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    How to recognize a fraudulent broker in UBRiR before registering - reviews exposing money scammers, review of a scam

    The terminal often slows down, causing clients to incur losses. Fees are too high. A Russian bank that doesn’t care about its clients.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program

    No information

    Regulation and jurisdiction

    RF (Central Bank)



    Country: Russian Federation

    Yekaterinburg city

    Address: st. March 8, building 51, floor 11

    Phone: 8 (800) 1000-200

    • Regulation in the Russian Federation
    • Ru-support
    • Slow service
    • Terminal malfunctions
    • Unfavorable commissions and tariffs
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    “Unified”, “Unified Light”




    No information

    Min Deposit

    No information


    According to MICEX norms



    Financial Instruments

    Securities, currencies, futures, options

    Liquidity Provider



    Promotional offer with illiquid assets

    Review of UBRiR. What kind of broker is this?

    The launch of UBRD took place in 1990. Until 2000, the swindler did not approach brokerage. It operated as a regional bank.

    The Dodger developed systematically. He was even among the top 30 largest brokers on the MICEX. But he was far from occupying the first positions.

    UBRiR Bank is registered in the Russian Federation. Regulated by the Central Bank. He has all the necessary licenses to work as a broker. But this does not save the patients of the scam from the arbitrariness of its leaders. To the poor fellows:

    • they impose unprofitable options;
    • they put up inflated price tags for the service;
    • They don’t allow you to trade normally, changing the rules on the fly.

    The pool of the UBRD fraudster includes MICEX assets:

    • actions,
    • currency,
    • futures,
    • of option.

    There is no complete list of tools. But for a stock broker this is normal. Because the assortment can be assessed directly on the exchange where it sends orders.

    Previously, the scam broker promised access to St. Petersburg. Currently there is no such option. The trader is limited to the instruments of the Russian stock market.

    Trading conditions come down to a free trading terminal and inflated tariffs. There are commissions for literally any action. Moreover, they are large enough for Sharashka’s office to lose in this regard to other MICEX brokers.

    Methods for depositing and withdrawing are not listed. Considering that this is a bank, there is hardly anything exotic. You can count on bank transfers and card transactions.

    Instead of deadlines and commissions, a dash. Most likely, you will have to open a depository account with an institution to make it easier to operate with capital. It is important to understand: the beans will go to an office that either has poor security or has too thieving employees. Reviews about UBRD warn: money disappears from client accounts regularly.

    Terms of cooperation. Earn money with UBRiR?

    UBRiR offers investments:

    • In securities. Shares, bonds.
    • In futures and options.
    • In currency.

    Almost everything that is on the MICEX is available.

    The full list of instruments can be viewed only on the exchange. The broker does not provide information about them. This is unusual for Forex traders. For stock investors – the norm.

    There are 2 tariff plans to choose from:

    • “Single”.
    • “Unified Light”.

    Availability depends on whether the client entered into an agreement to connect to QUIK when opening an account. If the answer is yes, he receives a “Single” score. Otherwise, the “Unified Light” shines. If a trader terminates the contract for connecting to QUIK, he switches to “Unified Light”.

    “Unified” looks much more profitable than account No. 2. The fees are better there. In addition, with a large turnover, you can get a good discount when trading securities.

    If the daily trading volume is below ₽ 1 million ($ 15,000), the commission is 0.06%. If more than 1 million, but less than ₽10 million ($150,000), the fee is 0.03%. When the daily trading volume exceeds ₽ 10 million, 0.015% of the transaction value is debited from the client.

    Transactions with currency will cost 0.15%. With futures and options – ₽ 2 per contract. ₽ 20 will have to be released when positions are forced to close. That is, if a stop-out is triggered, the client will be charged a tenfold commission.

    In United Light, you will have to pay 0.3% for transactions with securities and currencies, regardless of the trading volume. Transactions with options and futures cost the same – ₽ 2 per contract. ₽ 20 (per contract) will have to be paid upon forced closure.

    At any tariff QUIK is free. All other transactions, including non-trading ones, will have to be paid.

    Including, you will need to pay ₽ 15,000 per month for services in organizing separate accounting of the client’s property used for collateral, for clearing all contracts related to this property. You will have to pay regardless of whether there were transactions for the month or not.

    Repayment of papers will cost ₽ 1,500. Transfer between sections of one DEPO account – ₽ 100. Each sheet of the report and other papers prepared by the company will cost ₽ 10. ₽ 500 per year is debited from inactive accounts. For each deposit and withdrawal of securities in the depository, you will have to pay from ₽ 500 to ₽ 700.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    UBRD is registered in RF in 1990. This is a real bank. He has complete order with his constituent documents. The current authorized capital is about ₽ 3 billion. The amount is not very large compared to the real industry leaders. But our hero presents it as surprisingly large for a state-level financial institution.


    UBRD received 3 licenses that are needed to work with traders:

    • brokerage,
    • depository,
    • trust management.

    Lack of dealer license. Apparently, our hero does not create his own financial instruments and cannot offer them to investors. This does not prevent him from selling shares with ready-made portfolios.

    Availability licenses protect UBRiR clients only from blatant deception. Reviews warn: the bank is engaged in divorce in personal communication. Sells useless services and rubbish financial assets. Therefore, it is difficult to prove the real guilt of the garbage dump. She can always declare: when buying a loss-making financial instrument, the client had all the completeness of the data.

    How to top up your account and withdraw money from UBRiR

    There is no information on the bank’s website about ways to replenish a brokerage account. Reviews make it clear: you will have to go to the UBRD branch, open a regular bank account, and from there transfer the beans to a brokerage account. In this case, the procedure is too delayed.

