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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Why does the broker lie? Tengri Securities - chances of making a withdrawal, review from clients

    “Tengri Securities” told, which has been servicing traders and training since 2019 of the year.This information is not confirmed. All the facts, including domain verification, prove: the hero of our review appeared only at the end of 2023 and did not live very long. Lying about your age can be considered a sign of a cheater.

    Sharashkin’s office claims: it is managed by Tengri Securities Corporation LLP. Rating Forex checked: this is a real company from Kazakhstan. There is a similar one in China. Neither one nor the other has anything to do with They do not specialize in forex trading, as the scammer suggests.

    Regulation is even worse. Even Tengri Securities Corporation LLP, which is the cover for the rotten scam Tengri Securities, does not have a brokerage license. If so, legal trading is out of the question.

    Rating Forex warns: you should not give a single cent to such offices. They will put everything in their pocket. It will be very difficult to make a return.

    Money the instruments that Sharashka offers to trade are questionable. There is no complete list of financial assets. There are only types of markets.

    The bit offers to deal with United States securities. There’s just one catch. It is not clear how a dodger can offer access to them if he is backed by an unregulated Kazakh company.

    The Tengri Securities website doesn’t even mention the terms of the trade. They will become known only after registration and launch of the trading terminal. What is it called? It’s a fake broker.

    Another mystery is how to replenish your account and withdraw money. An honest broker has nothing to hide. Only scammers are darkened to make it more difficult to bring them to light.

    Year of foundation


    Company Features

    The scam pretends to be a broker, a trading academy and a prop trading company rolled into one



    Country: Kazakhstan
    City: Almaty
    Address: Tole bi 101, Tole bi business center, 9th floor
    Phone: +7 (707) 275-59-70

    • No registration available
    • Deals are merged
    • Withdrawal doesn't work

    Stocks, currencies, raw materials

    Trading Features

    Trade is simulated. Transactions do not involve real money or instruments

    Tengri Securities reviews. What are traders saying?

    The Tengri Securities scammer actively encouraged people to trade on real markets and learn trading. Reviews warn: both options are the path to fat losses.

    On, a former patient of an angler fisher says: for a long time he was looking for a place where he could improve his trading skills and find a suitable intermediary. I managed to run into The fake broker started promising everything at once: training on real instruments, a broker from a pool of partners. It turned out it was all a lie.

    The poor guy didn’t even make it to the training terminal. He was simply inundated with spam calls. There is a possibility: the Tengri Securities scammer sold the person’s contacts to other scammers.


    Отзывы о Tengri Securities

    Another reviewer complained: he was perplexed where Tengri Securities found his phone number. Lovchila called for several weeks and encouraged me to learn how to trade on favorable terms. The poor guy gave up and ended up with an intermediary, who constantly leaked his positions. There was no training at all.

    A person on says: Tengri Securities froze the trading account without warning and withdrew all funds. Support stopped responding.


    Отзыв о Tengri Securities

    After replenishing the depot at Tengri Securities, one reviewer began to be bombarded with calls with unique offers regarding investments. At the other end of the line they were urging me to increase the deposit. It turned out that the analysts are scammers. Instead of the promised profit there was a huge loss.

    There are even more complaints about deception on One of the review authors was looking for a place to trade normally. I got into the Tengri Securities sharashka. It promised a bunch of trading tools and the ability to build flexible strategies.

    Expectations were not met. As soon as the author of the review gave his phone number, they began to inundate him with offers from various scams to start trading and making money without training or education.


    Отзывы Tengri Securities

    One person shared his phone number with Tengri Securities. All hell broke loose. Every day they called dozens of times from different offices with dubious offers to make investments. After checking several of them, it became obvious: they are all scams.

    There is a review that says: is a lazy fake of a real intermediary. Fraudsters have created a poor website for collecting contacts. They are sold to other scammers.

    Rating Forex will do it quickly refund from a fraudulent broker Tengri Securities (“Tengri Securities”) without prepayment. Our lawyers work for free. Their help is a guarantee that your capital will be with you again.

    Terms of cooperation. TOHow to make money with Tengri Securities?

    Tengri Securities pproposesinvestments:

    • in shares,
    • currency pairs,
    • raw materials.

    The trickster promises access to 500 financial assets. His website doesn’t even have a rough list of tools with specifications. This warns: all attempts to become kings will end in a dive.

    The trading conditions are a complete bummer. No:

    • spreads,
    • commissions,
    • swaps.

    Not a word about leverage, margin call, stop out or minimum transaction volume. The trader must take his word for it that the working conditions will be favorable. If you need specifics, you will have to register.

    Reviews about Tengri Securities make it clear: the scammer scams people himself and leaks the contacts of his victims to the side. That’s why the scammer doesn’t give specifics. Victims end up with different scams that have heterogeneous specifications.

