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Robot Setka Trader is a specialized advisor for trading on the Forex market. Created to automate trading processes, it is designed to work on the Metatrader 4 platform and is focused on the GBP/USD currency pair with the M1 timeframe. This bot attracts traders with its potential profitability, but also carries high risks associated with the martingale strategy used.

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Forex Setka Trader

Создан, год


Класс советника


Тип советника


Размер сделки

10000 единиц на 0,01 лота

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Метод Мартингейла

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Reviews of the Setka Trader forex advisor

Analyzing the strategy Setka Trader reviews When using the advisor, a general trend of user dissatisfaction and disappointment becomes apparent. Most traders emphasize significant losses and instability of the software.

Anton and Archie express their dissatisfaction, noting that the promises of stable positive trading, which were demonstrated during testing of the advisor, do not correspond to the actual trading results. They point to frequent cases where the advisor opens trades without taking into account current market conditions, which leads to significant losses.

The difficulty of predicting the behavior of an advisor and its unstable operation are becoming the main reasons for user disappointment, writes Marina_FX. She emphasizes that it is difficult to predict the robot’s actions, which creates additional stress and uncertainty in trading.

Alex_Trade shares his experience when, after the initial growth in the account, the advisor began to open large volumes of transactions, which led to a rapid loss of all earnings and even more. This experience is typical for many users who have encountered similar problems when using Trader Setka.

Clark and Igor describe situations when the advisor leads to a quick loss of the deposit, which they perceive as deception on the part of the software developers. These reviews highlight the high risks of losing a deposit and the instability of the adviser’s work.

Users have no reason to trust developers Setka Trader review reviews showed that complimentary comments are rather an exception to the rule. Trading with this advisor is a dangerous risk; the risk of losing your entire deposit to the last cent is too great. Therefore, traders should consider other tools created by trusted developers.

Features of the Setka Trader forex advisor

Main Feature Setka Trader – using the martingale strategy, which involves increasing the volume of trading positions (lots) after each unsuccessful transaction. In theory, this approach allows you to maximize profit, if circumstances are successful, but it also increases the risk of losing your entire deposit. Practice shows that Martingale-based bots drain deposits.

The advisor is optimized for working with the GBP/USD currency pair, which requires the trader to understand the features of this currency pair. Trading is carried out on the smallest time frame – M1, which makes the software especially sensitive to the slightest market fluctuations.

It is important to regularly withdraw profits and monitor the status of your account to avoid complete loss of your deposit. However, in practice this is impossible to do, since the developers are promoting the idea of ​​​​cooperating with fraudulent brokers who block cashouts. Scammers work in conjunction with forex kitchen administrators.

The size of the initial deposit and money management play a key role. For example, for an account type Cent-NDD, a minimum starting deposit of $250 is recommended. The cost of the software is not specified; scammers will announce the price during personal communication; they adapt their appetites to the client’s financial capabilities.

Installing the advisor is no different from the standard procedure for Metatrader 4, but requires care in optimizing parameters such as Magic Number, Lots, MultiLotsFactor, StepLots and others. The scammers decided not to publish the recommended values ​​for the listed settings.

Despite the potential profitability, the adviser is considered high-risk. It is necessary to carefully study the principles of working with martingale bots and strictly follow the recommendations for money management.

Based on the description provided Setka Trader investments purchasing the program seems like a very rash decision. The program was created by anonymous developers who did not consider it necessary to confirm their qualifications in this field of activity. The ideologists of the project refuse to bear financial responsibility for the incorrect work of the adviser.

Setka Trader testing results

The program demonstrates impressive results in terms of profitability, especially with proper capital management and regular withdrawal of profits. Live accounts have recorded an increase in returns of over 2000% in less than a year. This became possible thanks to the systematic withdrawal of profits and reinvestment of earnings.

The scammers are disingenuous because testing was carried out not on real accounts, but on the history of quotes. These are completely different things. The founders of the project do not publish evidence of effectiveness Setka Trader personal account in this project – synonymous with financial losses.

Backtests of the advisor on historical data show varied results. In some years the robot demonstrated high profitability, in others it went into a loss. This highlights the importance of understanding that past performance does not guarantee similar future performance.

Main risk of use Setka Trader related to his martingale strategy. Increasing the lot after each unsuccessful transaction can lead to significant losses and even complete loss of the deposit. Therefore, it is extremely important to strictly follow the rules of money management and have a sufficient initial deposit to maintain the strategy. It is recommended to regularly withdraw part of your profits to minimize risks and protect your initial capital.

A negligent attitude towards testing a trading advisor is a demonstration of the incompetence of the project team. Newcomers lose deposits. With an initial capital of $250, it is impossible to make a profit using Martingale. This is a utopia that scammers are trying to sell to newcomers under the guise of the Grail. There is no trading strategy; the robot opens random orders. In fact, traders using this program rely solely on luck. There is no systematization of trading.

Expose Setka Trader: disadvantages and risks

The advisor uses a grid of orders to manage trades. The prospect of its use causes mixed reviews among users. Despite the promises of high returns, it carries significant risks, especially for beginners in the Forex market.

Basic work strategy Trader Setka consists of opening new transactions with an increased volume while the previous ones suffered losses. This can lead to a rapid depletion of available funds and, ultimately, to bankruptcy. Testing on a demo account showed periods of both high profitability and complete loss of the deposit.

Setka Trader does not require a personal account for installation and trading, which simplifies the process of using it. However, scammers often advise to correctly configure the settings of the advisor, which can be difficult for inexperienced users.

Key software parameters:

  • lot size;
  • step between orders;
  • lot increase factor;
  • maximum number of open orders.

At the same time, there are accusations that the adviser creates the illusion of profitability in order to encourage users to invest more, after which the deposit quickly drains.

User reviews often focus on money scams, with short-term profits followed by losses of significantly larger amounts. This indicates possible manipulation by the system. Some investors describe the advisor as fake and aimed at losing traders’ funds.

This is another useless robot that trades based on completely random signals. Using martingale advisors is an unjustified risk that you should never agree to. Complaints against developers are completely justified, since they ignore customer requests and also refuse to release updates to fix bugs.


Experts do not recommend trading advisors Setka Trader official website There is no development team, there are only threads discussing the project on several popular forums. The entire marketing strategy of the bot’s creators is based on empty promises of abnormally high profitability. If you trusted scammers and paid for this software, write to us and we will we will help you make a chargeback. The procedure for forced cancellation of a transaction will help compensate for the financial costs incurred.

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