    People are fed useless garbage. It’s not for nothing that Sharashka gives a wild discount for using QUIK. Apparently, this terminal helps the swindler make money much more efficiently.

    There are no deadlines for deposits and withdrawals on the UBRD website. This is bad news for traders. Details will be revealed only after registration.

    Rating Forex warns: the broker has the right to use client assets and capital for his own purposes to earn additional money. This is usually stated in the contract. Canceling this item greatly increases the cost of service. It is precisely because of the use of client funds that the bank delays the withdrawal procedure as much as possible in order to line its pockets.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The official website of UBRiR promises quality service. But he forgets to clarify that it is only for a select few. That is, exclusively for moneybags. Others have to wait for hours to talk to staff. What they do comes down to persistently selling useless products. Including investment ones that lead to loss.

    You can open a “Personal Account” with UBRiR only out of hopelessness. As a broker he is 100% untenable. The asset pool is limited. The cost of services is greatly inflated.

    You can’t even dream about active trading in stock financial assets. The terminal will slow down. Anyone who tries to make money on short price fluctuations will receive absolutely nothing.

    UBRD devotes reviews where they give a thumbs down because of the disgusting service and arrogant staff. A scam broker certainly cannot offer anything that would make it a truly profitable intermediary in Forex trading.

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    Reviews about UBRiR. What are traders saying?

    It is difficult to find reviews about UBRD as a broker. Small traders and individual investors do not use the services of the fishing rod. But there are plenty of complaints about other areastrickster’s work. They make it clear exactly how this office operates.

    When I was preparing the review, on the hero of our review had 19 reviews. All of them are bad. Mostly they complain about the disgusting speed of the service. But this can still be tolerated. It’s much worse to scam money.

    A former UBRiR patient wanted to take out a loan for a year. Dodger gave a minimum sentence of 3 years. The man asked if there was early repayment. It turned out,yes. You don’t have to worry about additional commissions.

    The reviewer agreed. Got a loan. As a down payment it was necessary to extend₽ 3700. The man gave₽ 30000.

    UBRD did not accept the money. He said that the date of payment is not that important. The beans will be written off on the write-off date. Until then they will hang out at the depot.

    Next time the reviewer added₽ 3700. From this amount bAnkh just took it₽ 1700, because at first timecustomerIt returns not the deposit, but the interest on the loan. And for everything3 of the year.

    Whenreviewer again I contacted the bank, it turned out what is not allowed repay the loan early. We’ll have toTit all the time. Zread all interest accrued over 3 years.

    A commentRating Forex: early repayment was supposed to reduce the debt to the bank by reducingI number of percent. But the scammers fromUBRiR such possibilities deprived. WITHThey were forced to pay the maximum.

    Another review was provided by The woman writes: she decided to get a “120 days without interest” card from the bank. I asked several times whether there would be any fees for transferring from one card to another, and whether there are banks that charge a fee for such a transaction. She was assured that there were no fees.

    The woman’s husband asked the same question. UBRR hit him in the chest with his heel: no interest.

    The woman reviewer and her husband believed it. We left the bank. We went to an ATM of another financial institution to transfer beans. It turned out that a commission of 5% was debited from the card.

    UBRiR technical support stated: the tariff chosen by the woman does not provide for transactions without interest. Then she said: an inspection will be carried out. It turned out that the manager who promised no interest actually did not say this. The client allegedly knew the real information about the conditions for using the card and ignored it.

    On there are 214 reviews about UBRD with an average rating of 1.56 stars out of 5 possible. That is, most of the authors hit one. That’s what a rotten trickster needs. The bank is completely ruined. Clients always end up losing.

    People complain about deception in terms of cooperation. For example, UBRiR sells a card with minimal expenses and a fat cashback, and then every month worsens the client’s situation and limits everything. It becomes unprofitable to use the card.

    Rating Forex is an operational,free legal assistance when you need to get your money back from a fraudulent broker. Threw a scam UBRR (UBRiR)? Our lawyers will take on your case. We will take all capital with a guarantee of success.

    How UBRiR scams you out of money

    UBRiR – legal bank. Therefore, looking at him, traders hope that there will be no blatant scam for money. In fact, given the way this frame builds a dialogue with small clients, nothing good awaits traders.

    The sharashka sells unprofitable financial instruments to newcomers. For example, she has bonds that must be sold in order to get money for them. It encourages people to choose to purchase securities over a bank deposit for a 3% commission.

    If the patient immediately tries to sell the bonds, he will be in the red. If the securities suddenly fail, he will lose his cabbage. It is unlikely that a broker will sell bonds that are profitable to own. Most likely, it will turn out to be garbage or paper with a very low profit, not covering them inflation.

    Sharashkin’s office is actively promoting trust management. This should be beneficial for investors. Only the rate at the bit is very tricky. He charges between 0.1% and 0.15% per month for management. In addition, 20% of profits exceeding the interest rate.

    That is, representatives of the sharashka may not strain at all. They will buy some stable financial assets with a guaranteed profit and will sit in them, eating up 1.2% of the deposit per year.


    UBRiR is a large bank in the Russian Federation. But can he be a reliable broker? Judging by what has become known, looking at the tariffs, it will not be profitable. A trader will definitely have to use QUIK. Otherwise, the commissions will be 5 times higher.

    The service leaves much to be desired. You can open an account remotely only with great luck. In all other cases, you will have to go to the department, of which there are not so many throughout the country. There you have to stand in queues, listen to noodles from managers who need to sell illiquid financial products.

    Yes, UBRiR gives you the opportunity to earn money and withdraw money. Only the income will be meager. At the same time, the office cannot provide a service that could compensate for all additional expenses.


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