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    Why TopEU should not be given an entrance ticket - reviews, dirt on the broker, review and exposure of scammers

    The TopEU website promised safe, profitable trading. Whistled about security levels, a visual terminal. It’s worth checking out these claims, it turns out it’s a big serving of noodles. The terminal is browser garbage not connected to markets. Instead of data protection, there is theft of personal information and money scams.

    The trash heap doesn’t even mention documents. Only one thing is known – registration in Estonia. There is no address or complete registration details. There’s a problem with the license. It doesn’t even smell like regulation.



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    • Easy registration
    • Fast account replenishment
    • No documents or license
    • Trade is simulated
    • You can't withdraw money
    Trading Platform


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    Financial Instruments

    CFD stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, currencies, indices



    Broker review

    The TopEU website promised safe, profitable trading. Whistled about security levels, a visual terminal. It’s worth checking out these claims, it turns out it’s a big serving of noodles.

    The terminal is browser garbage not connected to markets. Instead of data protection, there is theft of personal information and money scams.

    The trash heap doesn’t even mention documents. Only one thing is known – registration in Estonia. There is no address or complete registration details. There’s a problem with the license. It doesn’t even smell like regulation.

    It is impossible to evaluate the range of financial instruments. There is no complete list of assets anywhere. There is information only about markets. This is definitely not enough.

    Another proof that TopEU is a scam: cryptocurrencies in the instrument pool. An honest broker will not offer to trade Bitcoin and altcoins. This financial instrument has no liquidity providers. Cryptocurrency derivatives are found only in “kitchens” and scammers.

    You can find out the trading conditions only after registration. This is unacceptable. Every trader has the right to know how to get into positions before he opens his “Personal Account”. Only scammers hide information about specifications to make it easier to deceive people.

    Terms of cooperation

    TopEU promises to trade 6 types of assets:

    • shares;
    • cryptocurrency;
    • goods;
    • indexes;
    • currency pairs;
    • contracts for differences.

    The total number exceeds 2000. This is where the useful information ends.

    Attention: the website does not have a complete list of financial instruments. It will not be clear to the trader whether there are those that suit him. Also, if CFDs are a separate instrument, what is everything else?

    The scam pretends to give access to real exchange assets. Then what do cryptocurrencies do in a pool? An honest Forex broker will not offer to trade them.

    The scammer “TopEU” encourages you to get into poses in the Topeu WebTrader terminal. This is WebTrader, a platform popular among scammers in the Forex market. It allows you to merge and imitate trading. Has nothing to do with real markets.

    There are no trade conditions on the website To find out the size of spreads, swaps, commissions, leverage, margin calls, stop outs, and minimum trades, you need to open your “Personal Account” and open the trading platform.

    But there are account types and deposit requirements. TopEU has 6 options:

    • Simple – $250.
    • Smart Start – $750.
    • Complete Package – $2500.
    • Gold – $5000.
    • Platinum – $15,000.
    • VIP – individual conditions.

    I also threw out the size of the bonuses. Attention: if there are any, you need to run with your heels sparkling. The trade will end in divorce.


    The site did not provide information about registration. It says that the company behind it operates in Estonia. The check showed that the TopEU brand is not in the local register of legal entities.

    Rating Forex warns: the site is not run by a legal entity, but by an illegal immigrant. This fisher has no right to offer brokerage services. Moreover, he is not capable of this. The broker issues positions to liquidity providers. They do not cooperate with illegal organizations.

    You don’t even have to be interested in the “TopEU” sharashka license. There cannot be such a document: instead of registration there is a space.

    It is important to understand: the scammers behind TopEU can be hiding anywhere. Not a single financial regulator will help you get your money back. Their influence extends only to the companies they license. Our hero is free to throw as much as he wants. Only a warning can be issued about his tricks.

    Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

    The TopEU scam did not provide information on how to top up and make a withdrawal. The timing of transactions and the amount of commissions are questionable. Honest reviews make it clear: Sharashkin’s office gives preference to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and altcoins are easier to steal and harder to track.

    Rating Forex warns: TopEU will not allow withdrawal. Otherwise he would have provided his bank details. Instead there is a space.

    How does a money scam work?

    The scam finds victims on its own. To do this, it takes phone numbers from databases leaked to the Internet, on websites with vacancies, and resumes. Then the trickster calls everyone in order to promote him for a trade.

    The fake broker tells every victim about favorable trading conditions, guarantees passive and active profits, and bullshits about training. Another rotten temptation is paid sessions with an analyst. Attention: these are all working ways to make money. They make it possible to fill your pockets tightly.

    In fact, TopEU is a thief. The fake broker steals the money of his victims with every deposit. Every penny goes to anonymous wallets and drop cards. Tracking this capital is a very difficult task.

    The TopEU scammer imitates trading on and other terminal sites he owns. It gradually increases the deposit requirements. Pressures victims to give more money. Sometimes, in order to gain trust, Forex scammers allow you to withdraw a small amount. After that, they immediately bother you with calls: you need to urgently replenish your account.

    If the victim refuses to unfasten the cabbage or tries to take away the capital that is in the depot, her account is immediately blocked. To unlock, you need to pay. The TopEU scammer demands different amounts. Up to the one that was brought to conclusion.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The facts scream that TopEU is a scammer, not a broker. He does not have documents that allow him to provide brokerage services. Age is still in question.

    When this compromising evidence was being collected, the TopEU website ( stopped working. He didn’t even last a year afloat. Although the scammers behind the scam broker bought a domain registered more than 10 years ago.

    TopEU didn’t let anyone make money. Instead of real trading there was imitation. Transactions were not withdrawn anywhere. All the instruments turned out to be fake. Money was stolen during replenishment. There was no chance to draw a conclusion either.

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    Traders' opinions

    Real reviews of TopEU are bad. People often complain about divorce on One person warns: TopEU does not exist. She has no documents. You can’t stretch out the money. The scammer will steal it.

    There is a complaint that withdrawal of money from TopEU does not work. There is no use knocking on technical support. All messages will be ignored. One poor guy’s account was blocked. There was $1,300 hanging there.

    There is a review where the story is about how a person ruined his nerves. “TopEU” lost his deposit literally an hour after he began to pose in the trading platform. The loss was €5,000.

    There are plenty of complaints on They also say that TopEU is a fraudster, he has a blank space instead of documents. The scam broker is called a third-rate sharashka office.

    Real people who opened a “Personal Account” and tried to trade are still trying to withdraw money. A profitable trade plus is a deception, a rotten order. This has not been confirmed by anything.

    The parade of complaints about the TopEU divorce continues on The people are warning: the scam is swindling huge sums of money. If it turns out that there is nothing to replenish with, it is tempting to take out a loan.

    Force the TopEU scammer to withdraw money even if he has stopped communicating. Rating Forex will provide free advice and help until you defeat the scammer. The scammer will give away your capital and will not appear again.


    TopEU is not a real broker. Everyone who trusted him calculates the loss. There are a lot of such scams on the Internet. Their task is to make the most of it.

    When a wave of negative reviews begins, the scammers behind fake brokers like TopEU jump to a new domain. There, the deception follows the old pattern.

    Rating Forex warns: all attempts to take money from scammers like TopEU will only end in losses. Normal trading can only be done on a strictly regulated platform. State supervision minimizes non-market risks.


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    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about TopEU are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with TopEU on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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