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    Scam Review with traders' money and complete deception - how Unomi will throw, broker reviews

    A scam is posing as an offshore broker to scam Russians out of money. Quotes are completely controlled by scammers, so they imitate profitable and losing trades to scam new deposits.



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    Affiliate program


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    Marshall Islands


    Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island

    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, license
    • Market quotes are controlled by scammers
    • Withdrawal doesn't work
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    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, raw materials, metals, bonds

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    Via a browser on a smartphone

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    Unomi review. What kind of broker is this?

    On paper “Yunomi” — best online broker and the top place to make real money by trading. Lovchila floods: started in 2013. But there is no evidence.

    The Unomi scammer is rustling: it is run by a company from the Marshall Islands. The check showed that it does not exist. The local regulator has also heard nothing about Unomi Innovative Ltd. But the Russian Central Bank added our hero’s websites to the blacklist.

    The scam promises access to more than 550 financial assets. There is no full pool. This suggests that this is not a real broker, but a scam. Only scammers hide a list of tools.

    The specifications are even worse. There is nothing on the Unomi website about trading conditions. Only a hint of narrow spreads, which is completely insufficient for a balanced assessment.

    Methods to replenish your account and make a withdrawal are also questionable. The scammer didn’t say a word about ways to replenish a deposit and withdraw money. Another secret is the size of commissions and transaction timing.

    Terms of cooperation. TO earn money with Unomi?

    ThrowingUnomi offers investments:

    • In 44 currency pairs.
    • In 6 metals.
    • In 10 exchange commodities.
    • In 11 indexes.
    • In 17 energy carriers.
    • In 23 bonds.
    • At 423-odd shares. RF, USA, EU.
    • In 22 cryptocurrency pairs.

    There is no complete list of tools. Attention: there is a gap even instead of simple examples of financial assets that you will actually have to deal with.

    Considering that the instruments include pairs of cryptocurrencies, we can safely conclude: traders are only waiting for CFDs. Moreover, they are generated on the servers of a fake broker.

    Rating Forex warns: Unomi does not transfer traders’ transactions anywhere. That is, he is interested in people overwhelmingly downvoting it. Otherwise he would have to give away his beans.

    All financial assets promised by the scam are CFDs. While pairs, metals, indices, commodities and stocks still make sense, CFDs have absolutely none. It is almost pointless to speculate in such financial assets due to their stability.

    The scammer “Yunomi” encourages people to trade on WebTrader. That is, transactions will definitely not be sent to liquidity providers. “WebTrader” is a platform exclusively for dealing. Usually scammers sell it to make it easier to scam money and lower the barrier to entry.

    Rating Forex reminds you: WebTrader does not need to be installed. It can be opened in a browser. It’s simple. If so, the Unomi scam can lure into scam people who are far from not only Forex trading, but also from computer technology in general. We’re talking about pensioners. Most of them have problems with financial literacy. This is an easy target.

    SThe swindler doesn’t indulge in specifications. He only hints at the terms of trade. Promises: spreads will be very narrow. This is not enough for a balanced assessment. It is not clear exactly what gap between the purchase and sale prices the scammer considers narrow.

    Absolutely nothing about the other specs. No information:

    • about swaps;
    • leverage;
    • minimum transaction volume;
    • commissions;
    • margin call and stop out levels.

    The Yunomi scam can afford to be secretive. Most patients of this bit do not even suspect that a Forex broker must be very transparent, otherwise the regulator will hit him in the neck.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    «Yunomi» ustates: operated by Unomi Innovative Ltd., registered in the Marshall Islands. A check of the local register of international companies showed that there is no office with that name. Rating Forex went through all organizational and legal forms. Not a single match.

    Lack of registration warns: this is an illegal sharashka. She can not:

    • deal with liquidity providers;
    • place transactions on the interbank market.

    Its maximum is imitation of trading. This is when neither real capital nor liquid financial instruments are involved in the process. But there are worthless candy wrappers.

    It makes no sense to open an account with an illegal immigrant. It is not restrained by the legislation of any country on the globe. Personal data and assets of traders are at the disposal of the bit, which can be hidden anywhere. That is, it is extremely difficult to hold them accountable.

    Rating Forex warns: the Yunomi scam site, reviews about it are only in Russian. This means that scammers specialize in scamming Russians. Most likely, they are hiding in the Russian Federation or one of the neighboring countries. At the same time, scammers do not speak other languages ​​at the proper level. Otherwise, they cheated the Europeans, who have much more money than pensioners from the Russian Federation.


    Without registration there can be no license. Unomi is an unregulated scam broker who cannot be trusted with money. The only financial regulator that has heard of it is the Russian Central Bank. The bit has been on his blacklist since September 2022.

    The place on the blacklist of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation itself suggests that the Yunomi scam specializes in scamming Russians. It is important to understand: the Russian regulator can block the site of a fake broker. Only then will it all end. It will not be possible to return the stolen money, because there is nothing to put pressure on.

