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I really didn’t like the quality of service, some rude guy called and blatantly demanded to open an account because I’m such a poor ford that I need to be saved immediately. The first time I sent him, but he called again with the same result, he was replaced by an even more rude person who told me that I didn’t understand something and that they were giving me a one in a million chance to escape poverty. But all they got from me was that I checked their website, it turned out to be complete bullshit. Therefore, the next conversation was more substantive; I told the nonsense that without a license they can trade with each other, and there is no need for me to sell my scam.

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This is not a real broker, he doesn’t have a single document, the trading conditions are only in the terminal which is WebTrader. And this is that demonic pontoon trash. Normal brokers do not contact him and dealers do the same. Stay away from dumps of this kind as far as possible, maybe you won’t end up with all the money like me.

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I repeat once again, a reliable broker with several tens of thousands of clients around the world cannot have a one-page website. Such hackwork is found only among scammers who don’t even want to spend money on a normal legend to scam crowds of young people. These are the greediest of all swindlers, I warn you, they will call for weeks and extort money until they realize that nothing will happen to them. They should be immediately thrown into emergency situations.

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There are stacks of such scams on the Internet and you should not trust them under any circumstances, because they were created for one purpose - to scam people for a deposit. They won't let you make money. This can be seen from the trading conditions, false registration, and cryptocurrency pairs. In short, there is proof that scammers are full of pants, not even non-believers.

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The scam is obvious at first glance: registration in an offshore is always very bad; an unclear description of services; incomplete specifications are even worse. Such scammers manage to work only because there are still thousands of gullible people on the Internet who are ready to believe the fairy tale about simple trading without any effort. But everyone who says this is a swindler and you need to stay as far away from them as possible.

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Very negative experience with this particular intermediary. Here you can’t earn prices out of the blue, which is why strategies don’t work. I drained everything in 3 days, so they started calling me and offering to top up again, it’s good that I didn’t fall for it this time.

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Brokers in Russia 

Brokers in Russia operate under strict jurisdiction, providing high-level client protection, but with limitations. 

Russian brokers fall into three categories: 

  • Stockbrokers 
  • Forex brokers 
  • Fake brokers 


The largest Russian brokers operate on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) and the Saint Petersburg Exchange (SPBEX). As of 2023, there are 564 companies in various markets, including stocks, futures, currencies, and money, with an additional 14 in the commodity market. 

Top brokers in Russia offer spot and futures trading, Individual Investment Accounts (IIAs), leveraged positions, and more. 

However, to approach the best brokers on MOEX effectively, substantial capital, often in the millions, is required. 

Opportunities for profit exist in IIAs and other passive investments, but long-term investments are more about preserving capital. 

Forex Brokers in Russia

There are no standalone forex brokers in Russia; instead, dealers, managed by major banks or brokerage companies, conduct internal trading based on demand and supply. 

In 2023, there are only four reliable Forex brokers in Russia: 

  • Alpha-Forex 
  • Finam-Forex 
  • VTB 24 Forex 
  • BCS Forex 

These are the only licensed brokers with licenses from the Central Bank of Russia (CBR), exclusively offering currency pair derivatives. 

Russian Forex brokers stand out from Eurozone intermediaries with: 

  • Leverage up to 1:50 
  • Limited currency pairs (around 20) 
  • Trades starting from 0.01 lots 

Top Forex brokers in Russia act as tax agents, simplifying tax calculations for traders, especially newcomers. 

Issues with profit withdrawals and identity verification are minimized with top-rated Russian brokers, managed by banks or related entities. 

Most experienced Forex traders worldwide focus on currency pairs, making legal Russian brokers sufficient for 70–80% of traders. 

Fake Brokers

Many Russian Forex broker rankings include offshore dealing centers, often former CBR-licensed entities. However, half of the top 10 Russian brokers are offshore “kitchens.” 

You can profit with them if you: 

  • don’t deposit large sums 
  • trade cautiously 

Be cautious with “kitchens” in the Forex market, as significant profits can lead to fund withdrawals and account blocking. 

Offshore dealing centers in Russian broker lists entice with leverage, diverse assets, and attractive bonuses, but beware, these are often bait. 

Unregistered intermediaries also find their way into rankings, aiming to steal clients’ capital. 

Rating Forex frequently updates its list of reliable Russian brokers, as fraudulent entities attempt to deceive clients, posing significant risks for those seeking honest Russian intermediaries for genuine earnings.