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Review Findxel Pros

Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Findxel Pros fingers: he is a broker greattitledand. It has been operating allegedly since 2017. Only it was not possible to confirm the availability of awards. All the nominations listed by Sharashka’s office either do not exist, or the prizes for them went to completely different projects.

    The age of the bit is also questionable. Checking the domain made it clear: it appeared in September 2023. It was last updated in November of that year. Attention: seven years on the market is out of the question.

    The scammer rustles: registered in Cyprus. The check quickly refuted this. The forex dump also uploads information about the licenses of four financial regulators. This information has not been confirmed at all.

    Rating Forex warns: Findxel Pros place on the blacklist. The site of this scam is very similar to the web resources of dozens of scams that tell the same stories about registration and regulation.

    To find out For an exact list of financial assets that can be traded, you need:

    • register,
    • launch the trading terminal.

    The Findxel Pros website did not provide details about the tools or their quantity.

    There are countless gaps in the terms of trade. Only the leverage is known. It is too broad for a Cypriot Forex broker, it reveals that our hero is a 100% scam. You will be able to touch all other specs only after registration. Here is a concrete reason not to open your “Personal Account”.

    The Findxel Pros scammer does not tell you how to deposit and withdraw. Reviews make it clear: the scammer prefers crypto deposits. They are easy to steal and difficult to track. It’s still difficult to return.

    Year of foundation


    Company Features

    One of the many similar sites created by a group of scammers who have been scamming Russians since at least 2017



    Side: Cyprus
    Address: Konstantinou Kavafi 31
    Phone: +357 97 965034

    • No registration or license
    • Non-market quotes
    • The output doesn't work
    Trading platform



    Beginner, Standard, Master

    Account currency


    Minimum deposit

    $ 150



    Min. order

    0,01 лота


    CFDs of stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals

    Trading Features

    The scammer manipulates quotes to force you to deposit even more money into your account and steal it all

    Findxel Pros reviews. What are traders saying?

    When this review was being prepared, a real review of the Findxel Pros scam was given by the site Its author is indignant: this is the rock bottom. His tariffs are inadequate, his deals are fake. Another reason to blacklist is a rotten terminal.

    The author of the review does not see any reason to open a “Personal Account”. Warning: Findxel Pros smells cheap. Technical support shows its incompetence in answering the simplest questions.

    Findxel Pros reviews

    On people say: Findxel Pros is a scam. One person says: he fell for the trickster’s tales about a unique platform. I topped up the deposit on the advice of the manager. Then everything went wrong:

    • transactions were closed only in the negative;
    • technical support suggested waiting and believing in the best.

    The author of the review decided to withdraw his deposit. It turned out that this was impossible. Now the poor guy is thinking of running to the police to fight for his capital.

    Findxel Pros review

    There is a person who opened his “Personal Account” with Findxel Pros and was completely disappointed. It turned out that all the reviews where they put a thumbs up are rotten orders. The scammer showed his real face as soon as he reached for the money. The account was immediately blocked.

    Reviews of Findxel Pros on warn: the scammer imitates trading. He doesn’t show poses anywhere. It is simply impossible to draw a conclusion. First, the swindler demands to pay one commission, then another, followed by a third. The extortion continues ad infinitum. It doesn’t even smell like conclusion.

    Отзыв на Findxel Pros

    Eat real opportunity to get your money back from the fraudulent broker Findxel Pros (“Findxel Pros”). Legal advice from Rating Forex will help you take away every penny. Our specialists work for free and are very efficient.

    Terms of cooperation. How to make money with Findxel Pros?

    Divorces Findxel Pros encourages me to do investments:

    • in raw materials,
    • metals,
    • indices,
    • cryptocurrency,
    • currency,
    • actions.

    Exactly how many assets are in the pool is unknown. To figure it out, you will have to register on the scam website. It shouldn’t be this way. Trader even before registration has the right to know what financial instruments will beto him available.

    The list of assets of the Findxel Pros scam includes cryptocurrencies. This is proof of simulated trading. Forcryptopar there are no liquidity providers. This means that trading is simulated on the servers of a fraudulent broker.

    There are 3 types of accounts to choose from:

    • Beginner.
    • Standard.
    • Master.

    Entrance fees are $150, $1000 and $10,000 respectively. In Beginner the leverage is 1:100. In Standard and Master – 1:500. Wide leverage suggests that we have a forex kitchen that does not lead traders’ transactions anywhere. She also definitely cannot legally work in the eurozone. Local financial regulators allow leverage up to 1:30. This is the ceiling.

    All accounts have instant execution of positions. Rating Forex warns: here is yet another proof of imitation trading. An honest broker only provides market execution.

    Standard gives traders access to trading metals and cryptocurrencies. The privilege is dubious. With $5,000 you can open an account on any exchange and trade cryptocurrency without intermediaries.

    The second privilege of the Standard account is deposit insurance. Attention: you will not find such a rotten arrangement with any honest broker. This is the hallmark of a scammer. Only such catchers rustle that they compensate for losses from loss trades.

    The Master has everything that the Standard account has. Plus:

    • Securing a deposit. It’s not clear what this means. Most likely, we are talking about protection from a negative balance in the depot, which a trader receives with any deposit from an honest intermediary.
    • Support 24/7. The scam manipulates access to the caliper in order to dilute the increased depot.