    Account replenishment and withdrawal of money from Unomi

    The scam hits the chest with its heel: you can give an entrance ticket and remove the soot very quickly. At the same time, he does not say which payment methods he supports, how long transactions take and what kind of commissions they are accompanied by.

    Secrecy is typical for Forex scams. They do everything to squeeze as much money as possible out of their victims.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    In a very short period of existence Unomi official websiteI managed to change my address from to The reason is blocking. But this did not stop the scammers behind the fake broker. They launched a rotten money collection on a completely fresh domain and continued to scam people out of money.

    The site of the fake broker “Yunomi” provides very little information. It is simply impossible to assess the terms of trade. But there are a lot of lies about work experience. Plus a fictitious biography, noodles that everyone can earn money.

    The check showed: the breeding started in 2022. But it says that it has been in service since 2003.

    Open with Unomi”Personal Area”— give money to scammers.This is an illegal business. It can only imitate trading. Moreover, no one controls her work. People are being scammed in batches to put every penny in their pocket.

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    Reviews about Unomi. Opinion about the scam broker of former clients

    For 2 years, during which the swindler “Yunomi” with enviable tenacity throwstraders for the money, they wrote a lot of reviews. For example, on and more than three dozen. All with a minus sign.

    But the bit is not giving up. To continue to lure people to him, he spreads orders. It just doesn’t work out very well.

    Real clients of the fake broker warn about problems with withdrawals. It is simply impossible to take the money. Moreover: the rotten scam constantly requires you to top up your account.

    Everyone who goes to trade Forex should clearly understand: scams for new deposit replenishments are a standard scheme of scammers. Their goals are to squeeze out every cent and drive them into loans.

    Rating Forex reminds you: not a single real broker will offer to borrow money to replenish the deposit. These are scam schemes.

    When this review was being prepared, there were 3 reviews of Unomi on The author of one of them gave 1 star. The rest gave 2.

    Stories of money scammers discourage even the persistent desire to pay for the entrance ticket. People warn: if you open your “Personal Account”, Unomi will start calling you and urging you to increase your deposit by $1000–2000. Still caught constantly sends trading signals in the telegram channel.

    Due to the rotten tricks of the scammer, one reviewer increased his deposit from $100 to $600 through profitable trades. When he tried to withdraw funds, nothing happened.

    Another poor guy was scammed by the Yunomi scam for $1,500. The fake broker promised that he would give him a personal manager. He should have helped. Especially at the start.

    The man believed. Gave an entrance ticket of $700. Trade was going well. At some point, Udle offered to increase the deposit by $800 and received consent. On the same day, the “Personal Account” was blocked without any reason or explanation.

    Many people are warning that Unomi is an offshore scam. One trader was checking the trading platform of Sharashka’s office. There were constant lags and freezes. Transactions were closed exclusively at a loss.

    The poor guy lost as much as $300 and immediately left. I realized that I won’t be able to win back. Now “Yunomi” is on the blacklist. has 4 bad reviews out of 4. Traders say:

    • about constant problems with the terminal;
    • loss of transactions due to non-market quotes;
    • problems with withdrawal of funds;
    • scam on fictitious insurance.

    All these are signs of a scammer who will not let you make money.

    Rating Forex will punish the scammer Unomi (“Unomi”) for fraud. Our lawyers force such scammers to return their money every day. Analysis of your case and all consultations are free.

    How exactly did Yunomi develop rides for money

    Unomi is a classic Forex scam without documents. Typically, such garbage dumps only last a few months. Then a wave of negative reviews pushes their rotten reputation to the bottom.

    The hero of our review lasted more than a year. Firstly, he managed to change the website address. His first domain is not working. Secondly, the scammer uses a number of tricks to pump out the cabbage. He does everything to make the patient believe that he lost money through his own fault. To do this, just adjust the quotes. Then any deal will go negative.

    The scammer finds the victims himself. It encourages you to open an account first with a modest deposit. Then he demands more and more. Sometimes clients with small capital are encouraged to buy insurance. Normal brokers have nothing like this. Only scammers promise a refund in case of losses during trading or bankruptcy.

    When a trader tries to withdraw money from Unomi, nothing happens. A scammer can block a trading account without talking. This is not the worst possible scenario. It’s much worse if Unomi starts demanding to pay out-of-the-blue commissions, taxes, and insurance fees for approving the application.


    Unomi did not even spend money on offshore registration. This speaks of the most low-grade scam, which should survive for a maximum of several months. But the scammers behind our hero managed to stay afloat for more than a year.

    On the sharashka website there is no specific information about trading conditions, trading tools, conditions for entering and withdrawing beans. That is, nothing useful about what awaits a trader after he opens his “Personal Account”. But the scammer is not shy about promising greasy soot and a sweet life in order to lure people to her place.

    The output from Unomi does not work. This is confirmed by numerous complaints from former clients. He threw all these poor guys the bit. They didn’t get anything.

    Rating Forex does not recommend dealing with illegal intermediaries or offshore “kitchens”. Such organizations are created with one purpose – to steal as much money as possible before bad reviews start to appear.


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