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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    With this you will go into the minus - top arguments in favor of the fact that Xen Link threw and moshennik, real reviews

    The scam is posing as a broker from the UK with four licenses. At the same time, it was created to divorce Russians. Trading is a fiction. It does not involve real financial instruments or money. This is a cover for deception and divorce



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Side:Great Britain


    Address: 60 Wade Ln

    Phone: +44 113 5479355


    • Russian version of the site
    • Russian-speaking technical support
    • No registration, license
    • Non-market quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Elementary, Medium, Professional



    Min Deposit




    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, raw materials, metals, shares

    Order execution


    Mobile Trading

    Browser Terminal



    Review Xen Link

    “Xen Link” about promises a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of innovation and investment. In fact, there are several dozen sites on the Internet with the same content and very modest differences. There will be no unique immersion. This is another clone for bean farming.

    They will help you quickly choose an honest intermediary broker reviews. Find out as much as you can about who you want to do business with. Trade safely, get profit.

    If you believe the scammerXen Link, it is registered in the UK. In fact, this is a beautiful legend. The catcher also says that he has licenses from four financial regulators. This statement has not been verified. The bit has no documents. He is 100% illegal.

    You won’t be able to explore the tool pool. Most of the specifications too. The “Xen Link” scammer slips in a spread calculator. Attention: the data there does not correspond to other pages on the site. For example, there are ETF assets that are not mentioned anywhere else. The names of the accounts are also different.

    Comment Rating Forex: eThat calculator has been migrating from one clone site to another for 5 years. All this time it has not been updated in any way. The data there is not true.

    Ways to top up and withdraw money from Xen Link are a mystery. Anyone who wants to know how to top up their account must register. All these poor souls are in trouble. Judging by the reviews, the scammer likes to scam crypto deposits that are difficult to track and return.

    Terms of cooperation

    Xen Link promises profitable investments:

    • commodities,
    • metals,
    • indices,
    • actions,
    • currency,
    • cryptocurrencies.

    There is no list of tools. Instead there is a whole bunch of promises. Plus a dubious calculator that has been wandering from one clone site to another for several years. There, even the names of accounts and instruments are different from those that “Xen Link” scammed on other pages of the site.

    Rating Forex warns: our hero hides spreads, swaps, commissions, stop out, margin call. All the specifics came down to leverage. Its size depends on the type of account selected.

    There is a choice 3 trading accounts:

    • Elementary — $ 150.
    • Medium — $ 5000.
    • Professional — $ 25000.

    In Elementary the leverage is 1:100. In Medium, Professional – 1:500.

    In addition to leverage, trading accounts differ in the number of additional services. In each of them, as the legend says, positions are instantly executed. That is, transactions are not displayed, no matter the scam.

    Starting with Medium, a trader receives:

    • Crypto trade. Warning: scam. A real trader trades crypto on an exchange, and not with a sharashka without any documents.
    • Transaction insurance. A popular scam among Forex scammers. It helps to use money for newcomers who are afraid of the loss and do not want to replenish the depot. They are told that they will compensate for the damage.

    Professional is the only account in the arsenal of the Xen Link scammer that has deposit protection and 24-hour support. This is just a temptation. You can’t peck at her.

    Rating Forex reminds: every legal European intermediary (the hero of our review pretends to be one of them), deposit protection applies to all clients. Technical support too.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    Scammer”Xen Link”supposedly registered at 60 Wade Ln, Leeds LS2 8NJ, Great Britain. A check of the UK register of legal entities makes it clear that there is no company with this name in the country. There is one similar. Only it was liquidated back in 2010. That is, 14 years before the start of our hero.

    If you believe the tales of the Xen Link scammers, it has licenses from four financial regulators:

    • FSCA.
    • FCA.
    • CySEC (964/74).
    • DFSA (E855687).

    The check showed that it was all a hoax. Regulators have not heard anything about such an intermediary.

    The Russian Central Bank knows who Xen Link really is. He put his website ( on his blacklist in March 2024. That is, a few weeks after the start of the scam.

    Like a divorceandt for Xen Link money

    To line their pockets, the scam broker Xen Link is using several ways to find new victims. In the pool:

    • databases of telephone numbers merged into the Network;
    • false advertisements from partners of large Russian banks;
    • fake accounts on social networks;
    • fake job advertisements.

    All this is very helpful in obtaining the patient’s phone number.

    Anyone who gets hooked can be bothered by Xen Link for weeks. He’ll be chomping at the bit until he gets the money.

    First, the swindler cheats on the minimum deposit. Then he asks for more. We are talking about millions of wooden ones. Many people take out loans. Then the poor people spend many years paying off their debts.

    All attempts to make a withdrawal from Xen Link end badly: either by blocking the account, or by requiring them to unfasten commissions and insurance fees taken from the ceiling. The scammer can demand loot immediately after replenishing the depot. Supposedly as a service fee. It’s all a scam.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Bye Xen Link official website hangs up about regulation in four countries of the planet at once, at the same time he is massively making money. Plus it whistles about experience. Treats: started in 2018. In fact, the hunters behind it spent money in 2024 on a domain registered in 2019.

    Reviews from people who opened “Personal account” at Xen Link, They make it clear: it will definitely not be possible to achieve a profit. The trickster sucks out money every time he replenishes. Then he imitates trading to hide the deception and line his pockets several more times.

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    Review traders about Xen Link

    Xen Link scam are discussing at person warns: he cloned fake. There are at least 5 sites with identical content. The scammers behind them do not want to invest beans in uniqueness. They know very well: they won’t live long. If you fall for their bait, you will run aground like a torpedo.

    On they tell similar stories about an army of clones of the fake broker Xen Link. One former patient warns: at first he paid $150. Then he demanded another 50 for service and verification. After this, the depot was drained.

    On, a review of the Xen Link scam makes it clear: in this rotten trickster you definitely won’t find a partner you can rely on. His job is to wash his pockets.

    When the author of the review applied to withdraw money, his account was immediately blocked. The bit promised a super fair trade. In fact, he left without a penny.

    Now the poor guy is trying to find a chargeback service. He will have to spend money on lawyers, which is not cheap. He is already in debt due to the tricks of a swindler.

    INIs your capital in the pocket of the swindler Xen Link? Rating Forex lawyers will explain how to get all your money back. We we help for free traders are in trouble. The result of our work is victory over the scammer.


    Xen Link is one of hundreds of similar sites that a gang of scammers have been riveting for years. They work according to the same scheme. The goal remains the same – to steal as much money as possible.

    Register at – sign the death warrant for cabbage. The trickster won’t let you wash. It won’t be possible to withdraw either.


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