    The scam doesn’t even say anything about the minimum deposit amount. But there is a lot of talk about the cost of educational programs to which they promise access. For example, training in trading by American traders costs $3,000. There is no evidence of effectiveness. There are no reviews either. You need to take his word for it and cash out the money.

    There is no information on the Tengri Securities website even about the minimum deposit. It’s very simple to explain. The scammer is trying to steal as much cabbage as possible from everyone. Therefore, when communicating on the phone, he probes the financial capabilities of a potential victim and names the amount that he can definitely put in his pocket. So some lose a couple of hundred dollars, while others give the swindler thousands of dollars.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    “Tengri Securities”supposedly managed by Tengri Securities Corporation LLP. Place of registration: Kazakhstan. Rating Forex checked: such a company really exists. The area of ​​activity includes financial services, except for the organization of pension funds and insurance. It is important to understand: this is not what a broker should have.

    What we have here is a sharashka office that is either lying about registration, or hiding behind the registration data of a company to which it has no connection. In both cases, you cannot trust her with capital.

    Rating Forex warns: It will be very difficult to identify and bring to justice crooks. You won’t even be able to make a claim against Tengri Securities Corporation LLP. The company can claim that it knows nothing about the scam. There is no evidence that they are connected other than statements on a dubious website.

    There is a project on the Internet: This is a trading academy website. There, infogypsies sell completely useless courses for a lot of money. The dodgers behind could use the details of this office to become legal in the eyes of potential victims.


    Our hero does not have a license to provide brokerage services or investment consulting. The regulator of Kazakhstan has never heard of such a scam. It is not in other registries either. The dump merged so quickly that it didn’t even have time to get blacklisted by regulators as a scam.

    The lack of a license warns: no one will protect the interests of traders. Regulators do not have leverage on those behind Tengri Securities. The police will tell you that the crooks are hiding in another jurisdiction and they won’t be able to get hold of them.

    Rating Forex Advice: Don’t mess withgarbage dumps without a regulator. They are full of scenarios that will allow them to get away with impunity, even if they deceive hundreds of traders.

    Deposit and withdrawal of money from Tengri Securities

    There is no information on the scam website about ways to replenish your deposit. This can already be considered proof of scamming money. A real broker does not hide information about how to pull the beans. It is possible that our hero prefers crypto deposits. They are easy to steal.

    Like a divorceandt for moneyTengri Securities

    Tengri Securities scam very multifaceted. The scammer has a lot of ways to leave you without money.

    Poor people who independently find the Tengri Securities website and leave their contacts there receive dozens of calls from various scammers. They are offered to make profitable investments through intermediaries that no one has ever heard of.

    Another option to leave people without money, which is used by the Tengri Securities swindler, is cold calls. The victim can be encouraged to undergo training and trade with a reliable intermediary, or they can immediately encourage them to open a brokerage account. In both cases, the outcome will be the same – losing money. This can happen during a trade or immediately after a deposit. The trickster will cut off access to the “Personal Account”.

    The Tengri Securities scam did not stay afloat for long. All because it was a very aggressive scam. He threw whole bunches of people. Complaints quickly began to appear on the Internet. The crooks closed down the shop. More precisely, they changed the name, the website and continued to pump beans.


    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Tengri Securities official website does not work any more. It stayed afloat for 4 months and then died out. This fact says more about the scam than the reviews of people who fell into its clutches. Such bits belong on the black list.
    Although the scammer posed as a Forex broker, he focused on training traders. He pretended to be a prop trading company. At the same time, he offered to study not for free, but for money.
    Most of the scam victims did not even reach the trading terminal. The poor fellows lost their money at the moment when they decided that learning from a lying garbage dump was the first step towards making fat money.
    Everyone who opened”Personal Area”inTengri Securities, he left. Linden Kazakhstan Co.Ntora drained deposits in no time by manipulating quotes. Many did not even suspect the deception. They thought that they themselves were to blame for the loss.

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    “Tengri Securities” – a fake broker without any documents. It hides behind registration data that belongs to a real company. Lovchila has nothing to do with her. He also does not have a brokerage license.
    The scammer provides information about trading conditions and financial instruments only after registration. That is, people give their contacts without knowing what exactly they will have access to and how profitable it will be to work. It shouldn’t be this way.
    The site of the Tengri Securities scammer stopped functioning a few months after its launch. This means that somewhere a similar scam appeared from the people behind it. Rating Forex recommends checking everyone with whom you plan to enter the market. Otherwise, you will have to count your losses.


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    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria influencing the reputation and position of a broker in the ranking of reliable companies. You can view reviews about Tengri Securities on the main broker profile page.

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