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    A new decentralized social network that allows you to make money

    Solcial is a decentralized social network that advocates free speech. It allows its users to communicate without fear of being censored and allows content creators to receive fair compensation without intermediaries. The website is available in 19 languages, which significantly increases the audience of the project. 

    The two main functions that Solcial promises to perform are:

    • Promoting freedom of speech – the social network wants to allow its users to express themselves freely and allow discussion without censorship
    • Content monetization – Solcial has created a platform that will allow users to monetize their content

    Solcial is a decentralized social network on the Solana blockchain. What does that tell us? This means that all data will not be located on the network servers, but on IPFS nodes through a P2P mechanism. In other words, all your information will not be stored on the server, but in nodes that cannot be hacked or altered.

    The project promises that you are safe and don’t have to worry about your data being stolen or used against you. Unlike the usual social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which in turn use your personal information for marketing. Very often users find that if they search or spell the words several times a day when using different social media, their ads will soon be filled with ads for that product.  Here it is – a prime example of social media using your personal space for its own purposes.



    Year of foundation


    Turnover of token

    1 billion SLCL tokens

    SLCL price


    Subscription types

    Level 1 free

    Level 2-3 “invest-for-subscription” model








    • Modern site
    • Bonus
    • Communication with platform participants
    • Lack of license and regulation
    • Incompleteness and ambiguity of the information provided

    Own development

    Types of accounts

    No information




    Bank Transfer, credit cards

    Mobile version




    How Solcial's basic processes work

    Solcial wants to introduce a mobile application for iOS and Android operating systems, as well as a desktop application and a web version, which is available without downloading. On Solcial, each user has his own token that allows him to invest directly in people. Upon registration, each user receives 1 million coins, which he can dispose of at his discretion. This reserve is fixed and the same for everyone. These coins belong to you, you can keep them or sell or exchange them within this platform. It is possible to monetize your content by having a token linked directly to the user, with its own price and market capitalization. Thus, content creators become public companies. You can set a price for your token and see how your audience reacts and whether they are willing to buy tokens at that price. To cash out your income you need to sell some of your tokens in your pool, in return you get SLCL. And then exchange the SLCL in a convenient way. 

    To follow people, has 3 levels of subscription:

    • Level 1 is a basic subscription level, you can subscribe to someone for free to access their publicly available content (similar to Twitter or Instagram)
    • Level 2-3 is a subscription that allows access to the user’s personal content. Subscribers must own the token of the user they want to subscribe to, that is, they must become an investor, thereby encouraging them to create future content. Thus, a kind of “invest-for-subscription” system appears, where users will buy the author’s tokens to explore his content online. This idea is very fresh and interesting in terms of the economic literacy of each user.

    As of version 1, you can post images and text online, later the creators will allow more types of content such as video and music. You will also have the ability to trade NFT directly from the application.

    The SLCL token

    What do we know about the Solcial token? This token will be used internally to vote on changes to the social network, and also to pay a commission. Solcial workers will charge 0.5% for each transaction and burn half, which will create a deflationary model. Also, your personal tokens can be traded to the SLC pair, which will create the scope of using this coin as a kind of intermediary. On Solcial both creators and users will be able to make money. Unlike Web 2.0 platforms, users will be able to invest directly in content creators and earn as they develop. This feature doesn’t take subscribers aside. It allows users to not only watch the content creator grow, but also allows subscribers to join in.

    The SLCL performs three functions:

    • Voting on the DAO (a kind of decentralized autonomous organization needed to solve problems).  It is possible to vote for the future decisions of the platform, what to undertake for development and what not, what direction to choose, etc. Each token holder will be able to vote on the DAO in proportion to their ownership of the SLCL;
    • To have a discount on trading fees;
    • To buy another person’s tokens. To buy someone’s token on you will need SLCL as the base currency. Each user is allocated one million coins upon registration. The greater the significance, the higher the value of a particular coin. You can also speculate, if you see potential in a person, you can invest in their coins. 

    There may be no more than a billion Solcial tokens in general circulation, but they will be unlocked within 3 years. The launch was on April 1, 2022, the token is already on the market and it’s trading. 

    Areas among which tokens will be distributed:

    • 19% to Marketing and Partnerships – tokens are intended for new potential partners, and will also be used to provide liquidity on various exchanges;
    • 10% to Community Allocation – recruiting new communities, including a public sale;
    • 10% to Private Investors – for investors who invested in the second half of 2021; 
    • 20% to the Team, Advisors and Strategic partners – for developers who are creating a new network on the web3;
    • 25% to the Ecosystem Incentive Fund – a special reward for Scouts and Senior Scouts, which will be paid in tokens. It is worth noting that there will be a limited number of scouts;
    • 25% to the Treasury Reserve Fund – it will be used at a later date.

    Currently, the Solcial token is trading at $0.1356 with a market capitalization of $3,812,272. At the moment, the token can be bought on four exchanges KuCoin, MEXC, Raydium and Jupiter for USDT(Tether) and USDC(USD Coin). The lowest price for 1 SLCL on Jupiter at the moment. The community has not yet seen what the platform looks like, but if you have studied the information about it well and are interested, it is worth buying a small amount of SLCL. Since the token is likely to be in demand and grow, due to the stated features it will be in circulation all the time. 