    Findxel Pros account descriptions make it clear: this is a scammer who rips off poor people who are taking their first steps in trading.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    Findxel Pros convinces that which is managed by a company registered in Cyprus. A check of the local register of legal entities made it clear: it does not exist.

    Lying about registration should discourage people from holding out an entry ticket. Such scammers are the most arrogant and aggressive. They will do anything to grab a couple hundred bucks.

    Развод Findxel Pros

    The scam pretends that it is registered in the UK, Belize, and the UAE. A check of the registries of these countries made it clear that this was a lie.

    Rating Forex reminds: dash instead registration warns that all attempts to cheat will end in lack of money. No liquidity provider will deal with such a sharashka office.


    According to the fraudster Findxel Pros, he has the following licenses:

    • CySEC.
    • DFSA.
    • FCA.
    • IFSC.

    The dodger even deigned to give the numbers of the first two pieces of paper: P088733 and 071/03. Warning: they are fake. This is clear from the Cyprus license number. The last two digits indicate the year of issue – 2003. Our hero saw the world in 2023.

    The rest of the licenses are the same rotten linden. The proof is the result of checking the registers of the regulators listed by the scammer.

    Отзыв о Findxel Pros

    A space instead of a license warns: client rights are not protected. Regulators will not be able to force the scammer to return the money. They do not have a single tool in their arsenal to influence the scam. The only thing regulators can do is blacklist the sharashka. This is what the Central Bank of the Russian Federation did to the hero of our review.

    FindxelPros reviews

    Depositing and withdrawing money from Findxel Pros

    There is no information on the scam website on how to replenish your deposit or withdraw beans. There are no transaction deadlines or commission amounts. This situation is found only among scammers. A real broker gives all the information.

    From reviews of sites run by the same scammers behind Findxel Pros, it becomes clear: they prefer to take the entrance ticket in cryptocurrency. Rating Forex strongly does not recommend dealing with brokers who offer such methods of deposit replenishment.

    Like a divorceandt for money Findxel Pros

    In the Findxel Pros arsenalseveral ways to search for new patients. The most popular one is cold calling. The catcher calls everyone and encourages them to trade. The same person can be pestered for weeks.

    Another working way to get a couple of new patients is to create fake accounts on different social networks. The scammers behind Findxel Pros first gain confidence. After:

    • they begin to make fools of themselves about making money from a reliable intermediary;
    • They encourage you to connect with one employee who will help you make a good profit.

    Scammers are also actively collecting contacts through job sites. They promise high-paying employment with no requirements for the applicant. Once you send your resume, the steamrolling will begin brokerage services.

    The Findxel Pros scammer has 100% control over the prices in the terminal. He can completely drain the deposit, and then persuade him to replenish it in order to win back.

    There is a more complex version of the scam. Fraudsters set up profitable deals. The client sees that the depot is growing. He becomes more loyal.

    Then the scammers get in touch. They try to increase the deposit by ₽ 1–5 million. If you don’t have that kind of money, they encourage you to take out a loan from the bank at any interest rate in exchange for tales about a very quick profit.

    The latest scam begins when you try to withdraw money. Foundxel Pros scammed: you need to pay a commission. And a separate translation.

    If the victim bites, the extortion continues. Taxes taken from the ceiling float up, which need to be unfastened before the cabbage is removed. Then comes the conversion fee. The scammer continues to pump out the beans until the patient realizes that he will no longer see his capital.


    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Findxel Pros official website feeds noodles about the start date, registration and regulation. This is one of the many carbon-copy sites for scammers to scam Russians out of their money. The scammers behind them have been in business for more than 5 years. During this time, the dodgers managed to change several hundred web resources made according to the same scheme.
    Open at Findxel Pros “Personal Area” – means losing the beans.Real reviews warn: there is a risk of wasting not only your savings, but also ending up deeply in debt.
    Fraudsters lure out millions of wooden ones, encouraging them to take out loans from banks and microfinance organizations. Every site with the same content as Findxel Pros needs to be walked a kilometer away. Otherwise, the Khan’s money is ruined.

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    Pabout filling withsay Findxel Pros is like hundreds of scammers. This is because they are churned out by the same crooks. They have been using the same content for 5 years in a row. Edits are always minimal.

    As a rule, scammers have 3 trading accounts, one of which has the worst conditions and low deposit requirements. In the “basement” there is a portion of noodles about 2–3 licenses. On the “About the Company” page, several financial regulators are mentioned who allegedly control Sharashkin’s office.

    Such sites live for several months. Afterwards, the scammers who created them jump on new ones that have not yet appeared.

    Rating Forex has not met people to whom those behind Findxel Pros voluntarily made a return. They act as brazenly and aggressively as possible. They are not afraid of anything. Not a single financial regulator is able to find control over them. That’s why it’s so important for traders to check the registration and licenses of intermediaries, so as not to run into scams.


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    How do customer reviews influence Findxel Pros on the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria influencing the reputation and position of a broker in the ranking of reliable companies. You can view reviews about Findxel Pros on the main broker profile page.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Findxel Pros rating?

    You must register on the official Forex Rating website. This procedure is free and will take very little of your time. To confirm your registration, you will receive an email with a link where you will find detailed instructions on how toleave a review about the company Findxel Pros.


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