 4%, the percentage is very pleasant. You might even get carbon deposits.

    But there is also bad news. The scammer “Rakuten Trade” will use client capital to line its own pockets. This money is not protected. If suddenly our herowill begin financial difficulties and he will be on the verge of bankruptcy, it will be very difficult to return the beans.

    Rating Forex warns: more 0.5% per rollover is charged quarterly. This is an additional cost for investors.

    It turns outIn order to gain profit, taking into account all costs, you will have to invest in very risky financial instruments. This increases the likelihood of losing your deposit.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal of money from Rakuten Trade

    “Rakuten Trade”registered in Malaysia in 1993. The company has not provided external customer service for 24 years. As an online broker, Lovchila started only in 2017. He immediately began calling himself the first of his kind in Malaysia.


    Отзыв о Rakuten Trade

    Rakuten Trade’s license is also okay. It was received in 2017. That’s when the website started working.

    Отзыв на Rakuten Trade

    Having a license and registration is a guarantee that there will be no blatant scam on the part of Rakuten Trade. The bit does not earn its income by stealing all the money from clients. He imposes exorbitant fees on anyone who opens a “Personal Account” for any financial transactions: both trading and non-trading. Judging by the reviews, the bit does not invest much in the quality of the software with which it offers trading.

    How Rakuten Trade scams you for money

    “Rakuten Trade” is a legal company. But this does not stop the trickster from profiting from clients.

    On the one hand, people are promised access to the markets of three countries at once. But you can normally trade there only in Malaysian currency. Malaysians should be comfortable with this. Only none of them writes reviews about our hero. Most of the comments about working with it are in English.

    The scammer Rakuten Trade acts as an intermediary in at least two markets – Hong Kong and the United States. He does not have a local brokerage license. This means that he cooperates with local intermediaries, through whom he executes trader orders. If so, he pays for the services of two brokers at once instead of one. It is not profitable.

    Rakuten Trade commissions are greatly inflated. To trade on NASDAQ, you can choose a broker that does not charge commissions for stock trades. For example, the same E*Trade. Naturally, it has other fees. But they are below the exactions of our hero. That is, people lose money on every transaction for no reason.

    To start trading with Rakuten Trade, you first need to open an account at a local bank, transfer beans there (ringgits are better), and then deposit them from there into a brokerage account.

    That is, a trader from outside Malaysia will face at least one conversion and a couple of commission fees – for transferring first to a bank account, then to a brokerage account. All this for trading with 10-fold inflated fees in an inconvenient, outdated terminal.

    You can’t count on quality technical support. Judging by the reviews, the problems are not being solved. Traders need to struggle with the terminal themselves and wait a long time for the glitches to be fixed.


    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Rakuten Trade Official Websitepromises trading on three exchanges at once. Only this will cost 10 times more than our hero’s colleagues. And without reason. It is very important to understand: the so-called intermediary cannot boast of either quality or speed of service.
    “Personal account” at Rakuten Trade – a good idea exclusively for those, Tothen he wants to simultaneously work on 3 exchanges at once (USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong), while he is ready to overpay quite a bit just for the opportunity to manage all assets from a single account.
    Rakuten Trade has been on the market for 30 years. As a broker – since 2017. At the same time, traders’ reviews about him are crazy. The Internet is full of reviews. Nobody praises the dodger there. The ratings are either reserved or negative. This is a good reason to stay away from such an intermediary. He does not, did not have and never will have a reputation as someone with whom it is profitable to work.

    Want to spread the word about your company or have you been in a negative review? Contact the portal editorial office right now


    Rakuten Trade is a very situational broker. Only Malaysians are comfortable with him. At least they do not need to convert their capital in order to trade on all markets.

    At the same time, the range of assets is limited to securities in combination with margin trading secured by financial instruments. Leverage is limited to RM100,000. That’s about $21,000. Ridiculous money for the stock markets.

    The quality of service is questionable. Rakuten Trade’s reputation is rotten. The fake broker quickly cleans up bad reviews.They are closed on Google Play. There you can only see the average rating. This should discourage the desire to open a “Personal Account”.

    Judging by the reviews, Rakuten Trade is tight-lipped about its services. For example, there are problems with trading in American markets. Including stop loss, which does not work. The trader must constantly monitor all quotes so as not to miss the moment of trend reversal and the appearance of losses. It is not comfortable.


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    How do customer reviews influence Rakuten Trade on the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria influencing the reputation and position of a broker in the ranking of reliable companies. You can view reviews about Rakuten Trade on the main broker profile page.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Rakuten Trade Online Forex rating?

    You must register on the official Forex Rating website. This procedure is free and will take very little of your time. To confirm your registration, you will receive an email with a link where you will find detailed instructions on how toleave a review about the company Rakuten Trade.


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