Advanced Scalper

Advanced Scalper is a Forex advisor designed to automate the trading process in the market. Based on complex algorithms to determine highs and lows, it offers traders the opportunity to trade on various time frames, especially recommended for use on H4 and H1. The advisor includes slippage control functions and spread filters, which allows you to make transactions with high accuracy and efficiency. Advanced Scalper is suitable for markets with high liquidity and low spreads and can be customized to suit each trader’s individual requirements, while offering recommended settings for optimal performance.

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Trading Conditions

Trading Platform

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Min Deposit

From $150





Financial instruments

Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, commodities, precious metals, shares of international financial companies, energy, futures

Margin Call/Stop out


Order execution


Min order

Default from 0.02 lots

Maximum drawdown




Advanced Scalper Help

On the official siteAdvanced Scalper does not have specific information about the launch date of the project, the names of the managers or the developer. The problem is that the site is no longer functioning. Apparently the portal had to be closed due to an excessive number of negative responses. Also, specific formats of communication with the project team or the goals of the robot are not mentioned in the detailed description. Typically, for such trading robots, information about the developers, creation history and customer support is key to assessing the reliability and transparency of the project.

The goals of the trading robot are:

  • automation of the Forex trading process, allowing traders to save time;
  • increasing trading efficiency through the use of complex algorithms and strategies that may not be obvious or difficult to execute manually;
  • minimizing the emotional impact on the trading process, excluding the human factor from decision making;
  • work 24/7 without the need for constant monitoring by the trader, which is especially important in volatile markets.

Please note that there are no specifics regarding Advanced Scalper. In general, it is not clear who guarantees the prospects for cooperation and earnings.

Technical support

Specific communication formats are not mentioned. It is not entirely clear how you can contact technical support. After all, users will definitely have questions regarding the work of the advisor.

Terms of cooperation with Advanced Scalper

Before us a trading robot for Forex that automates the trading process based on algorithms for selecting highs and lows. This EA can be used on a variety of time frames, but is particularly effective on H4 and H1, and is recommended for markets with high liquidity and low spreads. It is based on algorithms that control slippage and spread filters, which allows you to perform trading operations with high accuracy and efficiency.

Features of Advanced Scalper:

  • automation and customization. The advisor allows traders to automate the trading process, freeing up time for other matters. It has advanced stop loss management settings and can be customized to suit the user’s individual needs;
  • testing and use. Before starting to work with real accounts, it is recommended to test the advisor on a demo account to check its effectiveness and the absence of errors;
  • choosing a broker. To maximize the effectiveness of the advisor, it is important to choose a broker with low spreads, commissions and fast execution of transactions.

Purchasing an advisor is always fraught with risk, and it is important to understand that even with positive reviews, there is no guarantee of stable profits. To customize the advisor to your needs, you may need knowledge of the MQL programming language.

The Advanced Scalper advisor does not have any documents giving the right to operate in this niche. The platform provides services illegally.

Reviews about Advanced Scalper

Let’s start with the fact that comments began to be posted online relatively recently. This is an indicator of the insignificant work experience of the development itself. So statements regarding extensive experience and long-term operation are a bluff.

Now regarding what users are complaining about. In most cases, these are inflated commissions and the absence of a demo mode. Oddly enough, for some reason such a reliable service decided not to provide a demo version.

Many fell for it, paid money and were left without income. Although they hoped and believed that in the near future the software would give the declared profit.

In general, if you are still thinking about downloading Advanced Scalper, study the comments and ratings provided by independent monitoring. The program has proven itself to be not the most reliable robot.

If you fall for the robot’s promises, it’s realistic get your money back no overpayments. There is a chargeback or forced cancellation of the transaction. This is exactly what will allow us to restore justice without any problems.

Verdict Advanced Scalper

Next, you will be presented with the signs of a scam discovered after the Advansd Scalper review:

  • aboutPromises of Guaranteed Profits: Any claims that the advisor is guaranteed to bring profits should raise suspicion. The Forex market is unpredictable and no one can guarantee a stable income;
  • lack of transparency. Lack of information about exactly how the advisor works, its algorithms and trading strategies may be a sign of fraud;
  • hidden fees and high costs. If purchasing an advisor requires a significant investment or has hidden fees, this may be an attempt to defraud;
  • lack of real reviews or only positive reviews;
  • promise of quick results. Any claim that an advisor will be able to quickly increase your capital should be viewed with caution;
  • lack of support. Reliable advisor developers provide high-quality support and are open to feedback, our hero decided not to post even basic formats for contacting managers;
  • problems with withdrawing money;
  • pressure or urgency in marketing;
  • unrealistic claims of low risk. Forex trading always involves risk and claims that an advisor can avoid risk are not true;
  • lack of demo version or testing capabilities. Reliable developers often offer demo versions, but anonymous developers decided not to offer this option and it was impossible to test Advance Scalper.

Considering such moments, you shouldn’t even waste time getting acquainted with the robot. Because its use will only lead to losses.