    One of the most important advantages is that there is no censorship

    Since most social networks are based on web 2.0, at the helm are people with a lot of power and money, which, in one way or another, are interested in control. Since most social networks are based on web 2.0, at the helm are people with a lot of power and money, which, in one way or another, are interested in control. Basically, it is the owner who is responsible for all possible violations. The difference between Solcial and other social networks is that the project will protect freedom of speech, regardless of who is in power. The fate of content will be decided by a group of people like you and me, that is, there will not be one person in charge who will decide for everyone. The main player on Solcial is the user. also boldly declares that they will have no censorship. The Solcial is Solana-based and advocates freedom of speech and the abolition of censorship. According to the idea, you can’t censor content, if you post something, it can stay posted forever as long as someone, somewhere thinks that content is important, and can’t be removed or overridden by any other party or authority. All user content (feeds, posts, likes, etc.) is stored on IPFS and is accessible through the P2P layer created by Solcial‘s developers. Thus, it does not rely on censored servers or gateways. And all transactions related to tokens (mining, trading, exchange, etc.) take place on the Solana blockchain.

    If this network is so safe that you can express yourself freely and no one will block content because of decentralization, then how will the creators deal with illegal content? The answer torments anyone who has encountered such projects, which in turn want to be free of the government, but the authorities still try to regulate the network. And so, the answer is simple. The network will have a voting system and a complaint system for content that falls outside of the laws of the world (e.g., child porn, beheadings, terrorist discussions, etc.). So, if you have seen content on a social network that violates all the legal standards of the world and do not want such information to walk all over the Web, you can file a complaint along with other supporters of common sense and with a large enough percentage of complaints about the content posts will be considered by the administration and in the worst case hidden. But if some community somewhere thinks that this content is important and should be seen, they can just continue to anchor the content on IPFS and broadcast it through their nodes. That way, it will be visible to them through their direct links, but not visible in the UI to a wider audience. To ensure the Solcial security, they cooperate with Kudelski security (the firm that audited Solana itself).

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    I believe that the present situation in the world is in chaos, in the confrontation between the people and the regulators of power. People are trying to be more psychologically mature and developed in their views and be ready for progress, which is something the authorities do not see. Decentralization allows everyone to choose and be free to live their lives, but only the right mind can use this system in the right way. So the Solcial network is a way for people to get away from the influence of the higher rungs of the social branch in the first place, namely, the control of their ideas and thoughts. In addition to the freedom of speech, you get the opportunity to earn by creating unique content or finding promising creators with the prospect of growth, and therefore the growth of their own coin.

    Want to spread the word about your company or have you been in a negative review? Contact the portal editorial office right now

    Project Potential is a potential project and is likely to have strong development as the company is backed by tier one investors: Solana Ventures, Alameda research, Rarestone, Newave Capital, NOIA Capital, Genesis Block ventures and others. They all provide the project with broad support from industry networks to community marketing.

    Feasibility of a personal blog on Solcial 

    The main target audience of the project is crypto-enthusiasts, people familiar with blockchains, wallets, trading, NFT, etc. A personal blog on Solcial will be quite difficult to promote and gain an audience, because the platform is related to the crypto world and the first users will be interested in this industry. In addition to the fact that you will take a long time to gather your audience, it will also be diverse in terms of age. Advertisers will be quite difficult to determine the age of the audience of your blog and therefore advertising will not be very much, as well as it will be inexpensive. The more quality and unique content you publish, the more people will be interested in you and in investing in your token.

    Who would benefit from joining the project

    Any user who creates content for free will be interested in trying out the platform. You can do all the same and get the cryptocurrency at the same time, thereby increasing your market capitalization. Any user can monetize their content. The service is useful to everyone from Influencers, who will increase their audience and share unique content, to companies that can offer token holders discounts in their stores or premium access to exclusive content. The main reason is privacy. On Solcial everything is encrypted, without any backdoors reading your private messages. You can create an anonymous account and use it as you see fit.

    What does it mean and how to become a Solcial Scout?

    Scouts are the leaders of the community. As Solcial Scouts, these people make timely, regular and useful contributions to the project. They can engage in a variety of activities, from translating or writing articles for the blog and creating video content, to actively participating in the community. Scouts organize events, create content, actively participate in the development of the project, and help newcomers. For their work, scouts are rewarded with Solcial tokens, project-logoed products, exclusive NFTs, and the opportunity to represent the community at various meetings and events. The amount of reward for each Solcial Scout is determined by the work he or she has done.

    Previously, the project saw a large increase in scouts, there was constant recruitment. Over time, it became noticeable that many began to slack off, to do nothing, to steal ideas. The company could have chosen two ways – to do nothing and just observe or to deal with the issue. They went the second way and stripped some of the scouts of their positions because they were occupying positions that could be taken by interested people. 

    To become a scout you need to send a questionnaire to the Solcial team. After reviewing your application, the company will find the best use for your skills and contact you. Once approved, you will receive various assignments, and you will be able to choose your own activities, which will also contribute to the development of the platform. Each scout has to fill out a Google form with a progress report. Scouts can be promoted through the program if they prove their ability to be a Solcial community leader. To increase your chances of becoming a scout, you need to actively follow the activities of the project, the competitions. The most likely option to become a scout at this point is to win contests. Also do the work for the project, perhaps you will be noticed sooner or later and will give you the cherished status. 

    Solcial media and promotion methods

    We recommend you to subscribe to Solcial club on Twitter, Telegram and Discord, as they often post useful information about the project and actively answer users’ questions. The company’s website offers a blog, where interesting articles about the work and updates of the project are published several times a month, as well as competitions. 

    The company has already held a contest for 100,000 SLCL in May. The competition was held in the form of a quiz on knowledge of information about the project. This was done to increase the audience and reward active users. To take the quiz, you had to follow Solcial club Twitter account, retweet and tag three friends, then join the Discord and Telegram chats and, of course, take the quiz itself. You could increase your chances of winning by owning SLCL in Solana-based wallets. The amount of the prize was randomly distributed among the 46 participants, the main prize was 50,000 SLCL. The company promised not to leave out the losers, but to reward them with some kind of nice bonus during the launch of the platform as soon as possible.


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    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about Solcial are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Solcial on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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